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Department of Education, Training and Employment Training Queensland.

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1 Department of Education, Training and Employment Training Queensland

2 Revamp and Reform Queensland VET Sector Grow a four pillar economy Reduce unemployment to 4% over six years Establish a Skills and Training Taskforce 10,000 additional apprentices over six years

3 Grow a Four Pillar Economy Focus on addressing areas of skills shortages, rebuild and support the industries that underpin Queensland’s wider economic growth agriculture tourism resources construction

4 Focus training on job outcomes Reform trade skill pathways Flexible and responsive training to meet the needs of a ever changing labour market Industry led education and training system Reduce unemployment to 4% in 6 years

5 Skills and Training Taskforce Was established to pave the way for a major overhaul of the VET Sector to meet the needs of both industry and students. Has undertaken a broad consultation process Prepared a response with recommendations The report will now form a blueprint for the government to prepare a five-year VET action plan

6 10,000 additional apprentices over six years Improve administration of Apprenticeships and traineeships by Streamlining procedures Cutting red tape Allow for transfer of contracts between employers National harmonization

7 The Role of DETE Prospective clients and employers able to make an informed decision when purchasing training DETE will provide a one stop shop for creating an informed consumer base Refocus towards promoting apprenticeship pathways to employers and prospective apprentices

8 The Role of DETE (cont) Provide ongoing support and advice once a training contract is in place Focus on improving completion rates Foster links between training providers, industry, employers and schools to promote Apprenticeships as viable pathways

9 Apprentices and Trainees Far North Queensland Apprentice and Traineeship Activity – Financial year (Includes SATs) Performance measure YTD ReportedFull Year ReportedVariances PreviousCurrent 2010-112011-12 Projected 2012-13 Variance 10/11 - 11/12 Variance 11/12 - projected 12/13 2011-122012-13 New Commencements · Apprenticeships 2962989841,1181,100 13.62%-1.61% · Traineeships 7384182,2622,5291,400 11.80%-44.64% Total new commencements 1,0347163,2463,6472,500 12.35%-31.45% Recommencements · Apprenticeships 11839376327108 -13.03%-66.95% · Traineeships 14647 20 0.00%-57.14% Total recommencements 13245423374128 -11.58%-65.91% Cancellations · Apprenticeships 228193640609516 -4.84%-15.35% · Traineeships 226193630727621 15.40%-14.60% Total cancellations 4543861,2701,3361,100 5.20%-17.66% Withdrawals · Apprenticeships 30241068770 -17.92%-20.00% · Traineeships 207586523 12.07%-65.00% Total withdrawals 503116415294 -7.32%-38.00% Completions · Apprenticeships 307227776727538 -6.31%-26.06% · Traineeships 4606031,0511,1431,500 8.75%31.23% Total completions 7678301,8271,8702,000 2.35%6.95% "In-training" · Apprenticeships 2,5232,5452,7312,7052,700 -0.95%-0.18% · Traineeships 2,4462,4292,5512,9342,900 15.01%-1.16% Total "in-training" 4,9694,9745,2825,6395,600 6.76%-0.69%

10 Commencements and Completions for Apprentices for the last 10 years Calendar Year

11 Training Queensland FNQ Region Office Regional Office – Level 2, 17-19 Sheridan Street Skilling Solutions Queensland – Earlville Shopping Centre Phone 1800 210 210

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