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BEST Cluster Project: Principles of Learning and Teaching in Action NamePOLTSchool address Roxy Mc Guire4.4Endeavour.

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1 BEST Cluster Project: Principles of Learning and Teaching in Action NamePOLTSchoolEmail address Roxy Mc Guire4.4Endeavour Hills Campus

2 1. What was the teaching and learning challenge to which you responded? Which PoLT did you address? The ‘ Culture through Media ’ subject offered at Endeavour Hills Campus explores aspects of the Intercultural Awareness Dimension within the LOTE Domain. The focus is on supporting students to understand different cultures, sub-cultures, and cultural practices. In this case the focus was to try to increase and improve Year 9 students ’ knowledge of contemporary Aboriginal culture through use of the TV series ‘ Bush Mechanics ’. POLT 4. Students are challenged and supported to develop deeper levels of thinking and application. Teacher Action 4.4 In learning environments that reflect this principle, the teacher uses strategies that challenge and support students to question and reflect.

3 2. What was the focus of the unit of work? i.e. Key Concepts; Understandings; Essential Questions? I used the foundations from the ‘ You can do it! ’ program to focus students ’ attention on the actions seen in the first episode. Students took notes, engaged in discussion, and finally wrote an essay on the following themes as they were demonstrated by the group of Aboriginal men in the film: Confidence Resilience Organisation Getting Along Persistence The understandings I was seeking were to do with students ’ perceptions of Aboriginal people via their own experiences and as portrayed in the media generally contrasted with the picture of Aboriginal people presented in this series.

4 3. What could the students already do alone? What did the students already know? Students are required to take notes during the show. Some students were proficient at note-taking whereas others needed to be assisted. Students also had varying levels of ability in terms of being able to categorise the various components of the show into the appropriate ‘ You can do it! ’ foundations. The same varied levels of ability were evident in their essay writing. As far as their pre-knowledge of Aboriginal people, many students still had a number of stereotypes as their knowledge basis, eg Aboriginal people are lazy, not very clever, get drunk a lot, live in the bush in primitive conditions, and can ’ t engage in modern life in the same way the students can. A number of the ESL students had almost no understanding of Aboriginal people in Australia.

5 4. How were the students assisted? eg. scaffolding, modelling, questioning, mind maps etc. Show or list resources used and length of learning sequence. As ‘Bush Mechanics’ is the first TV show/film I show the ‘Culture through Media’ students in Year 9, I use this unit to prepare students for the rest of the year in terms of some of the basic skills they will need. I explain the techniques they can use to take high-quality notes that they will be able to use later. I explain the importance of these notes in assisting them to complete the assessment tasks at the end of the unit. I advise students that the films/shows we will be viewing will be stopped every few minutes. It is not intended to be a day at the cinema with popcorn. I let them know we will discuss what has happened, they may ask any questions that have come up, and take notes from these discussions. I write up any necessary vocabulary, spell names as required, draw maps of places being described, and give relevant historical background if necessary. These various techniques allow all students to access the media either through the initial viewing, or via the continuous discussion we have. As the themes are often sophisticated, most students need support in understanding them at some point. This support then allows all students, whether high or low ability, ESL or native English-speakers, to come from the experience having understood the themes. As the film/shows are often in another language, the verbal cues I give also assist students who may find the subtitles difficult to read at times.

6 5. Review. How successful was the learning sequence? What will the students do next? The unit on ‘ Bush Mechanics ’ was very successful. Students enjoyed the humorous nature of the show and found it easy to connect the actions of the characters with the guiding themes. Students were able to question, discuss and then reflect on what they has seen and heard. The best thing about the unit was that students came away with a very positive picture of Aboriginal people and many were able to articulate this in their essays. In terms of setting the stage for the rest of the year, students had a positive experience with the note-taking because they were able to see its usefulness. As there were a number of things each student hadn ’ t understood while watching the show, they appreciated the time that we spent every few minutes discussing what had happened in increasing their understandings. Students then continued on to the next text, ‘ The Weeping Camel ’. This was a completely different cultural experience but students used the skills they had gained through the ‘ Bush Mechanics ’ to make sense of that new culture.

7 6. Evidence: Attach relevant classroom materials, worksheets, rubrics, surveys, photographs and/or student work. Quotes from students: ‘Whilst watching the film “Bush Mechanics” I learnt a lot about Aboriginal people. Firstly I learnt how well they get along with each other and how co-operative they are with each other. I also learnt about how they make do with what they have. I think by watching this film it made me realise that Aborigines are not drunken bums like some people make them out to be, they are quite clever and have some great ideas. I think they are really intelligent people who don’t get the respect that they deserve from most Australian people.’ Rachel ‘What I learnt about Aboriginal people is that Aboriginal people can do a lot of work.’ Albert ‘I learnt that the Aboriginal life out in the bush is a lot harder than the lifestyle I have. Things just aren’t given to them at any time they please. They also have a lot less facilities than people in the city have.’ Shaunna ‘When the car engine was falling out, they used a log to hold it up. These guys were persistent.’ Ray ‘They show resilience by not stopping, and kept trying no matter what. ‘ Chris ‘They helped each other fix the car when it wasn’t working and shared their ideas and food. They worked as a team to help each other out.’ Jessica

8 On the road with the Bush Mechanics

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