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Tomato & Health Commission Update: Sacramento 2010 Tomato & Health Commission Update: Sacramento 2010 By Gwen Young.

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1 Tomato & Health Commission Update: Sacramento 2010 Tomato & Health Commission Update: Sacramento 2010 By Gwen Young

2 Aims for Tomatoes & Health Commission: 1.Collate health benefits / promotional activities relevant to Tomato Products 2.Disseminate credible research & Information Principles to Receive WPTC Endorsement: 1.Part of healthy diet / lifestyle 2.Must be scientifically credible Tomato & Health Commission: Tomato & Health Commission:

3 Lycopene ADI Tomato & Health Topics Health Claims LYCOCARD Update Tomato Product Wellness Council Commission Presentation: Commission Presentation:

4 Background: Jan 08, EFSA Position papers set ADI* value to 0.5 mg/kg for Lycopene, basis JECFA papers, 2006. WPTC: Public confusion could limit tomato product consumption, June 2008. June 09: JECFA withdrew ADI for all forms lycopene, it follows EFSA will do the same. *ADI = Acceptable Daily Intake Lycopene ADI

5 WPTC letter to EFSA commission re-stating request to withdraw lycopene ADI. EFSA released study results showing: 1.Increased exposure amounts of Lycopene for all age groups. 2.ADI may be reached with foods naturally containing lycopene. 3.ADI may be exceeded with lycopene fortified foods, especially children. Jan 2010:Lycopene ADI

6 Salt – Food companies are responding to consumers. Brands and restaurants promoting salt reductions in US, UK, Canada, Australia…and beyond. Is Regulation in the future? Tomato Products: Health

7 BPA – safe or not? Safe on record at current usage levels: FDA, EFSA, WHO, Health Canada, Japanese National Inst. of Adv. Industrial Science & Tech. NIH research ($30mil USD) underway to assess human safety. FDA conducting Safety Assessment In the Interim: FDA suggests steps to reduce human exposure: infants and efforts to replace BPA or minimize BPA levels in canned food linings.

8 Tomato and Health Meeting: 1 Feb 2010 Primary and Secondary Tomato Processors and Tomato Growers Topics included: Collaboration on Tomatoes and Health Research, Promotion, and Nutrition LYCOCARD IP Tomato Product Wellness Council Australian Update

9 Tomato & Health Cookbook Italian Family Cook Book Delicious & Nutritious Kids & Cooking Novices Tomato Product Recipes and

10 Tomato & Processing Book Journalist A. Allen combines reportage, archival research, and innumerable anecdotes in a lively narrative that, through the lens of today’s global market, tells a Tomato story that will resonate from the greenhouse to the dinner table. Arthur Allen, a former Associated Press foreign correspondent, has written for The New York Times Magazine, The New Republic, The Washington Post, The Atlantic Monthly. $26.00: Available, Mar 2010

11 EFSA: Claims relevant to Lycopene / Tomatoes not evaluated 1 Oct 2009 session. End of July 2010 is planned next session. USDA: No Relevant Claim Activity, numerous new programs on Health / Food Education and outreach tools Health Claims

12 LYCOCARD Update Industrial Platform - Oct 2009: Expand Communications and link Research & Industry AMITOM invitations to join: Nov /Dec To date: 7 Companies joined in Europe Open for World Wide Membership Possible Link with Grain Industries 4 Year Research & IP meeting: June-Estoril

13 Research Update Clinical Study: Inflammation response: Overweight /Obese Clinical Study: LDL Oxidation response for Healthy Weight Study 3: Coronary Biomarkers – 28K women’s cohort Presented 2009: EB, ADA, FAV Health, LYCOCARD Symposia, Tomato Day Experimental Biology: April 2010

14 Research Update Literature Review Book 450 studies Tomatoes & Health Additional copies or non-members: $50 per book Basis for 2010 promotion plan CLFP Booth 725A

15 Communications 2010 Updated Web Site: Media: National Heart Month, Eating Well Spring Issue, Shape Up for Summer, Healthy BBQ, Fall Slower Cooker, Affordability, TV FaceBook pages (Professional / Consumer) Voice of the Industry: Nutrition Policy / Position Papers Global Collaborations such as LYCOCARD IP Market Research – Target 2011 Program

16 Conclusions 1.Growing number of Consumers know that Tomatoes are part of a Healthy diet. 2.Need to understand Consumer purchase decisions to optimize influence. 3.Coordinating Efforts Globally is Key with Economic Pressures 4.Government Influence Desired

17 Thank You! Thank You! By Gwen Young: WPTC Feb 2010

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