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WorldSkills Fiona Johnson, WA State & Regional Manager.

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2 WorldSkills Fiona Johnson, WA State & Regional Manager

3 What is WorldSkills? er_embedded&v=MaB97BfHR5Q

4 About the competitions: Aligned to training packages 1-day competition projects 30 OPEN / 11 VETiS categories Regional and national and international pathways

5 5 WA Regions: Perth North Perth South North West South West Goldfields

6 Why is 6 the magic number? Competitors Regions Countries

7 Sydney 2012 – WorldSkills Nationals TeamWA medal winners – 14 in total Open Categories: Gold:Jewellery Silver:Autobody Repair, Bricklaying, Cabinetmaking, Cookery, Heavy Vehicle Mechanics, Floristry, Wall & Floor Tiling BronzeJewellery, Hairdressing, Plastering, VETiS Categories: GoldFood and Beverage BronzeCommercial Cookery & Tourism

8 TeamWA’s Skilleroos: Tayron Scagnetti, Jewellery Georgia Ramsey, Cookery Alan Ramsden, Bricklaying Jessamy Mooney, Hairdressing

9 FAPS Industry Areas –Business Services competitions in Open and VETiS categories –Currently NO WorldSkills Financial Services competition in either Open or VETiS categories - YET

10 Financial Services competition – what next?


12 Tony Cusack, Industry Manager

13 Financial Services Training Package 2011/12 in review 2012/13 in progress 2013/14 emerging

14 2011/12 in review TPB units Regulatory guidance document Life Insurance Providing advice in emissions trading Industry research – Conveyancing – Risk State Workers compensation – ASIC unit review

15 2012/13 in progress Carbon markets Continuous improvement – Home lending (RG206) – Financial literacy Graduate level development in FNS10 Training Package streamlining

16 2013/14 emerging ASIC review of RG146 – CP153 – FoFA – Cognitive task analysis

17 Issues TPB requirements Workforce development

18 Year Enrolments 2010 Completions 2009 Number of Apprenticeships / Traineeships Total54,19112,860303,147 FNS30104 - Certificate III in Financial Services6811046,826 FNS30107 - Certificate III in Financial Services3,2141,34145,141 FNS30204 - Certificate III in Insurance Services12347 FNS30304 - Certificate III in Financial Services (Accounts Clerical)11,2283,0014,440 FNS40104 - Certificate IV in Financial Services172916,628 FNS40107 - Certificate IV in Financial Services70713719,711 FNS40207 - Certificate IV in Financial Services (Bookkeeping)4,9745347,810 FNS40210 - Certificate IV in Bookkeeping2082 FNS40604 - Certificate IV in Financial Services (Accounting)11,4911,9994,501 FNS40610 - Certificate IV in Accounting6061 FNS40704 - Certificate IV in Financial Services (Financial Practice Support)00146 FNS40804 - Certificate IV in Financial Services (Finance/Mortgage Broking)4639243,654 FNS50104 - Diploma of Financial Services010 FNS50107 - Diploma of Financial Services28170151 FNS50204 - Diploma of Accounting11,5162,185205 FNS50210 - Diploma of Accounting4604 FNS50504 - Diploma of Financial Services (Finance/Mortgage Broking Management)29686170 FNS50804 - Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning)1,019138233 FNS60104 - Advanced Diploma of Financial Services85740 FNS60204 - Advanced Diploma of Accounting6,3361,48011 FNS60404 - Advanced Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning)7080


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