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Time to reflect... “Our children are our future, and that the future is dependent on how children are treated, respected and valued – now. The manner.

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2 Time to reflect... “Our children are our future, and that the future is dependent on how children are treated, respected and valued – now. The manner in which adults interact with children today will affect these children and others in their tomorrows.” Harrison (1997) “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what they learnt at school.” Albert Einstein

3 Teaching and learning... They learn best when... They have had breakfast They are well rested... They are happy They feel positive about themselves They see learning as relevant and purposeful They feel free to make mistakes and feel rewarded for their approximations in the right direction. They have the opportunity to repeat and practice. They make decisions about their own learning and are responsible for their actions. Individuality is recognised and cooperation emphasised The relationship between the teacher and the child is positive. Has an emphasis on making experiences relevant to the children in the class. They build a relationships of confidence and trust. The teacher is a challenger, helper and guide. Increase personal independence, decision making and care of property and responsibility.

4 Communication We can not assist in solving problems if we do not know about them... It greatly assists all teaching staff if of an afternoon if parents wait in the covered area. (until the bell goes). This limits distracting the children in the last session of the day when we are learning important subjects like SOSE, Science and ICT (Technology) etc. Best methods to contact – School phone 34809111, sending a note, email, We will aim to attend to the email or message as soon as possible. It is beneficial that anything more than a quick conversation that an appointment is made with your teacher so they can adequately prepare. Teachers also have commitments before and after school. Emails –

5 Interviews for 2013 We will hold interviews in the last few weeks of Term 1, to allow adequate time to gather data and observations. If you have questions or concerns please do not hesitate to make an appointment to speak to us before then. Interviews will be held at the end of Term 3 also.

6 Homework Expectations Not just the homework sheet, also involves practising daily – Spelling, Tables, Reading (Lexile) Signed by parent Lexile Reading ($7.00) this fee is for three years (some children paid last year – and will not be required to pay) Send out on a Friday (some families are very busy through the week and this gives them additional time to complete – over the weekend). Returned on Friday (marked in class). We DO expect that the children complete their homework on a weekly basis. It is the children’s responsibility HOWEVER we do require assistance reminding them or assisting them if required.

7 Learning Priorities Please ensure that you have provided all items on your child’s booklist. Payment of Levy ($80) Lexile ($7.00) Raw Art ($7.50) CARS ($5.50) All children have their own rate of development and their and will take their own time in moving through various stages of skill development. Regular practice improves results and assists children’s learning. Children learn best when adults reinforce their attempts in positive ways.



10 Behaviour Management School Rules 1. I care for my learning. 2. I care for others. 3. I care for myself. 4. I care for my school. Classroom Expectations 1. We are here to learn 2. Be organised. 3. Listen to others. 4. Respect other people’s property. 5. Always have a go. 6. Be responsible for own self. 7. Show respect.

11 Behaviour Management Step 1 - If misbehaviour occurs Step 2 - Restate code of behaviour (max 2 warnings only) Step 3 - If misbehaviour continues – send to timeout within classroom. Step 4 – If Misbehaviour continues exit to Buddy teacher. Step 5 a– If misbehaviour occurs with exit teacher – Contact administration, behaviour form, information documented, parental contact. Step 5b – As a consequence of continued misbehaviour – Positive planning (parental notification) Step 6 – If misbehaviour persists possible suspension or exclusion may follow. Referral to BST and LEAP committee.


13 Sample Timetable Year4 MondayTuesda y Wednesd ay Thursda y Friday Readin g grou p Readin g grou ps Homewor k English activ ities Spellin g MusicSpellin g 1 st Brea k ScienceMaths ScienceMaths ScienceLibrar y PEScienceThe Arts 2 nd brea k Compute r Lab - ICT Parade (eve ry 2 nd week ) SOSE - Mrs Mickel buro ugh Buddies – Prep B Sport

14 How you can help... Each classroom works a little differently... Assistance is greatly appreciated by most teachers and children and assists in classroom functioning. Please contact us with any additional expertise that you may wish to offer (whether at home or at school and suitable arrangements can be made where possible. If volunteering within the school you will be required to sign in at the office and wear a name badge stating that you are a parent volunteer.

15 Lunches All year 4 students sit together and each lunch supervised by one of the class teachers. Please provide a suitable amount of food each day – Learning is hard work! Brain Break All classes have “Brain break” at some stage through the morning session depending on when it is convenient to the classroom routine Appropriate snacks would be boiled eggs, tuna, cold meat, fruit, vegetables, extra sandwiches, yoghurt. (If you are unsure please check with your class teacher) Our request that this snack does not contain unnatural sugar. We do have children who are allergic to Peanuts so please refrain from sending foods containing these items. Tuckshop – A box is placed in each double teaching space. Children can also place orders at the tuckshop in the morning.

16 School Website…. Is a wonderful source of information regarding…. 1. Upcoming events 2. School Policies 3. Uniforms 4. Behaviour

17 Thank You!!!! Thank you for showing your support and coming to learn about the most important thing in your world. Your child! We look forward to working with you in 2013! Thanks Nicole, Gwenda, Tennille, Kerry, Kevin, Linda and Hoani

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