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CRICOS Provider No 00025B The BSc Review 2014.

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1 CRICOS Provider No 00025B The BSc Review 2014

2 CRICOS Provider No 00025B  3 Year flexible program designed to accommodate a wide variety of career aspirations.  22 majors  Offered as a dual with 10 other programs  Honours – optional, additional year Bachelor of Science (BSc)

3 CRICOS Provider No 00025B New students entering the BSc Around 31% of students did not select the BSc/dual as their first preference. Of these, popular first preferences were the MBBS (9%), Engineering (5.5%), Veterinary science (3%) and programs at other universities (3.9%).

4 CRICOS Provider No 00025B Transition to UQ

5 CRICOS Provider No 00025B Attitudes towards potential future changes to the BSc

6 CRICOS Provider No 00025B EFTSL ( ): domestic (left) and international (right)

7 CRICOS Provider No 00025B Attrition at end of 1 st year ( )

8 CRICOS Provider No 00025B Grade Distribution of Science owned, BSc List courses for BSc and BSc duals ( )

9 CRICOS Provider No 00025B Student responses to the question, 'Overall, how would you rate this course?', for first year Science courses

10 CRICOS Provider No 00025B Course Code Owned by FoS Course Title Total Enrolments BSc+dual enrolments PSYC1030 Intro. to Psychology: Developmental, Social & Clinical Psych BIOL1040 Cells to Organisms MATH1051 Calculus & Linear Algebra I PSYC1020 Intro. to Psychology: Physiological & Cognitive Psych BIOL1020 Genes, Cells & Evolution STAT1201 Analysis of Scientific Data MATH1052 Multivariate Calculus & Ordinary Differential Equations CHEM1010 Fundamentals of Chemistry MATH2000 Calculus & Linear Algebra II CHEM1020 Chemistry for Science and Engineering Enrolments in large BSc courses in 2012.

11 CRICOS Provider No 00025B Proportions of majors awarded in the BSc and BSc dual programs,

12 CRICOS Provider No 00025B BSc and BSc Dual degrees awarded ( )

13 CRICOS Provider No 00025B Graduate destination data Graph shows the proportion of responding graduates who are in full time study (dashed lines), and the proportion of responding graduates who identify themselves as being available for work and are employed (solid lines).. -

14 CRICOS Provider No 00025B The BSc in 2021 Are there “better” ways to teach science? Are students sufficiently aware of the multidisciplinary nature of science? Are we engaging students’ curiosity? Is the student experience the best it can be? Are our graduates the best they can be?

15 CRICOS Provider No 00025B Scope and breadth of the BSc (eg majors, named degrees) How does the BAdvSc fit with the BSc? The role of E-learning – MOOCS and analytics Undergraduate research experiences Large class teaching Structure of 1 st year: compulsory courses, content and structure Honours - is there a better model Career preparation and industry engagement Further development of quantitative skills Secondary teacher preparation, including CPD Resourcing and finance issues Facilities Utility and effectiveness of capstone courses Compulsory pre-requisites Specific questions

16 CRICOS Provider No 00025B Consultation mechanisms BSc Steering committee BSc Management committee Faculty and School TLCs EDAC Faculty Board for whole of faculty consultation One on one meetings with Heads of Schools, Institutes and other key stakeholders Open forums

17 CRICOS Provider No 00025B Open Forum Date:Friday 14 June Time:2-4pm Venue:Priestley, BSc Review 2014

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