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Fortinet Confidential. 2 Fortinet Overview Market-Leading Provider of End-to-End IT Security Solutions Company Stats Founded in 2000 Silicon Valley-based,

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1 Fortinet Confidential

2 2 Fortinet Overview Market-Leading Provider of End-to-End IT Security Solutions Company Stats Founded in 2000 Silicon Valley-based, strong global presence with 30+ offices worldwide $325M+ in revenues (2010) Seasoned and proven executive management team (NASDAQ: FTNT) 1,350+ employees / 600+ engineers 500,000+ FortiGate devices shipped worldwide Innovative, Best-in-Class Technologies and Products Six ICSA certifications (Firewall, AV, IPS, IPSec VPN, SSL VPN, Anti-Spam) Strong IP portfolio – 20+ patents; 80+ pending Government Certifications (FIPS-2, Common Criteria EAL4+, NIST) Consistent Antivirus Validation – (Virus Bulletin 100 approved; 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010)

3 Fortinet Confidential Security TODAY: Blended Threats Leverage Multiple Threat Vectors  Malicious threats lead to −Data loss −Identify theft −Database espionage −Network downtime −Bad publicity −Regulatory fines  The motive has changed −From notoriety to criminal intent −More malicious in nature −Global in reach −Predatory behaviors Network Threat Vectors Application Threat Vectors

4 Fortinet Confidential You Have to Do More with Less Increase access to backend data and systems Decrease risk of unauthorized access Increase effectiveness of existing resources and investments Reduce complexity of security infrastructure Lower operating and capital costs

5 Fortinet Confidential Fortinet – Consolidated Security Deliver comprehensive solutions for the largest global networks and organizations »Improve performance »Increase protection »Reduce complexity Continually raising the performance bar with purpose-built hardware and software »Custom processors and latest generation general purpose processors Convert stand-alone products into features »Simplify the network and improve visibility »Reduce Total Cost of ownership 5

6 Fortinet Confidential We Pioneered a New Approach The Fortinet Solution Traditional Network Security Solutions Real-time, integrated security intelligence ASIC-accelerated performance Lower total cost of ownership Easy to deploy / manage / use Stand-alone, non-integrated security Mix of off the shelf systems and applications Higher total cost of ownership Difficult to deploy / manage / use

7 Fortinet Confidential UTM Surpassing Traditional Network Security 200820092010201120122013 Firewall & VPN UTMUTM (-0.5%) CAGR $2.2 $2.1 $ in billions 13.8% CAGR $1.7 $3.2 Source: IDC “Worldwide Network Security 2008-2012 Forecast and 2007 Vendor Shares: Transitions – Appliances Are More Than Meets the Eye”

8 Fortinet Confidential Market Leadership Across the Board Worldwide UTM Market Share Q2 2010 (1) Worldwide UTM Market Share Q2 2010 (1) UTM Market Competitive Landscape, 2009 (3) LowMarket PenetrationHigh Niche Participant Specialist Contender Challenger Market Leader Low High Ability to Deliver 8 (1) IDC Worldwide Security Appliances Tracker, September 2010 (market share based on factory revenue) (2) Gartner, Inc., “Magic Quadrant for Unified Threat Management”, October 2010 (3) Frost & Sullivan, “World Unified Threat Management, Products Market 2009”, 2010 Notes RankCompany Market Share (%) (2) 1 16.4 2Cisco 9.8 3Juniper 9.0 4SonicWALL8.1 5Check Point 7.2 6McAfee5.5 7WatchGuard 4.9 8Crossbeam 2.6 9Other 41.4 Total 100.0 Magic Quadrant for Unified Threat Management (2)

9 Fortinet Confidential Fortinet Solutions 9 Unified Threat Management FortiGate Network Security Platform FortiAP Network Security Platform Centralized Management FortiManager Centralized Device Management FortiAnalyzer Centralized Logging and Reporting Application Security FortiMail Messaging Security FortiWeb Web & XML Application Firewall Host Security FortiClient Endpoint Security FortiScan Asset Vulnerability Management Application Delivery FortiGuard Real time Security Services FortiToken 2-factor Authentication FortiBalancer Application Delivery Controller

10 Fortinet Confidential Fortinet's Approach to Consolidated Security 10 Complete Content Protection

11 Fortinet Confidential Application Evolution “Application” has evolved to include web browser, web server, application server, operating system Delivery can be on-premise or hosted in the cloud, or some combination Regardless of delivery model, most data now browser-based − Well known port numbers ▪Port 80 (HTTP) / Port 443 (HTTPS) 11

12 Fortinet Confidential Beyond Application Identification Today’s Network Security Requires Application Detection, Monitoring, and Control −Allowing access to Web 2.0 applications has made enforcing data security policies far more complex ▪User-created content embeds threats in content, pages, links, comments to blogs… −Protection against effects of social media applications ▪Data loss ▪Threat propagation ▪Bandwidth consumption ▪Inappropriate use −Endpoint to the Core −“Single pane of glass” management for visibility & control 12

13 Fortinet Confidential Identification Over 1,500 applications −More added every week −Category ▪IM, P2P, Remote Access, Video, etc. −Ranked on popularity & risk −Impendent of port, protocol, IP address −Decrypt encrypted traffic ▪Including HTTPS, POP3S, SMTPS and IMAPS protocols 13

14 Fortinet Confidential Control Granular control of behavior −Apps & features within apps ▪Categories of apps ▪Individual apps ▪Actions within apps −Users ▪Domain, groups, individual users −Traffic ▪Prioritize ▪Limit access by groups or users » Time of day » Day of week 14

15 Fortinet Confidential FortiGate Integrated security appliance −Network threat detection −Application-aware screening Accelerated performance −Custom ASIC Platforms for every market segment −Non-user licensing −Performance-based models −Firewall Virtualization ASIC FIREWALL APPLICATION CONTROL WIRELESSDATABASE ANTISPAM VPN FORTIOS FORTIASIC WEB FILTERING DLPROUTING WAN OPTIMIZATION ANTIVIRUS IPS

16 Fortinet Confidential Integrated Threat Protection in Action “Innocent” Video Link: Redirects to malicious Website Integrated Web Filtering Blocks access to malicious Website Network Antivirus Blocks download of virus Intrusion Protection Blocks the spread of the worm Solution: Error message: “Drops” copy of itself on system and attempts to propagate “Out of date” Flash player error: “Download” malware file Problem:

17 Fortinet Confidential Disruptive Technology Platform  ASICs accelerate FortiOS security and network functions  Enables faster performance against competitors  Multiple ASICs targeting key functions  Mature design across FortiASICs  Custom built operating system  Architected for security and networking demands  Leverages custom hardware platform  Mature OS - At version 4.0 MR2 today

18 Fortinet Confidential FortiASIC Specialized Processors FortiASIC Content Processor (CP) Series −Pattern-Match Acceleration −Encryption / Decryption (e.g. IPSec, SSL-TLS) FortiASIC Network Processor (NP) Series −Firewall Acceleration −IPSec VPN Acceleration FortiASIC Security Processor (SP) Series −Additional IPS Acceleration −Flow based AV Acceleration −Unicast, Multicast Acceleration 18

19 Fortinet Confidential FortiOS Fully Integrated Technologies −Manage all policy enforcement from a single console Single Inspection of Packets −Delivers greater efficiency and intelligence Deployment Ease & Flexibility −Single console for all FortiGate platforms, all technologies −Ability to deploy technologies where needed −IPv6 Ready 19

20 Fortinet Confidential 20 100+ threat research professionals Eight global locations Automated updates to Fortinet customers Global software updates Large knowledgebase of security 8 million antivirus signatures, 90 million URLs for Web filtering Robust 24 x 7 x 365 Real-Time Global Intelligence FortiGuard Subscription Services Real-Time Security Protection Global Distributed Network

21 Fortinet Confidential FortiGate UTM Lineup ASIC-based multi-threat security platform Common OS across all platforms Single management interface FortiGuard Services −Antivirus, IPS, Antispam, Web content filtering, Application control EnterpriseService Provider & Large Enterprise SMB & Remote Office

22 Fortinet Confidential Fortinet Virtual Appliances FortiGate Virtual Appliances  Combine with traditional FortiGate appliances for maximum network visibility and security controls.  Utilize Virtual Domain (VDOM) and Virtual LAN (VLAN) technologies to enforce security between zones  Released w/ FortiOS 4.2 (MR2) FG Availability / Licensing  Available Now  Licensed by # of vCPU: 2 / 4 / 8  30-Day evaluation license available Hypervisor Support  VMware ESXi/ESX 3.5/4.0/4.1  Delivered in OVF format

23 Fortinet Confidential Virtualized Data Center Security Primary security goal: separation of logical zones  Virtual perimeters  Firewalling between zones Public Zone DMZ/Private Zone Server Servers / DMZ Desktops / Private Virtualized Data Center Logical Security Zones are used to isolate hosts with differing security requirements  Servers  Desktops

24 Fortinet Confidential A Reliable Partner Proven Industry Leadership −Since 2000, Fortinet has received more than 100 product & company awards. ▪IDC: Overall leader in UTM factory revenue for all of 2009 ▪Gartner: Leader in Multi-Function Firewall Magic Quadrant ▪Frost & Sullivan: 2010 "Fortinet is the established and undisputed leader" of worldwide UTM market ▪SC Magazine: 2009 Readers' Trust Award for "Best Integrated Security Solution" Certified security −Five ICSA certifications (Firewall, AV, IPS, IPSec VPN, SSL VPN, Anti-Spam) −Government Certifications (FIPS-2, Common Criteria EAL4+, JITC IPv6, SCAP) −ISO 9001 certification

25 Fortinet Confidential 25 Summary FortiOS Operating System Consolidated Security FortiASIC Network Processor FortiASIC Content Processor FortiGuard Threat Research FortiCare Customer Support FIREWALL APPLICATION CONTROL ANTISPAM VPN WEB FILTERING DLP WAN OPTIMIZATION ANTIVIRUS/ ANTISPYWARE IPS

26 Fortinet Confidential Thank You

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