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Introduction to Fractions By Graeme Henchel

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1 Introduction to Fractions By Graeme Henchel

2 Index What is a fraction? Mixed Numbers method 1 Mixed Numbers method 2 Equivalent Fractions Special form of one WhySpecial form of one Finding equivalent fractions Adding: Common denominators Adding: Different denominators Common denominators 1 Common denominators 2 ½+1/3 with diagram½+1/3 1/3+1/4 with diagram1/3+1/4 ½ +2/5 with diagram½ +2/5 3/7+2/3 No diagram3/7+2/3 Adding Mixed Numbers Multiplying Fractions Multiplying Mixed Numbers 1 Multiplying Mixed numbers 2 Multiplying Mixed diagram Dividing Fractions Fraction Flowchart.pptFraction Flowchart Fraction Flowchart.docFraction Flowchart Decimal Fractions Fraction Decimal %

3 What is a Fraction? I’m the NUMERATOR. I tell you the number of parts I’m the DENOMINATOR. I tell you the name of part A fraction is formed by dividing a whole into a number of parts

4 Mixed numbers to improper fractions Convert whole numbers to thirds Mixed number Improper fraction

5 Another Way to change Mixed Numbers to improper fractions Since 5/5=1 there are 5 fifths in each whole. So 3 wholes will have 3x5=15 fifths. Plus the 2 fifths already there makes a total of 15+2=17 fifths In short 5x3+2=17

6 Equivalent fractions An equivalent fraction is one that has the same value and position on the number line but has a different denominator Equivalent fractions can be found by multiplying by a special form of 1

7 Multiplying By a Special Form of One Multiplying any number by 1 does not change the value 4x1=4, 9x1=9 ………. Any number divided by itself =1. Why does it work? Multiplying a fraction by a special form of one changes the numerator and the denominator but DOES NOT CHANGE THE VALUE


9 Finding equivalent fractions Convert 5ths to 20ths What do we multiply 5 by to get a product of 20? That’s 4 so I must multiply by Special form of 1

10 Simplifying Fractions: Cancelling Simplifying means finding an equivalent fraction with the LOWEST denominator by making a special form of 1 equal to 1 Another way of doing this

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