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Games Gala Job Description. Games Gala Organisers.

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1 Games Gala Job Description

2 Games Gala Organisers

3 Our team had three people in it Dalton Scarlett Ethan

4 Organisers As organisers it was our job to put all the students in the school into different groups. We worked with the Material and Resource Group (Hannah, Grace & Tayla) to come up with the country/team names.

5 Countries/Teams Rainbow Fishy Horse Shoe Mountain Fireworks Ant Crow Spot Grey Hound Star Circle Mokonu Every

6 We worked on our project on: Monday & Wednesdays

7 What we did. We worked on what group people were in and a timetable.

8 What we did on the timetable We had to do times when it started and ended. Each game took ten minutes. It had a five minute break.

9 How many in a team The teams had five people in it except group one which had six people.

10 Timetable Excel Timetable..\Ethan\Timetable.xls..\Ethan\Timetable.xls

11 Rainbow Team players: Sarah Jasper Dalton Sunny Christian

12 Group 2 Fishy Team Players: Harry Georgia Lewis Colleen Brook Peter

13 Horse Shoe Team Players: Nicholas Darcy Jack Sim Ben Elyse Jackson

14 Mountain Team Players: Lachlan Thomas Dean Christian Patrick

15 Fire works Team Players: James Kacey Charlie Ryan Mitchell

16 How we worked: Our job was hard. We needed the names of all the students in the school. We had to put the students in teams, Scarlett and Dalton worked on this. We had to make labels for everyone, Ethan did this. When the names were written on the labels we crossed them off our list.

17 Team Work Our team worked really well. Scarlett was good at Excel so she worked on the timetable. Mrs V helped us with what we didn’t know on Excel. We made sure the teams were even. We shared the different jobs and helped each other out. We worked really well together because we helped each other, no one was the boss, we all made decisions together. Mrs V helped us too.

18 References All graphics used in this presentation provided by Microsoft Office Online Clip Art* Copyright © 2009 St. Joseph’s School, Trafalgar, Victoria. * Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.

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