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Virgin australia is creating a sustainable indigenous employment strategy.

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1 virgin australia is creating a sustainable indigenous employment strategy.

2 Our Brand and History

3 Our History

4 Our Relationships with the Indigenous Community

5 Our People





10 Our Partnerships Virgin Blue Group respects the knowledge and ability of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses to deliver quality services. Our faith in Indigenous businesses is verified by our partnerships with: Grant Sarra Consultancy Services Goolarri Media Link-Up Former Origin Greats (FOGs) Careers Expos Queensland Murri Carnival Over the past few years, Virgin Australia has provided financial sponsorship, cash donations, time, flights, freight services and publicity opportunities to a number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations and charities.

11 Our Partnerships Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience The program partners a university student with an Indigenous high school student to support them to finish their secondary education. To generate awareness of the program we purchased 500 hoodies for our flight attendants and Executive Committee Members. A further commitment of support over three years has been agreed.

12 Our Partnerships Australian Indigenous Leadership Centre AILC fosters the development of leadership ability and skills of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through conducting educational/ experiential courses and seminars in leadership and professional development. Virgin Blue has selected key initiatives to sponsor with the intention of employing future leaders within the Virgin Blue Group.

13 Our Partnerships Nomads Two Worlds A multi-media collaborative art project conceived by acclaimed fashion photographer and director Russell James, was held in Santa Monica, California, LA on 22 February 2011. Incorporating photography of Australia’s most breathtaking landscapes, some of the world’s most beautiful women and interesting people, and the cultural backdrop of Australia and America’s ancient, Indigenous music and art scenes, the exhibition takes viewers on a journey of political importance as the embodiment of an emerging, positive message of Reconciliation that is currently unfolding.

14 Our Partnerships Black Bold & Beautiful Luncheon The Black Bold & Beautiful Luncheon is an initiative to funding for Bahloo Women’s & Youth Community Shelter. The BBB project brings together various community members culminating in a Fashion Parade and celebration of Women’s achievements. Virgin has sponsored major prizes for the event for the past 2 years with the 3rd BBB Luncheon being held in Brisbane on March 9. Virgin Blue are exploring future opportunities to incorporate a career and mentoring component into the 2012 event.

15 Our Partnerships Kimberley Girl The Kimberley Girl is a Western Australian initiative that cultivates female leaders through a unique combination of workshops and culminates in a showcase/competition where the participants demonstrate their confidence, leadership and skills developed throughout the program. The opportunity to participate in the Kimberley Girl is a significant achievement for many of the program’s participants. In 2010 the Virgin Blue Group’s support assisted the program to expand to the Pilbara region with 54 young Aboriginal women across both the Kimberleys and Pilbara completing the programs.





20 “Virgin Australia is committed to achieving workforce diversity by providing an equal employment environment where people from all backgrounds can work together and reach their full potential. We aim to foster a working environment that provides opportunities for all employees to be enriched by an understanding and respect of Indigenous cultures and values. We remain committed to providing career development opportunities supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in achieving their career aspirations. Whilst we are encouraged by outcomes to date, a sustained effort over the next three to five years is required to achieve embedded improvement. Our commitment to this journey is absolute” Annual Report 2010. Our Commitment


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