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Using Young Adult Literature Across the Curriculum Nicole Hochholzer

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1 Using Young Adult Literature Across the Curriculum Nicole Hochholzer
# Using Young Adult Literature Across the Curriculum Nicole Hochholzer


3 Daggett System for Effective Instruction

4 Lexile Literature 1500 - On Ancient Medicine 1400 - The Scarlet Letter
Brown vs. Board of Ed. War and Peace Pride and Prejudice Black Beauty 900 - Tom Swift in the Land of Wonders 800 - The Adventures of Pinocchio 700 - Bunnicula: A Rabbit Tale of Mystery 600 - A Baby Sister for Frances 500 - The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth 400 - Frog and Toad are Friends 300 - Clifford’s Manners

5 Metametrics is an “endorsing partner” of the Common Core State Standards Initiative and they have found: Text Complexity of K-12 books has become easier over the last 50 years, while the text demands of college and careers has remained constant or increased. Source: MetaMetrics

6 CCSS and Text Complexity
Lexile range for 11th and 12th grade textbooks is 1050L to 1165L Lexile range for postsecondary pursuits is between 1200L to 1400L That’s a potential 250L difference for our proficient seniors, which means they move from a 75% comprehension to 50% comprehension! Source: MetaMetrics

7 Are YOUR students ready for this??
Grade Band Current Lexile Band “Stretch” Lexile Band K-1 N/A 2-3 450L – 725L 450L – 790L 4-5 645L – 845L 770L – 980L 6-8 860L – 1010L 955L – 1155L 9-10 960L – 1115L 1080L – 1305L 11-CCR 1070L – 1220L 1215L – 1355L Are YOUR students ready for this??

8 Reading scores for nine-year-olds – who show no decline in voluntary reading – are at an all-time high. Little more than one-third of high school seniors now read proficiently Source: Readicide by Kelly Gallagher

9 Chapter 9 Practices and Instruction
Recommendations for: starting a literacy initiative working with ELL students making the most of professional development time using young adult literature to enhance a literacy initiative

10 MetaMetrics advocates a “staircase” of increasing text complexity, starting with second grade. Excellent!!!....but what do we do with the students we have NOW, who aren’t even close to grade level??

11 Young Adult Literature to the rescue!!

12 Science: Investigating Genetically Engineered

13 There’s always an alternative:
The “Classic”: The YA alternative: To Kill a Mockingbird Romeo & Juliet A Separate Peace The Great Gatsby The Scarlet Letter Lord of the Flies Jane Eyre Spite Fences Son of the Mob Looking for Alaska Jake, Reinvented Speak Beauty Queens A Breath of Eyre

14 Using RAFTs for Book of the Month
Each month, select a high-interest Young Adult title and amass 25 copies Create a RAFT assignment for students to complete Once complete, student selects teacher who will give ____ amount of extra credit

15 R.A.F.T. Role – What role will the student assume as a writer?
Audience – Choose an audience for writing Format – Specify format possibilities the writing will take (comic strip, letter to editor, feature article, poem) Topic – Define the topic, determine questions to be answered and point to be made Source: ICLE Strategic Reading Kit

16 Double Helix by Nancy Werlin Biology Genetics

17 RAFT for Double Helix Role – Eli Samuels Audience – Dr. Wyatt
Format – letter Topic – discussing the ethical issues surrounding his attempt to cure Huntington’s Disease

18 Briar Rose by Jane Yolen Social Studies or History The Holocaust Connection to Sleeping Beauty

19 RAFT for Briar Rose Role – Rebecca Audience – General Public
Format – newspaper article Topic – explaining the mystery of your grandmother’s belongings

20 Fault Line by Janet Tashjian Health class Dating violence

21 RAFT for Fault Line Role – Kip Audience – Becky Format – letter
Topic – explaining your actions and what you have learned

22 Wuthering High by Cara Lockwood English Classic Literature

23 RAFT for Wuthering High
Role – Mia Audience – your dad and stepmother Format – letter Topic – explaining why you want to stay at Wuthering High next year

24 Flash Burnout by L.K. Madigan Art class Photography

25 RAFT for Flash Burnout Role – Blake Audience – Marissa Format – letter
Topic – describing your photography series to her and why you chose the photos you did

26 Chew on This by Eric Schlosser & Charles Wilson Economics Health Class Foods Class Social Studies

27 RAFT for Chew on This Role – McDonald’s executive
Audience – the American public Format – press release Topic – defending your practices

28 First Part Last by Angela Johnson Teen Parenting Child Development

29 RAFT for First Part Last
Role – Bobby Audience – a future parenting class Format – an advice column Topic – giving them advice based on your own experiences

30 SWS Geography project Rwanda Iraq, Russia Ghana Sudan

31 SWS & Spite Fences Spite Fences by Trudy Krisher
Alternative to To Kill a Mockingbird Works well with CCSS documents

32 “The Common Core Standards…push students, teachers, and districts to include both critical analysis and media production in all classrooms, not simply ELA.” -Sheehy & Clemmons, 2012

33 MATH The Number Devil by Hans Magnus Enzensberger
Twelve-year-old Robert is visited in his dreams every night by the Number Devil, who presents concepts such as prime numbers, square roots and infinity. MATH

34 Project Idea: Students create storyboard based on their assigned “dream” Work collaboratively to select scenes, conflicts, turning points and dialogue Use electronic presentation or movie-making technologies to create a storyboard -All project ideas from Teaching Young Adult Literature Today by Hayn & Kaplan

35 MUSIC Fat Kid Rules the World by K. L. Going
296 pound Troy is about to jump off a subway platform when he meets Curt. Can joining Curt’s band as a drummer (even though he can’t play) change his life? MUSIC

36 Project Idea: Students analyze the importance of music to Troy and Curt Develop a timeline for an important year in their own life that reflects how music impacted their life Use software to create a soundtrack of their own life, along with fictional headlines

37 SCIENCE The Carbon Diaries 2015 by Saci Lloyd
Laura lives in London, in 2015 where carbon rationing is required of all citizens. This affects her cell phone use, her travel and even her food supply.

38 Project Idea: Students determine their own carbon footprint
Research a country’s carbon emission’s related to its population Create charts, tables, reports and presentations reporting their research and analysis

39 WORLD LANGUAGES La Linea by Ann Jahamillo
Miguel is fifteen and finally ready to cross the border, but his journey becomes even more dangerous when his little sister tags along.

40 Project Idea: Students read the Spanish phrases and learn about customs Discuss and analyze the many facets of immigration issue Create website documenting Miguel’s journey, researching weather, communities along the way and resources If possible, written in Spanish

41 SOCIAL STUDIES Hot, Sour, Salty, Sweet by Sherri L. Smith
Ana Shen learns about her Chinese American and African American heritage as all four grandparents help prepare her eighth grade graduation meal.

42 Project Idea: Students learn history and geography as they read about Korean War and African American experience Groups create wikis to represent different cultures and different experiences with war Create newspaper/journal from viewpoint of assigned cultural group

43 HEALTH SCIENCE Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson
Lia’s battle with anorexia intensifies after her friend Cassie commits suicide.

44 Project Idea: Students choose an unhealthy behavior to research
Using presentation and video software, create Public Service Announcement (PSA) Share PSA with school or other appropriate audience

45 BUSINESS Feed by M.T. Anderson
Titus and his friends love “the Feed” that gives them 24/7 information. But falling in love with Violet after his breaks down causes him to question what he has always taken for granted.

46 Project Idea: Students choose Feed or another YA title to promote
Use movie-making or publishing software Use knowledge of marketing, advertising, public relations and budgeting to create an ad, “branding” the book

47 THEATER ARTS or CREATIVE WRITING Monster by Walter Dean Myers Was Steve really involved in the fatal shooting or a convenience-store owner, or was he in the wrong place at the wrong time?

48 Project Idea: Students analyze the movie-script format of the book
Create a storyboard, choosing scenes from the book to answer the question, “Is Steve a monster?” Film their own short movie trailer based on the scenes chosen

49 Anticipation Guides Minute Paper Somebody Wanted But So TFCN
Strategies for YA Lit: Anticipation Guides Minute Paper Somebody Wanted But So TFCN

50 “Got Book?” Campaign

51 Twilight Mania…

52 Nicole Hochholzer (920) (920) x5430

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