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Burgmann Anglican School Years 11 and 12 Parent and Student Information Night 22 May 2008 7pm – 9pm School Chapel.

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1 Burgmann Anglican School Years 11 and 12 Parent and Student Information Night 22 May 2008 7pm – 9pm School Chapel

2 Burgmann Anglican School Outline of the Evening 1. Welcome Alison Easey, Head of Education 2. Choosing a package John Foulcher, Head of Senior School Rod Crnkovic, Assessment Coordinator James Hassall, Head of Mathematics 3. Years 11 and 12 at Burgmann John Foulcher Victoria D’Alton, Pastoral Leader 4. Australian School Based Apprenticeships Suellen Beveridge, Careers Advisor 5. Questions to staff Faculty teachers

3 Burgmann Anglican School Choosing a Package

4 Burgmann Anglican School Course Structures Courses consist of a number of semester length units (1unit = 1 semester of study) Tertiary Course: used in UAI* calculation Accredited Course : not used in UAI calculation Minor : 2 semester units Major : 4 semester units Major Minor: 6 semester units Double Major: 8 semester units * University Admission Index

5 Burgmann Anglican School Package Types Year 12 Certificate Tertiary Entrance Statement (includes the obtaining of a UAI)

6 Burgmann Anglican School Year 12 Certificate A student will qualify on completion of –a coherent educational program approved by the school –a minimum of 17 units (usually more are completed) –At least 3 minors

7 Burgmann Anglican School Tertiary Entrance Statement Complete 20 standard units Have a course package of at least 5 majors OR 4 majors + 1 minor OR 3 majors + 3 minors of which a minimum of 3 majors and 1 minor must be Tertiary (T) courses. Sit the ACT Scaling Test: AST in September 2010. ( Advanced Skills Test ) To qualify a student must:

8 Burgmann Anglican School Year 11 Course Package English Mathematics Course 1 Course 2 Course 3 A very small minority of students study 6 courses Double Majors and Major Minors available in English, Mathematics and History.

9 Burgmann Anglican School Year 12 Certificate Sample Package Year 11Year 12 Course 1English (T) Course 2Mathematics General (A)Mathematics General (A) Course 3Fashion Design (T) Course 4Applied Science (A) Course 5Physical Education (A)Business Enterprise (A)

10 Burgmann Anglican School Tertiary (1) Sample Package Year 11Year 12 Course 1English (T) Course 2Mathematical Methods (T) Course 3English (T)Design and Technology (T) Course 4History (T) Course 5Economics (T)

11 Burgmann Anglican School Tertiary (2) Sample Package Year 11Year 12 Course 1English (T) Course 2Mathematical Methods (T) Course 3Drama (A)Design and Technology (T) Course 4History (T) Course 5Economics (T)

12 Burgmann Anglican School Assessment Unit Scores and Grades Both T and A courses award unit grades of A-E In the first semester of Year 11 unit scores are based on historical parameters. The aim is to deliver final course scores with a mean of 70 and a standard deviation of 12

13 Burgmann Anglican School Assessment: Course Scores At the end of Yr 12 standardised Unit Scores for a Course are ranked then weighted according to the 80% principle: –best 6.4 unit scores averaged for a double major –best 4.8 unit scores averaged for a major minor –best 3.2 unit scores averaged for a major –best 1.6 unit scores averaged for a minor. The BSSS (Board of Senior Secondary Studies) rescales these scores to produce Scaled Course Scores based on the student’s achievements in his/her other subjects and in the AST. (The AST is the independent moderating test which gives a basis for comparison between schools/colleges.)

14 Burgmann Anglican School The UAI University Admission Index 1.The school creates a course score for each student completing a T course 2.BSSS scales the course score using the AST results for the school 3.Aggregate score produced from best 3 T majors plus 0.6 of next best T score 4.Aggregate scores of all students are ranked 5.Rank is converted to UAI

15 Burgmann Anglican School TertiaryEntranceStatement(Extract) T CoursesCourse Length Scaled Scores WeightingWeighted Scaled Scores Course 1Major164.881.0164.88 Course 2Major148.881.0148.88 Course 3Major146.610.0000.0 Course 4Minor154.830.6092.90 Course 5Major170.561.0170.56 Aggregate Score 577.22 UAI75.00(Top 25%)

16 Burgmann Anglican School Mathematics Pick the correct course based on - your ability - the type of Mathematics you like - not because “it scores well” or that your friends are doing the course Accredited Mathematics –Available to all students no prerequisites –More suitable for trades, CIT and general living –Yr 11 and 12 in the same classes

17 Burgmann Anglican School Mathematics Tertiary Mathematics 3 Tertiary courses –Each is studied and assessed separately They are “meshed” by a common test in Term 1 2009 Mathematical Applications –Suitable for students studying Level 2 –Has a low emphasis on Algebra –More concrete problems, hands on investigations and develops familiar ideas

18 Burgmann Anglican School Mathematics Mathematical Methods –Suitable for students achieving A Grades in Level 2. –Or C Grades or above in Level 1. –More Algebraic thinking. –More abstract problems. –You do calculus in this course.

19 Burgmann Anglican School Mathematics Specialist Mathematics –Suitable for a student achieving B grades or above in Level 1 –Even more algebraic thinking. –You need to like solving mathematical problems and to be able to see patterns in data, problems and similar ideas. –A passion for mathematics is essential! –Study one line or 2 lines at this level. –Talk to Mr Hassall if you’re interested.

20 Burgmann Anglican School Years 11 and 12 at Burgmann

21 Burgmann Anglican School Tertiary Courses English Indonesian French Mathematical Applications Mathematical Methods Specialist Mathematics Biology Chemistry General Science Physics Psychology Human Movement History Geography Religious Studies Asian Studies Legal Studies Business Management Economics Design and Technology Visual Art Digital Photography Fashion Design Information Technology Music Drama

22 Burgmann Anglican School Accredited Courses English Mathematics Applied Science Psychology Physical Education History Asian Studies Legal Studies Business Enterprise Workshop Technology Visual Art Digital Photography Fashion Design Information Technology Music Drama

23 Burgmann Anglican School Registered Courses Arts Program Music Program Ethics, Leadership and Service Personal Development Sports Competitions

24 Burgmann Anglican School Teaching and Learning Practice Increased face to face time in the classroom A balance between independent learning and disciplined guidance Increased access to information technology Small classes in most areas Excellent physical resources – Stage 11 completed

25 Burgmann Anglican School Citizenship, Leadership and Pastoral Care Encourage caring and community values Responsible citizenship Provide an accepting and open spiritual ethos Cocurricular opportunities The Burgmann Diploma of Leadership –School leaders (SRC, assembly, chapel, House) –Mentors & reading support –Technology & sports volunteers

26 Burgmann Anglican School Pastoral Care Program 4 x 25 minute ( beginning of school day ) Pastoral Care time where attendance is checked & notices are read, includes planner checking, Assembly, a Challenge day and Chapel 1 x 45 minute lesson of Pastoral Care that can include tutor interviews to evaluate Year 12 course packages and teach the PC program for the year 2 x 45 minute lessons in Ethics led by the Head of Chaplaincy in which ethical issues are examined. Includes:- –Humanitarian efforts –Guest speakers –Civics and citizenship –Community service

27 Burgmann Anglican School Pastoral Opportunities Supportive learning environment Assistance with time management Advice on course selection Advice on career pathways Year 11 Fun Day at the end of Semester 2 exams Year 12 Retreat, Formal & Graduation

28 Burgmann Anglican School ASBA Australian School Based Apprenticeships An ASBA offers students the opportunity to achieve a nationally recognised vocational qualification by combining paid work and training as part of their education program. The ASBA Training Contract consists of on-the-job training (min 8 hours per week) and off-the job (min 3 hours per week). An ASBA can gain a Certificate II or Certificate III qualification. An ASBA will count towards the student’s ACT Year 12 Certificate. The minimum nominal duration of an ASBA is 18 months. At the end of Year 12 students find they are ‘fast tracked’ into a full apprenticeship. Students enrolled in an ASBA need only study the equivalent of 4 majors in Year 11 and 12. Student to Industry Program:

29 Burgmann Anglican School Where to from here? 1.Read the handbook carefully. 2.Choose according to your strengths and affinities. 3.Fill out the subject selection form and submit to College Front Office by: 20 June 2007 (new students: enrolment forms) 3.Arrange an interview with –Mr Foulcher or –Miss D’Alton or –Mr Crnkovic to discuss the package Burgmann will offer you.

30 Burgmann Anglican School Faculties English/LOTE Mrs Glynis BridleFaculty Leader Mrs Louise BallEnglish Ms Bethany LordEnglish Mr Andrew WoodmanEnglish Mrs Marcela CostanzoFrench Mrs Ade FebianaIndonesian

31 Burgmann Anglican School Faculties Mathematics Mr James Hassall Faculty Leader Mr Rod Crnkovic Mathematics Senior School Assessment Coordinator Mrs Alison Easey Mathematics, Head of Education Mr Rohit Bhatnagar Mathematics, Physics Mr Errol Price Mathematics, Physics Mrs Karen McKerrow Mathematics

32 Burgmann Anglican School Faculties Science/PDPHE Mr Graham Caldwell Faculty Leader, Biology Mrs Joanna Kreskas Human Movement, PC Assistance Mr Andrew Fleming Physical Education Mr Tim Birkett Chemistry

33 Burgmann Anglican School Faculties Humanities Miss Julie Jorritsma Faculty Leader, Legal Studies, Business Management, History Miss Victoria D’AltonHistory, PC Leader Mr Jonathan ColeBusiness Enterprise Mrs Suellen BeveridgeLearning Support, Economics, Careers Mrs Marie ClaydonGeography

34 Burgmann Anglican School Faculties Arts and Design Mrs Sandra Taylor Faculty Leader, Music Mrs Lyn YatesVisual Art Mr Kevin RobertsonDesign and Technology Mr David Kemister Design and Technology Mrs Fran Cannon Fashion and Design Mr John FoulcherDrama, Head of Senior School Mrs Wendy Hutton Information Technology

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