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1 THE UNIVERSITY OF QUEENSLAND Welcome to Student Administration and Academic Administration Helen Morahan Philip Taylor 1 April 2009.

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1 1 THE UNIVERSITY OF QUEENSLAND Welcome to Student Administration and Academic Administration Helen Morahan Philip Taylor 1 April 2009

2 2 Objectives Complement UQ and local induction programs Promote understanding of our roles and functions Improve understanding of who to contact with an enquiry/issue

3 3 Overview Organisational context Key areas, roles and contacts UQ framework and other resources Key dates Keeping informed

4 4 Organisational context Helen Morahan Senior Manager, Student Administration Philip Taylor Senior Manager, Academic Administration Maureen Bowen Director, Student Administration Linda Bird Academic Registrar Karen Wheeler Director, Academic Administration

5 5 Senior Managers Broad direction to area managers Business process reviews Risk management Develop initiatives Quality assurance

6 6 Senior Managers (cont’d) Provide advice on UQ Rules & policy Implement policy directives Committee support & representation

7 7 Student Administration Senior Manager Helen Morahan Admissions Mina Singh SI-net Functional Group Andrew Jell Student Centre Ken Aberdeen Student Fees Narelle Larney Examinations Teresa Charlton Graduations Mark Campbell

8 8 Admissions Manager – Mina Singh Administer UQ’s Admission Rules for undergraduate QTAC applications Manage domestic undergraduate admissions and domestic postgraduate enquiries Request info for publication Distribute application/offer statistics Advice and consultation

9 9 Examinations Manager – Teresa Charlton  Provide central services and support for conduct of examinations across all campuses  Manage exam timetable  Provide consultation and advice

10 10 Graduations Acting Graduations Officer – Mark Campbell Manage administrative aspects of graduations Manage process for Faculty and School staff to confirm eligibility to graduate Manage staff access to Graduation System Provide staff training

11 11 SI-net Functional Group Manager – Andrew Jell Provide user support/training Implement additional system functionality Maintain existing functionality Schedule and run processes e.g. QTAC upload, mass term activation Configure system data, e.g. security

12 12 Student Centre Manager – Kenneth Aberdeen “One stop shop” – all student enquiries Face to face and phone contact Student payments (max $50 cash) Produce academic records Issue ID cards – Gatton and Ipswich Coordinate Orientation Week

13 13 Student Fees Manager – Narelle Larney Administer HECS-HELP and FEE-Help schemes Provide specialist advice about fees Provide fee information for publications & systems Manage fee enquiries Process student fee remission and refunds Manage student fee payment variations Produce manual student fees invoices as required

14 14 Academic Administration Senior Manager Philip Taylor Academic Programs Unit Anthony Zgrajewski Program Information Unit Peter Brady Records and Archives Management Services Ann Robinson Secretariat Services Rebecca (Bec) MacBean

15 15 Academic Facilities Manager – Anthony Zgrajewski Timetabling/room bookings Refurbishment central teaching spaces UQ CENTRA Teaching & Learning Space Committee Secretary Discipline Board BWC room bookings

16 16 Program Information Coordinator –Peter Brady Program approval Handbooks (print and web versions) Yearbook UQ Prospectuses Australian Graduate Survey

17 17 Records and Archives Management Services Manager – Ann Robinson Recordkeeping advice across UQ Archives Student files, Staff files Administrative files (Finance, Legal, Committees) Disposal of records (Legislative compliance) HUPP

18 18 Secretariat Services Coordinator – Rebecca (Bec) MacBean Secretarial support for Academic Board and Senate Committees Teaching Awards School & Centre reviews Elections: Senate, Academic Board, others Copying and Office Services

19 19 Points of contact General enquiries Escalating issues Faculty contacts Delegation statements

20 20 UQ Framework - Rules General Award Rules Admission Rules Enrolment and Academic Progression Rules Fee Rules Statute 4

21 21 UQ Framework - Policy Handbook of University Policies and Procedures (HUPP) –Section1, University Organisation and Governance (including Privacy Management Policy) –Section 3, Teaching and Learning –Section 4, Research and Postgraduate Studies

22 22 Other Resources Programs and Courses website mySI-net myAdvisor – authoritative source MIS Reportal

23 23 SASD Web site Seminars SASD Newsletter Business Process Calendar SASD Web site

24 24 Key Dates Business process calendar Business cycles Deadlines (some legislative) Planning

25 25 Keeping informed Student Administration Managers Committee (SAMC) Electronic newsletters –SASD bulletin ( to subscribe) SASD seminar series Debriefs Academic Board and Senate websites Other networks

26 26 Top 5 Hints Check the framework – statutes, rules, policies, internal procedures Central records Communication channels Network Provide feedback

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