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E-standards Expert Group Meeting #2 20th June, 2012.

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1 E-standards Expert Group Meeting #2 20th June, 2012

2 1.Welcome Rodney Spark Item 1a: March EEG meeting notes and actions Purpose/Action: Sign-off March meeting notes, actions arising National update from Chair Welcome to new members Thanks to outgoing members 9:30am (15 mins)

3 2.Emerging Technology Trials Bronwyn Lapham Purpose/Action: For your information 9:45am (30 mins)

4 2.Emerging Technology Trials Centre for Adult Education: GlobalNet ICT: Kangan Institute: TAFE NSW eLearning Hub: TAFE NSW North Coast: Trainspace: Easy eBooks for Teachers Tagging the Cloud Using the NBN Accessible Modern Video for All LOCO embedding Augmented Reality – Kitchen Safety BigBlueButton

5 3.Jurisdictional update 10:15am (15 mins) John Collins Update from Victoria

6 4.Teacher E-learning Toolkit update National Systems Survey Purpose/Action: Discussion of outcomes 10:30am (30 Mins) Kristena Gladman, Howard Errey  Item 4a: Teacher E-learning Toolkit – work through recommendations  Item 4b: Teacher E-learning toolkit v2  Item 4c: Commonly used Applications and Tools for VET

7 Recommendations 1.The changes now incorporated into the new draft versions of The VET Teachers E-learning Toolkit, and its companion document, Commonly used E-learning Applications and Tools in VET be accepted. 2.Consideration be given to combining the two documents into one. 3.Consideration be given to simplifying the Commonly used document to make it more accessible for teachers (or producing an separate more teacher friendly version.) 4.Consideration be given to setting up a live website so that the documentation can become self- sustaining through community input. This could include a forum, RSS feed or community platform, a voted top 10 learning tools, a grid reference for each tool linked to examples of practice and potential mentors. This site could also provide workflow solutions through the use of a combination of tools. 5.The Toolkit document marketing be reviewed to explore the potential to reach deeper into the VET community.

8 Recommendations 6.Investigation be undertaken with a view to commissioning a national project if appropriate to develop policy and technical guides for the use of social networking tools ( e.g. Facebook) encompassing privacy and security issues as well as best practice. 7.Exploration be undertaken of the possibility of establishing a project to establish frameworks and guidelines for the use of diverse mobile devices including student BYO ones and including the overall workflow issues for an institution especially in terms of assessment tracking. This could be considered on a cross sectoral basis. 8.The particular needs of rural and remote learners be further considered especially in terms of providing support for comprehensive technology and e learning strategies. 9.Projects that report on the policy, technical, security and standards issues associated with moves towards cloud based solutions should be cross referenced with the Toolkit documentation.

9 Morning Tea 11:00 – 11:15am (15 mins)

10 5.E-portfolios for Learner Pathways Purpose/Action: Discussion of 2012 work to date 11:15am (15 mins) Website launch and Roadmap update Kristena Gladman  Item 5a: The National VET E-portfolio Roadmap (2012)  Item 5b: Notes regarding the launch of the website and Roadmap updatewebsite

11 6.Unique Student Identifier (USI) overview Katheryn Shugg – USI taskforce Purpose/Action: Explanation of USI working group’s activities Current status of work 11:30am (30 mins)

12 7.E-portfolios: Access control, Security and Ownership Purpose/Action: Discussion of 2012 work to date Establishment of a consultative process 12:00pm (25 mins) Kristena Gladman  Item 10a: Mapping of E-portfolio outputs

13 8.Cloud computing research and evaluation tool Purpose/Action: Discussion of outcomes 12:25pm (25 mins) Kristena Gladman  Item 6a: Cloud computing report  Item 6b: Cloud computing tool

14 9.Accessibility guidance Purpose/Action: Discussion of 2012 work to date 12:50pm (10 mins) Kristena Gladman and Bronwyn Lapham  Understanding Accessibility Understanding Accessibility  Developing and testing for WCAG 2.0 Developing and testing for WCAG 2.0

15 Lunch 1:00 – 1:45pm (45 mins)

16 10. M-learning standards update Purpose/Action: Discussion of outcomes 1:45pm (25 Mins) Kristena Gladman, Howard Errey Web vs design approaches Consistent interface (browser based delivery) App developments for different platforms

17 11.E-portfolios Exemplar Projects and Video case studies Bronwyn Lapham Purpose/Action: Discussion of progress and outcomes 2:10pm (30 mins)

18 12.2012-2013 NGTL and EPLP overview Kristena Gladman and Bronwyn Lapham Purpose/Action: Discussion of activities for 2012-2013 financial year 2:40pm (20 mins)

19 12.2012-2013 NGTL and EPLP overview New Generation Technologies for Learning: Trials of Emerging Technologies Technical Standards Information Service New Technology support and guidance – Apps development & delivery E-standards maintenance, development and implementation National systems information network (logistics) Accessibility guidance Vetadata review 2:40pm (20 mins)

20 12.2012-2013 NGTL and EPLP overview E-portfolios for Learner Pathways: Targeted research USI productivity gains Portability Storage Longevity Infrastructure 2:40pm (20 mins) National Guidelines Functional Specifications Trials and Case Study Development Strategic Partnerships

21 Afternoon Tea 3:00 – 3:15pm (15 mins)

22 13.EEG Member Discussion Rodney Spark Purpose/Action: Discussion of the updates or issues raised by members 3:15pm (30 mins)

23 14.Other Business Rodney Spark 3:45pm (15 mins)

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