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WACA Reporting Service. Outline What is the WACA Reporting Service? Benefits Support Accessing the Service - SLA and Licensing - User Account - Security.

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1 WACA Reporting Service

2 Outline What is the WACA Reporting Service? Benefits Support Accessing the Service - SLA and Licensing - User Account - Security System Requirements Getting Started - Logging In - Reporting Portal (or Home Page) - System Messages - Logging Off Reports - Workforce Performance Report - User access - Navigating/Exiting, Printing and Saving - Helpful Resources


4 What is the WACA Reporting Service? Online portal (or home page) linking to interactive benchmarking reports Reports benchmark an agency’s workforce performance against that of the Queensland Public Service, over time Range of HR and IR measures are benchmarked, based on Minimum Obligatory Human Resource Information (MOHRI) Reporting portal is accessed via the Workforce Analysis and Comparison Application (WACA).

5 Benefits Only source of validated whole of public service HR benchmarking data Access generally 24/7 from any PC/laptop with an internet connection (excluding scheduled maintenance periods) More comprehensive report content – a greater range of performance measures available than in previous reporting system and new data views developed –some new performance measures – average age of recruits; recruitment rate; permanency ratio; retirements in next 10 years; measures relating to purchased leave and recreation leave costs and balances –some new data views – quartiles; rankings; Executive Dashboard for quick high level performance checking; Access to as much historic agency data as possible even given the demanding constraints of MOG changes on trend analysis

6 Support Public Service Commission provides support for the WACA Reporting Service Includes client account management advice, technical support and data interpretation advice Service availability generally 24 hours per day, 7 days per week (excluding scheduled maintenance periods) Support for the WACA Reporting Service provided 9am – 4pm, 5 days per week (excluding public holidays)

7 Accessing the WACA Reporting Service To access the WACA Reporting Service, an agency must sign a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the PSC SLA details licensing requirements, fee schedule and services which will be supplied by the PSC. It also outlines agency responsibilities

8 User Account When an agency has signed an SLA and paid the relevant service fees, users will be issued with a WACA Reporting Service user account A user account consists of a username and a password Audit reports from the WACA Reporting Service will track account usage (ie will track simultaneous logons of the same user account which may indicate an account is being shared across users, which would be a breach of the SLA and third-party licensing requirements)

9 Security To protect the confidential MOHRI data, the Public Service Commission have invested in an SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate with 128-bit encryption The use of a “https:” prefix in the WACA web address ensures an additional encryption/authentication layer In reports, data is displayed at aggregate levels not employee record level

10 System Requirements You need a PC, Web Browser and a connection to the Internet Web Browser – have cookies and JavaScript enabled Recommended Browser is Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.0 or higher (with the following enabled – run ActiveX controls and plug-ins; script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting; active scripting; and allow META REFRESH) Adobe Acrobat (this software is able to be downloaded for free from the Internet) Accessibility is based on support for standard Qld Government system requirements/internet access (ie. Internet Explorer and Microsoft Windows). Access is available through other browsers/operating systems, however response time and accessibility cannot be guaranteed Other than Web Browser installation, no further installation is required

11 Getting Started – logging in To access the portal (or home page) of the WACA Reporting Service, start your Web Browser i.e. Internet Explorer Type the following Internet Address in your Browser’s address bar:

12 National WACA Logon Screen Once you have successfully opened the application the national WACA logon screen will appear Near the Qld Govt logo select the option Reporting Portal. (Ignore the request for a national WACA Logon – only users who are responsible for loading and managing quarterly agency data require a national WACA logon)

13 WACA Reporting Logon Screen The Qld WACA Reporting Service Logon Screen below will open after clicking on Reporting Portal It requires your Username and Password Once you have successfully logged on to the WACA Reporting Service you may be presented with the portal (or home page). Alternatively, if your user account provides you with access to multiple agencies, you will need to select the agency of interest to you from a drop down list, after which you will be directed to the portal

14 Reporting Portal (or Home Page) We have logged on as “Sample Agency”. The number of reports listed will vary over time for each user and may depend upon which agency you are logged on as.

15 Reporting Portal (or Home Page) Is gateway to whole-of-government workforce reports such as the quarterly Workforce Performance Report The reports are based on Minimum Obligatory Human Resource Information (MOHRI) The Portal (or home page) provides the opportunity for users to obtain a quick snapshot of agency performance on a range of key human resource/workforce management indicators To change the agency portal (or home page), select the option “Click here to change agency”. Only selected user accounts are given access to multiple agencies (ie user accounts for shared service agencies)

16 Reporting Portal- change agency

17 System Messages The Reporting Portal contains a Message Board. This is where messages about planned system outages, changes or maintenance work will be posted. Advice about when new quarterly data or new reports are available will also be posted on this Message Board.

18 Logging Out To exit the Reporting Portal and hence the Workforce Reporting Service, select the “Log Off” option as shown in the figure below. This will prevent unauthorised access by other users.

19 Reports The number of reports listed for an agency will vary. However, all agencies will see whole of government reports such as the quarterly Workforce Performance Report. The earliest starting date for the data in the reports is generally Q1, 2006 In reports generated on the WACA Reporting Service, data is displayed at aggregate levels not employee record level The Workforce Performance Report is used as an example below to show users how to open, close and navigate around the WACA Reporting Service reports

20 User Access - Workforce Performance Report The report is accessed from the Reporting portal (or home page).

21 Prompt Pages The report user can select two time periods for which to run the report. The data is grouped in quarters, starting from Q1 2006 (i.e. March 2006 quarter). Follow the instructions in each screen to enter the quarters of your choice and bring up the first page (also known as the dashboard page or main menu) of the Workforce Performance Report. “OK” only appears after 2 nd quarter selected After 1 st quarter selected, automatically brings up next prompt page

22 Navigating the Report Dashboard page - like a main menu. User can navigate to an executive level summary or detailed chapter on more than a dozen topics. Each chapter can be run in either HTML or PDF views Microsoft Excel is not capable of handling some of the graphs in the reports such as gauges. Data from tables can be copied and pasted to Excel from a HTML or PDF view if required, but the format quality cannot be guaranteed For printing - PDF view Using report online - use HTML view – this will ensure that links (e.g. to the PSC website work effectively

23 Navigating the Report To change the time periods for a report you are viewing, select the option “Click here to change report time periods” Each chapter opens in a new window. To close a chapter and return to the main menu/dashboard page, simply close the entire window for the chapter

24 Dashboard (or Main Menu)

25 Navigating the Report To move around in a multiple page chapter in the HTML version, use the page up/page down navigation tool at the bottom of the screen

26 Navigating the Report In the PDF version, each chapter opens as one file. Use the scroll bar to move around the chapter

27 Saving the Report to Your Computer for Emailing To save a version of the report (ie for the purpose of emailing the report), do the following: Run a PDF view of the required chapter or portal Click on the save button (button looks like a disk) Select required file path and type in a relevant file name Click on Save option

28 Exiting the Report To exit from the Workforce Performance Report, simply close the dashboard window and you will be returned to the WACA Reporting Service portal (or home page) From the portal, you can: –run a different report (if any others are available for your agency); –change the agency you are working in (if your user account gives you this access); –log out of the WACA Reporting Service.

29 Business Rules & Helpful Resources The front page of every chapter has a helpful resources section. The section contains links to websites and resource documents such as policies and toolkits. The links relate specifically to the chapter in question (ie the sick leave chapter has links to policies and toolkits relating to sick leave) Definitions for terms used in the report and explanatory information relating to each chapter can be accessed in two ways –Every page in the Workforce Performance Report has a link to the business rules in the footer –The helpful resources section on the front page of every chapter also has a link to the business rules On PSC website - User Guide and FAQs

30 Business Rules & Helpful Resources This link to the business rules and helpful resources appears on the front page of every chapter. This hyperlink to the business rules appears in the footer of every page in the report.

31 WACA Reporting Service Agreement (SLA) Background Terms and Conditions Licensing Associated Service Cost User Group Next Steps

32 SLA Background Provide some ground rules between Agency and the PSC Clear indication of commitment and expectation to the Agencies Provide PSC commitment back from Agencies Enable PSC to Plan future direction for Whole of Govt Workforce Performance Reporting

33 SLA Terms and Conditions PSC to provide access to extensive and detailed reports to allow agencies to compare their agency with Queensland Public Service across a number of measures Access to supporting documents to assist in workforce management Management of the service-wide workforce reporting dataset, utilising national public sector standards and business rules Research, development and improvement of methods to analyse key workforce issues and reporting enhancements Agency access to the reports on a 24 hours, 7 days a week basis Provision of the Reporting Application First line Support Monday to Friday 9.00am to 4.00pm

34 SLA Terms and Conditions In the event of a MOG change which affects the details of the SLA, user/s must notify PSC of changes as soon as possible

35 Licensing For admin & audit purposes – licences to be purchased & held by PSC Licence is application specific – can only be used with the WACA Reporting Service One license per person – however, one person may be given security rights to view multiple agency reports (eg users from SSPs) Licence cost included in SLA fee

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