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Yr 9 Parent Learning Group Term 2 27 th May 2014.

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1 Yr 9 Parent Learning Group Term 2 27 th May 2014

2 Areas for Today  Mid Course Examinations  Preparation, Study and Review  Creating Awesome  Science, PDHPE and Social Science focus  Technology Safe and the Cyber Arena  Project Based Learning

3 Mid Course Examinations  Begin Monday 2 nd June  Timetable issued to all students by email and is on website  Exams held in Hall supervised by class teachers -40 min Hist, Geog, Commerce, PASS, Music -80 min English, Maths, Science,  Blackout period week 26 – 30 May

4 Preparation and Support Study and revision need to be a constant journey! Stay Up to DateOrganised/Systems Summarise Revise and Review Help Your Children Learn – MHS Website School Moodle- Practice Papers, Review Sheets Discuss Notifications with Class Teachers Refine, Update, Re- invent Assessment Calendar on Website

5 Constant, Ongoing Review

6 Success in Assignments  Defining the requirements of the assignment  Locating and selecting appropriate information from a variety of sources  Analysing and interpreting information  Planning and organising a task – building a framework, use a scaffold  Presenting work in an interesting and well constructed manner  Celebrating and Reviewing – look at the accomplishment after a job well done. Some key skills to develop

7 An Approach That Works ! READ On the day you receive the assignment, just READ it HIGHLIGHT Then HIGHLIGHT all the key words and instructions DEFINE TASK IN YOUR OWN WORDS Re-read the highlighted words then DEFINE IN YOUR OWN WORDS CHUNK Break down the large tasks into smaller more manageable CHUNKS PLAN Create your PLAN OF ATTACK. Allocate blocks of time to complete each chunk of work in a planner FEEL MORE CONFIDENT Now you understand WHAT you need to do and you have a clear PLAN to get your work completed by the due date.

8 Creating Awesome The Yr Advisors Ms Cocking and Mr Donaldson have been working hard on fostering a “Year Identity” Regular Emails – keeping them up to date encouraging teamwork and cooperation -Study groups, -Support person – be accountable -Yr Activities – pizza challenge, Karaoke Competition, Random Acts of Kindness Wk 8 Becoming More Awesome gQLqv9f4o gQLqv9f4o

9 Opportunities  School Camp – Urban Challenge “ Problem Solving Odyssey” ; Oct 22 nd -24 th Notes and Information on Website (Recent Notes)  Leadership Passport  Website – Student Leadership; Careers Advisory  SRC Don’t just wait – go out and seek!

10 Technology Safe!  What are they on?  When are they on?  How much do we know?  How can we help? SMART PHONE TABLETS LAPTOP

11  Privacy Settings – check on them as they change and need updating  It is all Public – Billions have access  Friends of Friends – approximately 250,000  Friends – those you have met in person and keep contact with on a regular basis (it is not a competition)

12 KIK - 17+ - Messaging Service - Anyone can look you up! - Know how to “block” and “ignore” Tumblr -Anonymus - Social Media - Posts, Images, Messages

13 Instagram - All about “pictures” - Can add captions, text - Settings on Private SnapChat - Picture Messaging “Hyped Up” - Thing their Messages are Deleted! - THEY ARE NOT!! - Lots of ways pictures can be copied, saved, resurrected!

14 Things to Watch Out For!  Quick screen closures  Promote technology in Shared Space  Can we talk in private (Go Private)  It is illegal for an adult to even make contact with a person under the age of 16  Watch for grooming – common questions (personal)

15 EMPHASISE RESPONSIBLE USE  Digital Footprint / Profile follows us  Illegal transmission of inappropriate images  Once it is deleted, it isn’t deleted  Block, shut out, defriend  Think before you post  Police Liaison

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