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Interdistrict Seminarie Preventie Verslaving Séminaire Interdistrict Prévention Assuétudes Brussels 21 September 2013.

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1 Interdistrict Seminarie Preventie Verslaving Séminaire Interdistrict Prévention Assuétudes Brussels 21 September 2013


3 DTTS 20133

4 Wolfgang Götz Wolfgang Götz has been Director of the EMCDDA since May 2005, having been appointed by the agency’s Management Board on 19 April that year. In July 2009, the Board renewed his mandate unanimously for a further five-year term commencing on 1 May 2010.

5 Prospective Rotarian Action Group Prevention Addiction

6 Rotary International Structure -Local club: autonomous in local actions -Interclub cooperation (city, organizational region, …) -community service -youth, … -prevention of addiction -District: 500, coordinates +/- 80 clubs through district committees: -community service, -Youth, … -Prevention Addiction -Zone : 34, coordinates 10-20 districts and +/- 1.000 clubs -Rotary International Board of Directors coordinates 34.000 clubs with 1.200.000 members

7 Rotarian Action Groups Rotarian Action Groups provide assistance and support to Rotary clubs and districts in planning and implementing community development and humanitarian service projects. They are organized by committed Rotarians, Rotarians’ family members, and Rotaractors who have expertise and a passion for a particular type of service.

8 Rotarian Action Groups Independently of Rotary International, own rules, dues, requirements, and administrative structure. Membership: Rotarians, Rotarian family members, and Rotaractors. RAGs adopt RI’s standard bylaws for RAGs, operate in accordance with Rotary policy. RAGs regularly collaborate with clubs and districts on service projects in their area of specialty. RAGs can assist clubs and districts in obtaining funding or other assistance for their service projects from prospective donors and partners.

9 Examples of Rotarian Action Groups

10 Existing Rotarian Action Groups 10. Health Fairs 11. Hunger and Malnutrition 12. Literacy 13. Malaria 14. Microfinance and community Development 15. Multiple Sclerosis 16. Peace 17. Polio Survivors and Associates 18. Population & Development 19. Water and sanitation 1.Aids and Family Health 2.Alzheimer’s and Dementia 3.Blindness Prevention 4.Blood Donation 5.Child Slavery 6.Dental Volunteers 7.Diabetes 8.Hearing 9.Food Plant Solutions

11 Rotary History Addiction Prevention 2007 DG 1620 2008-2009 Bruno Morel 2008 D1620 committee Prevention 2010 Interdistrict 1620-1630-2170 2012 International cooperation 1620-3140 8 February 2013 Prospective Rotarian Action Group Addiction Prevention 2013/06/26 Break Out session RI conference

12 Founding meeting PRAG AP Founding meeting DG 1620 Dirk Schockaert; PP Maldegem, Johan Maertens; DGE 1620 Werner Braemscheute; PDG 1570 Nico de Boer

13 PRAG Prevention Addiction Vision Substance Abuse and addiction of illicit drugs is a global problem and can only be stopped by joined efforts of all society layers and organizations in a joined, structural and continued action. It is not only the responsibility of governments. All civil society organizations should get involved in their specific field of activity. Rotarians will strengthen this common effort through the work of the Rotarian Action Group Prevention Addiction Prevention.

14 PRAG Prevention Addiction Mission Organize an International group of Rotarian specialists and activists in Addiction Prevention. Inform, stimulate, support and advise clubs and districts how to tackle the problem in a structural long term way, with a vision and a strategy. Set up cooperation with the international professional organizations specialists in prevention.

15 Main goals for Rotary Decrease experimenting with substances Cooperation with local governments Actions in coordination with local policy Intermediary between organizations in need and professional organizations

16 Membership PRAG AP 113 Members (min 25 for approval of RI Board) 38 clubs represented -13 clubs of 1620 represented -1 club of 1630 and 2170 19 districts and 13 zones (min 3 zones) 12 countries (min 5 countries): Belgium, Brasil, France, Germany, Italy, India, Indonesia, Netherlands, Sweden, Portugal, Uganda, US.

17 Cooperation between clubs Cooperation with local governments and organizations Cooperation between N/W and E/S: global problem Members (parents and grandparents) are affected Young people involved in Rotary actions (schools, youth organizations, …) Large interest of the public media in the topic This effects and the importance of this world wide problem make clubs go for prevention as community service and actions for Youth Important secondary effects for Rotary

18 Cooperation Global Grants/Package grants scholarships, humanitarian projects, vocational training 35 clubs of district 1620 (local input 50.000-75.000 €) as potential partners Working on implementing the same prevention programs Adaptation of this prevention program to other cultures Detecting organizations and professional partners Double your input through cooperation

19 Support for Global Grants All clubs even without a PRAG AP member minimum budget: $30,000. The Foundation’s World Fund provides: – minimum of $15,000 – maximum of $200,000 Clubs and districts: DDF and/or cash World Fund matches DDF at 100% and cash at 50%.

20 International Partners Tata Institute for Social Sciences European Monitoring Center EMCDDA Mentor International Next on our list: World Health Organization United Nations

21 First Projects Running: Continuation Unplugged Mumbai Breakout session RI conference Lisbon Looking for partner clubs for: Dissemination Unplugged New Delhi Serenity Project Kampala/Uganda Joint Effort Project (JEP) New Delhi In Preparation: Rotary Training Institute Addiction Prevention Lisbon

22 22 Effectivity of Unplugged intervention after 2nd questionnaire (3 months post intervention) Daily smoking 30% reduction Recent drunkenness 28% reduction Experimenting cannabis 23% reduction The EU-Dap class programme has a preventive effect on early onset of drug use and on the transition of experimental to frequent use. The effect is bigger for boys than for girls. Evidence Based Addiction Prevention project: “Unplugged”

23 Teacher's Handbook The Unplugged Curriculum has been tested to be effective during the EU-Dap intervention trial. Based on the evaluation, it is now available in its revised version. This program is for students between the ages of 12 and 14 and is to be led by trained teachers.

24 Evidence Based Addiction Prevention project: “Unplugged” Student's Workbook The Student's Workbook complements the Unplugged Curriculum. It contains activities that students are to work through during the Unplugged lessons.

25 Evidence Based Addiction Prevention project: “Unplugged” 1.Preparative work: Adaptation of the program by certifying Univ. Contact local authorities and schools Planning meeting: trainer, school direction, rotary club Evaluation: Univ., trainer, school direction 2.Training process: Master training for trainer of trainers = 1 (per language) 1 trainer trains 25 trainers = 25 25 trainers train each year 10 x 20 teachers = 5.000 5000 teachers train each year 100 students = 500.000 3.Costs: Master training: 2.500/trainer minimum 4 = 10.000 Trainers 25 training = 2.000 Training 25 teachers = 1.500 + materials: 425 Training 100 students = 0 + materials: 450

26 Breakout Session Lisbon



29 Serenity Project Kampala Proposal for Sensitization, Creating awareness, Prevention and Sustainability of Addiction Care Services among the youth in Uganda Submitted to Rotary Club Kampala Target Group: 4 Teachers per 6 schools in each region of Uganda. Website:

30 Joint Effort Project

31 What can you do Start local AP projects – 1 € saves 1 young person from addiction – NIDA: 1 $ prevention saves 18 $ Become partner in international AP Projects Become a member of PRAG AP: 20 €

32 PRAG Addiction Prevention Web site

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