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INFO3315 HCI Human-Computer Interaction Introduction

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1 INFO3315 HCI Human-Computer Interaction Introduction
Judy Kay (co-ordinator) Bob Kummerfeld Josh Carolan, James Constable, Julia Mitchelmore

2 Preliminary essentials

3 School of Information Technologies
OHS INDUCTION School of Information Technologies

4 OHS INDUCTION Emergency Procedures & Evacuation
Check for any sign of immediate danger Shut down equipment Follow exit signs in orderly fashion, to assembly areas, as indicated by wardens Do not use lifts Emergency contact numbers Dial (from internal phone) and University Security on First aid kit available in kitchen area adjacent to Lab 110 in SIT Building.

5 OHS INDUCTION General Housekeeping Use of Labs
Keep work area clean and orderly Remove trip hazards around desk area No food and drink near machines No smoking permitted within University buildings Do not unplug or move equipment without permission

6 OHS INDUCTION WHS Contacts for School of IT
First aid officer in SIT Building is Will Calleja (1West) Chief fire warden in SIT Building is Greg Ryan (1 East) Nearest medical facility – University Health Service in Level 3, Wentworth Building Report incidents to: Katie Yang (Undergraduate), Cecille Faraizi (Postgraduate), Shari Lee (School Manager),








14 Pragmatics Labs start week 2
Changing labs Go to the lab you want to attend. If the tutor says there is room, you may swap in. There may be an additional lab created.

15 The teaching team: lecturers
Judy Kay Computer Human Adapted Interaction Group Research: personalisation, surface computing, technology for education, lifelong learning, health and wellness Room 307, School of IT Building, J12 Phone: Bob Kummerfeld Research: architectures for user modelling and pervasive computing systems Room 310, School of IT Building, J12 Phone:

16 The teaching team: tutors
Josh Carolan Josh is currently studying Software Engineering  at USyd, he enjoys sports and plays Rugby Union for the Manly Marlins in his spare time. James Constable PhD candidate working in the area of Natural Language Processing. Julia Mitchelmore Julia is a front-end developer at Razorfish Australia and graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor in Design Computing in She has a background in web development, digital design and user experience. 

17 Textbook Hartson and Pyla Very long and wordy
Designer perspective Extensive search…. Big book but don’t fear…. Electronic? Best experience so far on ipad - DL Reader, also tried Bluefire  web version  Very long and wordy Do not fear! Reduces cross referencing More useful as reference We focus on HCI broader view (cf. Usability Engineering) Focus on required readings

18 Class web site Short tour:
Notes: Piazza for us to stay in contact, and to hold resources Weekly required readings Weekly homework Builds into the assignments Groups form in Week 2 lab

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