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Making our children safer PART 1 Foundation Principles.

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1 Making our children safer PART 1 Foundation Principles

2 PART 1. A general overview about making our ecclesial activities safer for all Making our children safer

3 A. Culture/spirit of protection B.Introducing / enhancing use of protective strategies C. Education D. Being explicit and accountable Making our children safer

4 Making our children Safer A. A Culture or Spirit of Protection  Embrace ‘protective strategies’  Speak ‘proactively about protection’

5 Making our children safer A Culture or Spirit of Protection: Children are a heritage of the Lord Ps127 v 3 Teach these things to your children Deut 11 v 19 Let the little children come to me and Jesus blessed them Matt14 v 19

6 Making our children Safer Embrace protective strategies for ALL Protection for - children - group leaders - camp hosts - picnic supervisors - kids – club co-ordinators - Sunday school teachers

7 Speak pro-actively about protection:  NO “shame” talk  Be happy about protecting each other –especially the children  Ask - What can we do? - What else can we do? - What do we need to learn/change/have? Making our children Safer

8 3 Major Myths about Child Abuse  Children concoct stories of abuse  Children seduce adults  “Stranger” danger - more than 95% of offenders are known to the victims or their families Making our children Safer

9 Making our children safer B.Introduce or enhance the use of protective strategies and practices…  ‘By 2’ Strategy  Open door policy  Risk management

10 ‘By 2’ Strategy Jesus sent them out two by two Mark 6 v 7 Use this strategy for:  Sunday school teaching  Transportation  Caring for hurt / sick children  Running games/ craft/drama / music groups Making our children safer

11 Open door policy  No closed doors  put windows in the room  put glass panels in the door  welcome parents/ helpers to join activities Making our children safer

12 Risk management –  Identify what can go wrong in your program activities  Develop ways to reduce the likelihood of things going wrong  Set action priorities Making our children safer

13 Developing a Code of Conduct A code of conduct is a guide of do’s and don’ts which can set rules for all participants (including staff and kids) that provide for child-safe and child-friendly environments. Making our children safer

14 Developing an effective Code of Conduct which  Addresses risk factors  Has been developed collectively  Is clear and unambiguous  Is widely advertised and distributed  Reflects the unique values and program activities of your organisation  Removes uncertainty about what behaviour is acceptable with kids Making our children safer

15 C. Education  Develop a code of conduct for leaders and participants  Promote it, enforce it and review it  Encourage and support follow up at home  Learn what to do with disclosure  Know your own ecclesia’s Child Protection Policy and guidelines Making our children safer

16 What to do with disclosure: If a child tells you about abuse you should Listen to the child’s story Comfort the child if they are distressed Let the child know you are glad they told you Don’t make promises you can’t keep Let the child know you are going to get help about what to do next Making our children safer

17 D. Being Explicit and Accountable  Have everything written down  Back it up (extra resources, $$) –training courses, equipment, materials etc  Education ongoing - we’re never too old to learn  Use available agencies Making our children safer

18 Have everything written down including:  An up to date file of your members’ forms  Codes of conduct – clearly defining each role  A Child Safe/Child Friendly Policy  Emergency evacuation procedures  Sign in / sign out books –Junior CYC, camps etc  Sun /shade policy  Transportation / car park safety  Food preparation/storage procedures  Photo permission  Making our children safer

19 Use agencies –be proactive about this!  Make a phone call – e.g. to DOCS to ask advice (no names have to be given)  Know who to call in an emergency  Know the state legal requirements for reporting disclosures  Making our children safer

20 Prayer will help bring about - GOD Culture – a loving, caring environment with shared responsibilities, rules and consequences For of such is the Kingdom of heaven – Matt 18 – remember the millstone for those who harm a little one! Safety and well being of God’s precious jewels and restoration and healing for those who have experienced abuse within the church. Making our children safer

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