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Being an Employer of Choice Union: Social Change, Equality and Diversity in Action.

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1 Being an Employer of Choice Union: Social Change, Equality and Diversity in Action

2 1. Is the work of the community sector undervalued? 2. Does social change come through doing something? 3. Is there ‘Union’ in your workplace? 4. Are you a member of your Union?

3 Overview What is an ‘Employer of Choice’? What does this mean (or not) in our sector? Working toward a Sector of Choice… The Work of all of us? The Role of Union – Social Change and Equal Pay Taking Action for Change: today

4 Words, Words, Words… What is an ‘Employer of Choice’? Enterprise bargaining ‘HR Speak’ for the opposite? An expensive advertisement in a supplement in a broadsheet paper once a year? An Award Ceremony at a fancy venue? Something an employer alone creates and maintains? A competitive concept - An oxymoron in SACS?

5 A Sector in Crisis? Attraction and retention of staff NGO churn to the Public Sector Funding cycles, pilot projects, policy directions, competitive tendering Advocates who don’t advocate for ourselves Battling for crumbs For love or for money : The Care/Cash question

6 We are stronger together Can any one of us be an Employer of Choice? Should any one of us? Can we all be Employers of Choice? Should we all?

7 Union In the Workplace – equality and democracy In the Employer – Employer of Choice In the Regions, State and Nationally – collective power In the Sector – A collective voice In the Community – taking action for change

8 The Equal Pay Case Making history, together – Equal Pay for Women Equal Pay for work of Comparable Value – Equal pay for Community and Disability Workers The Evidence: some snippets from the witness statements The Outcome? A Sector of Choice

9 The Role of Employers in the Case Supporters – Employers’ of Choice Detractors - Employers’ of Risk Making sure you are ‘Equal Pay Ready’

10 The Role of Workers in the Case

11 The Kissing Campaign…

12 Taking it to the Streets!

13 The Role of the Government in the Case Support for the Case… Pay Up: No More Lip Service to Equal Pay! Now, show us the money!

14 A Sector of Choice The Equal Pay Case is a Union Case Supported by the majority of the sector (in principle and in kind) 30% average pay increases – parity with the government sector where work is comparable Fully Funded by Governments Making History

15 Your Part: Employer of Choice?

16 Our Part: the Sector of Choice?

17 Take Action: Lead the Way If you are not a Union Member: Join Today If you are a Union Member: Lead the Way in your workplace, employer, sector and community

18 Want more info? Naomi Arrowsmith Organiser ASU ACT 02 9310 4000 Emily Mayo Organiser ASU NSW 02 9310 4000

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