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Managing Your Time & Energy How to Get the Most of Everyday Through Planning, Executing & Creating Good Habits.

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1 Managing Your Time & Energy How to Get the Most of Everyday Through Planning, Executing & Creating Good Habits

2 Do You Wish… 0 … there were more hours in the day? 0 … you had more time to spend with your family and friends? 0 … you had time to work out? 0 … you could lose those extra pounds? 0 … you could take your business to the next level? 0 … you could focus on the things that really have meaning in your life? 0 … you had more time for personal growth? 0 … you could stop running on random?

3 Making Your Wishes Come True 0 Making the most of every day 0 Living your Ideal Average Day 0 Why is it important/beneficial to track your time? 0 What can you accomplish through tracking? 0 Does it really work?


5 Organizations are demanding ever-higher performance from their workforces. People are trying to comply, but the usual method putting in longer hourshas backfired. Theyre getting exhausted, disengaged, and sick. And theyre defecting to healthier job environments. Longer days at the office dont work because time is a limited resource. But personal energy is renewable. By fostering deceptively simple rituals that help employees regularly replenish their energy, organizations build workers physical, emotional, and mental resilience.

6 4 Dimensions of Personal Energy 0 Physical Energy – The Body 0 Emotional Energy – Quality of Energy 0 Mental Energy – The Focus of Energy 0 Spiritual Energy – Meaning & Purpose

7 Dont Let Yourself Head for an Energy Crisis! Take the Quiz to Learn About Your Energy Management Skills

8 The 4-Hour Work Week 0 Tim Ferris 0 The blueprint to living your dream… it all starts with a plan. 0 Definition – Elimination – Automation – Liberation 0 Lifestyle Design – create freedom of time and place and use both any way you want.

9 Dr. Ned Hallowell 0 Live a Better Life. 0 One of the foremost experts in ADHD 0 In his book Human Moments: How to Find Meaning and Love in your Everyday Life he outlines the basic ingredients to a happy life: To relish the full pleasure of these connections, we have to delve deeply into them and make the most of them. We have to nourish them so they become as strong as they possibly can be. But how? It is one thing to say it, another to do it.

10 DR Ned Hallowell 0 Crazy busy – book featured on Oprah 0 #1 trainer on ADD and ADHD 0 Turned ADD and ADHD into successes

11 Background 0 ADD 0 is not a deficiet/not a disorder 0 its a trait, 0 ADD Negatives 0 Problems with organization 0 Paperwork follow thru procedure 0 ADD gifts 0 Creativity, energy, take risks 0 Ability to think outside the box

12 Help other NOT be crazy busy 0 Take mental capabilities and turn into their strategic advantage 0 Amazing people have ADD and have changed the world

13 .75 best friends 0 Even though we are more connected its all superficial 0 Connection is important because 0 People who have connection are more successful 0 More people are bowling than ever before but they are bowling alone 0 People who are not connected 0 Die younger, less happy, less healthy, achieve at a much lower level

14 Book Reco 0 Social intelligence – Daniel Goldman 0 Our brains are made to grow and evolve around others

15 One or two close friends 0 Close alley 0 One key assistant 0 One key alley 0 One close relationship 0 Successful people always have someone who they can share their ideas with 0 Go deep with a few people

16 7 steps to help people deal with crazy busy 0 Overstretched, overbooked and about to snap 0 More to do than time to do it 0 Quality of things they accomplish is less b/c the number of things they have to accomplish is way too many 0 Need to develop new habits 0 People are addicted to being crazy busy 0 Adrenaline rush 0 Speed is the form of ecstacy that technology has bestowed on modern man 0 Performance is tremendously impaired when you are crazy busy 0 We love it b/c it gives us a rush 0 Addicted to your struggle 0 Beginner says Give me some techniques 0 Master says Give me the fundamentals 0 Change something, installs a healthy routine it can double your effectiveness

17 Step 1 1. Protect and use your morning burst 0 Most fresh, most clear, tackle the biggest problem 0 Most people waste the burst, check their email and they are pissed off 0 The 15-20 minutes when you are at your best 0 Do the most important thing 1 st 0 Whenever you ae at your best mentally 0 Dont take calls, dont check email, 0 this is the time to think

18 Computer OCD loop – Dean Jackson – screen sucking 0 Check email 0 Check 2 nd email 0 Check 3 rd email 0 Check sales stats 0 Check closings 0 Surf the web 0 Turn on radio 0 One hour later they are still there checking internet 0 Check 3 blogs / websites you normally read 0 Then back and check to checking the 1 st email 0 Hamster wheel with an on ramp with no off ramp 0 We dont want to do hard work, we are avoiding the important projects 0 Then you think you are actually working

19 Step 2 2. Refuse to rush 0 Why do we all feel like we have to 0 The most frequently changed part in an elevator is the close door button 0 Multi tasking is not good 0 But we get off on it 0 In order to do something well you must think 0 Thinking advances your business 0 Im not going to rush to my own destruction 0 Come up with a strategy, dont just do whatever 0 We are all awake but we are asleep 0 There is no consciousness to what you are doing 0 Get more significant work done 0 Make sure you know whos in charge – you are in charge

20 Step 3 = EYES, stabilizes your mood 0 Exercise – daily physical exercise 0 Happier, healthier, 0 Yoga 0 Any meditative practice, prayer, 0 Eating 0 Good breakfast to start the day 0 Fish oil, 0 Low Sugar - FDA reco = 15 grams per day 0 Low Carbs – FDA reco = 6 servings of 20 grams per day 0 Sleep 0 8 hours, enough sleep is that amount that you get up and awake without an alarm clock

21 Step 4 – Turn It Off (T.I.O.) 0 Recreate boundaries 0 Close door 0 Turn off cel when with family and friends 0 Turn off email when doing important work 0 Selectively turn off digital products 0 Radio, tv, email, ipod, ipad, computer, texting, skype 0 You are in charge not when you are a slave to incoming distractions 0 Create a technology free zone 0 Data overload is not good for you

22 Continual Partial Attention 0 People are paying continuous partial attention 0 No one really pays attention to just one thing 0 This is a bad way to live 0 You wont achieve at the highest level 0 Schedule your interruptions 0 Random inbound calls 0 Plus email 0 Its more about you are in control

23 Step 5 – pattern, planning and rhythm 0 Schedule your recurring actions 0 Taking out garbage, dry cleaners, haircuts, 0 Reduce the number of decision points in your day so you can use more time for creativity 0 Rhythm – set up so your consceous attention can be used creative thinking 0 So the drab stuff is on autopilot 0 Its not about the planning its about what it does for you – it frees you up to think and do important work 0 THOMAS WATSON – IBM – think 0 Shifting from one topic to another is very inefficient 0 YOU ARE YOUR HIGHEST LEVERAGE – you can make yourself better which gets the whole company moving faster 0 Highest leverage is in your thinking 0 Now where can you have such a high level of change in just refining or creating a thought 0 Create the conditions where though can happen 0 What you can preprogram is the time you have to think 0 Most people dont do their best thinking at work 0 They do it in the shower – stand under a stream of water and free associate 0 Minimize the busy work and maximize the free roaming thought 0 Increase the chances of great thoughts to happen

24 Bill Philips 0 I never had got a good idea by thinking about it – Bill Philips 0 I just get into the flow of life and thoughts just come to me. 0 Thats the nature of creativity

25 Step 6 - Cultivate lillys and avoid leaches 0 Lillys repay you 0 Cultivate you lillys 0 Projects and people you are excited about 0 Leaches suck life and energy out of you 0 Habit or guilt forces you to spend time on your leaches 0 There are graceful ways to get out 0 I just dont have the time anymore so I have to limit my obligations 0 You become the people you hang out with 0 The Portable Coach 0 Eliminate tolerations and leaches and things that suck energy from us

26 Exercise to do 0 Write down you five closest friends 0 Write down there incomes 0 Your income is exactly in the middle of those 0 You are the sum of the people you think about

27 Step 7 – Prioritize 0 Post and Prioritize 0 You can have nothing but lillys but you must decide what matters most 0 Do not go thru the year or the month or the day going thru everything 0 Do what matters most 0 Prioritize 0 today and your future

28 My Priorities 0 My Faith 0 My Wife 0 My Kids 0 My Business

29 Exercise 0 Name the three things you want to get done each day and do it the night before 0 Write them out 0 Then do them the next day during your morning burst 0 Think it thru 0 Reflexes are geared towards just doing

30 Example 0 Using video 0 Find someone to produce high quality video 0 Find someone who can do it today

31 Im high green 0 Im an initiating Quick start 0 I improvise all the time 0 It seems like I know what I am doing but I dont 0 I improvise plans, procedures

32 ADD and ADHD 0 Three Key Traits of ADD 0 Medical Model 0 Negatives 0 Distractability, Impulsivity, Hyperactivity 0 Positives 0 Turbo charged curiosity, creavitiy is impulsivity gone right, hyperactivity is super energy 0 Throw out the disorder model 0 Look at the treasures that are in these problematic traits

33 Do what you are good at 0 Do what you like 0 You will be far less distractable if you are doing what you like 0 Marry the right person 0 Find the right job 0 Do what you like 0 Delegate what you are bad at and do what you like 0 Use your hyperactivity in a positive way

34 Channeling ADD 0 Go see a good doctor 0 Unwrap the gift

35 Exercise to take control 0 Workbook with joe polish

36 The SREC Team Experience 0 A challenge to the SREC staff. 0 It takes 3 weeks to create or change a habit. 0 Week 1 – Write down everything you do this week. 0 Week 2 – Using the Time Tracking tool, plan out your entire week, from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep. 0 Week 3 – Hold yourself accountable with an accountability partner!

37 SRECs Time Management Tool

38 Define Your Ideal Average Day What Does The Ideal Day Look Like?

39 Schedule Your Week

40 Add Personal To Dos, Too! 0 Dont forget that list of things you have to get to this week! 0 Write down what they are and add them into your schedule for the week.

41 How Does Your Day Compare To Your Ideal Average Day?

42 Step 1: Track your last day 0 Write down everything you can remember from yesterday 0 Minute by minute 0 Hour by hour 0 Write it all down

43 Step 2: Ideal Average Day 0 Create your ideal average day 0 What would you do on your ideal day when you still have to work and still have obligations

44 Step 3: Track This Next Week 0 Write down what you are doing all day every day for the next week

45 Step 4: Compare Ideal Avg day to Real day 0 How do they compare 0 Where are you wasting time 0 What would you do different

46 Step 5: Schedule out your entire week in advance 0 Try to plan your next week according to your ideal average day 0 Watch and see how much more efficient you are 0 Plan out everything 0 When do you get up 0 What do you do 0 Where do you go 0 What do you eat 0 What do you read 0 What do you learn 0 What tasks are weekly repeats: Schedule those now 0 EX. Grocery shopping, Take out trash, Cut grass etc 0 When are you going to take breaks 0 When do you check email – 1 hour a day MAX 0 8AM – 15 MIN 0 10:30 – 30 MIN 0 2:30 – 30 MIN 0 5PM – 15 MIN

47 Step 6: review your planned week vs. Random weeks 0 How do they compare 0 How is it better 0 More efficient 0 Get more MEANINGFUL done 0 Take more breaks 0 Less Emails 0 Learn more, execute more and actually work less. 0 End Result: Make More Money

48 Step 7: Get an accountability partner 0 Share your schedule each night with someone 0 Review it at the end of each day 0 Be accountable to someone else 0 Watch your effectiveness increase again.

49 The Analysis: Identify Your… 0 Opportunity to gain more time in your day. 0 Time wasters. 0 Most productive times. 0 Priorities. 0 Revenue producing activities. 0 Things you want to change. 0 Opportunities for personal growth.

50 Start A New Habit Today… Youll Be Amazed At The Results!

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