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Overview - Resumes & Professional Statement Kerrie Petersen Language and Learning Service Beth Keane Careers & Employment Service.

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1 Overview - Resumes & Professional Statement Kerrie Petersen Language and Learning Service Beth Keane Careers & Employment Service

2 Feedback: Commitment to reflective practice! Usefulness 4.81 Presenters Effectiveness 4.78 Quality Materials 4.25 Overall Helpfulness 4.78 Comments: –Would love more hands on material, like a resume template –Maybe the STARL could be modelled on handout Actions –Have included Resume and transferable skills handouts –Have elaborated on STARL and will provide opportunity to practice

3 The Process EDUCATION QUEENSLAND process your application after official results are released and contact you regarding an interview once a vacancy becomes available YOU complete your application for Education Queensland/Catholic Education and or approach independent school directly QCT puts your information onto a publicly available register YOU supply information to the QCT

4 Build the bridge between you and the job YOU Your personal preferences Your referees reports Field experience reports Life and work experiences E-portfolio reflections Points of differentiation How you add value THE JOB Link to professional standards Ed Qld vision – Clever Creative Skilled School mission statements

5 What to include? Contact details Career goal Education – usually reverse chronological order Employment experience – usually reverse chronological order Interests, extracurricular activities Achievements Professional/other memberships Referees Selected reference Academic background Career achievements Career objective Community involvement Teaching related experience Educational background Creative pursuits Leisure activities Professional highlights Professional experience Professional skills Specialist knowledge & skills Common headings Alternative headings

6 Resumes for non-EQ applications Look for clues re information to include ie: –in advert for the position –in the school’s mission statement, philosophy, marketing documents –from information interviews, voluntary work, prac placements etc

7 Thumbs up or thumbs down? Age / date of birth Health Marital status Photo Children Religious affiliation Career objective Emoticons Other graphics

8 EQ-specific resume requirements All applicants are required to include a curriculum vitae (CV)/ resume of no more than three (3) pages. The CV provides an opportunity for applicants to detail their work and life experiences, community involvement and other skills and competencies that they can offer as a teacher in a Queensland state school. The CV should also include details of membership of relevant professional associations and networks and relevant professional development activities that they have undertaken. Applicants who have had extensive and relevant non-teaching work experience may also like to provide contact details for up to two (2) professional referees. p 20

9 Education Expected completion date identified Availability to commence employment – or include in letter Highlights from course – skills developed, key subjects, assignments, team projects, high grades for units related to position being applied for Less attention to secondary education. Other qualifications/skills –Computer (competent, familiar with) –Foreign languages (studied, fluent, familiar) –First aid, music, sport……

10 Professional experience/ employment Career related experience highlighted –job title –company/organisation name –approximate no. of hours per week if part-time –approximate no. of days/weeks/months Highlight skills developed/ responsibilities of roles highlighted as well as achievements Other employment/ voluntary work Transferable skills highlighted Awards & achievements in these roles

11 From tasks to teaching-related skills Mandy’s candy bar assistant job: Serve customers → Deal with busy periods → Act as manager → Share workload → Communication, interpersonal skills, dealing with conflict, problem-solving Organisational skills, managing pressures and stress Supervisory, training, motivational skills, responsibility, positive work ethic, work autonomously Collaborative, work as effective team member

12 What are my transferable skills? Talk to the person next to you about a recent job that you have held. What tasks did you perform while in that position? What skills did you utilise to complete those tasks? These are your transferable skills – ie they transfer from your non-teaching job to teaching They are valuable - so make sure you tell employers about these skills!

13 Transferable Skills Communication –effective writing –effective speaking –listening –languages –computing Managing & Organising –organising –can work independently –achieve outcomes Teamwork –cooperation –motivating others Problem solving –identifying/analysing –applying knowledge –research –decision making –follow through –capacity to see the ‘big picture’ –appreciation of values/ethics

14 Achievements and other (relevant!) information Tell the employer about YOU the person Memberships - student groups, student chapters, professional, sporting, social (appropriate!) Achievements - community, sporting, etc Voluntary/ community involvement – if education-related, this may sit better within professional experience section Interests/ extracurricular activities Use positive language – give value to experiences Know why you are providing this information to an employer – know what this says about you

15 Referees Work related and/or academic rather than personal where possible Name, position title, address, phone, fax/email details provided One line explaining relationship to referee (ie Joe Bloggs was my supervising teacher on my most recent prac)

16 Resources Sample education resume – also available in employment preparation booklet ce/ResumeEDU.pdf ce/ResumeEDU.pdf Career development modules rameset.jsp?tab=community&url=/webapps/bl ackboard/execute/courseMain?course_id=_3 7761_1 rameset.jsp?tab=community&url=/webapps/bl ackboard/execute/courseMain?course_id=_3 7761_1 Resume Feedback Service

17 EQ’s personal statement Personal Statement (p 19 Guide to teaching in Qld state schools) The Personal Statement (Statement) provides applicants with an opportunity to emphasise their suitability for employment as a teacher in a state school. The personal nature of the statement enables applicants to highlight the skills, knowledge and attributes that they can offer as a potential employee. The statement should be no more than 500 words and can be provided in paragraph or dot point format. Some suggestions for the personal statement include:  linking teaching capabilities and practice to relevant departmental reforms and initiatives;  highlighting and providing examples of demonstration of the Professional Standards for Queensland Teachers;  linking previous work and life experiences and community involvement with the role of teachers in Queensland state schools;  discussing the role of reflective practice in regards to teaching and learning; and  outlining teaching career aspirations. It is not anticipated that applicants will try to address all of the above in their statement as these are provided as suggestions only.

18 EQ’s Personal Statement Look for clues on the Ed Qld website ng/forms-guides.html and in the QCT Professional Standards QT_GradLevel_v3_Web.pdf

19 Clever CreativeSkilled EQ is looking for employees How do you demonstrate these?

20 Clues from EQ The Department of Education and Training needs high achieving and skilled professionals who are dedicated, enthusiastic, flexible and team-orientated to teach in our schools.Department of Education and Training All offers of employment as a teacher in a Queensland state school are vacancy driven and aim to match school needs with the expertise of applicants.offers of employmentQueensland state school Opportunities for valuable experience and advancement are available for teachers who are willing to work in rural, remote and regional locations.locations p 4 Guide to teaching in Qld state schools

21 Professional Statement Look for clues in the ED QLD website and your Professional Standards


23 Gather some evidence & examples: use STARL SITUATION TASK ACTION RESULTS LEARNING Describe the context – Uni, prac, community Define the duties and SKILLS REQUIRED Describe your step by step process - HOW Outcomes, what happened – MEASURES ( Good feedback from prac, established rapport) Outline what you learned and will use/ would do differently next time - REFLECT

24 Professional Standards- Knowledge Uni/legislation/ EQ policy/ national curriculum etc Related Experience Voluntary experience / prac/part-time/ full- time work Work & Life Other experiences/ hobbies/ sports/ extracurricular activities Community Commitment Committees/ voluntary work/ other involvement Standard 1 Know Students and how they learn STARLSTARL STARLSTARL STARLSTARL STARLSTARL

25 Your Turn Choose one of the standards and generate some STARL dot points in the table provided. Share this with the person sitting next to you

26 Writing your personal statement Let’s have a look at some examples!

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