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17/53 The Crescent (Cnr Sayer Street) Midland WA 6056 (08) 9436 0600 (08) 9436 0666

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1 17/53 The Crescent (Cnr Sayer Street) Midland WA 6056 (08) 9436 0600 (08) 9436 0666

2 Family Law Changes  Family Law changed in July 2006  Compulsory family dispute resolution before accessing Family Court  Certificates issued for access to Family Court after FDR in some cases  Exemption available in some cases

3 Family Law Changes  Presumption of equal shared parental responsibility- equal role for parents regarding important long term decisions that affect child  Equal time - in child's best interests & reasonably practicable  Substantial & significant time- includes weekends, midweek, regular days, special events

4 Applicable Legislation Family Law Act 1975 Family Law Regulations 1984 Family Law (Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners) Regulations 2008 Family Law Rules 2004 Family Court Act 1997 Family Court Regulations 1998 Family Court Rules 1998

5 Midland Family Relationship Centre First point of contact and a gateway to accessing other services in a supported way. Three Objectives 1)Strengthening family relationships 2)Support families that are intact and/or attempting to reconcile 3)Assisting families through separation

6 Midland Family Relationship Centre Creates an environment for FDR that has safety as a key focus  Keeps the child as a central focus  Provides information about Family Law Changes  Assists parents and grandparents to develop parenting plans  Helps parents and grandparents to review the plan

7 Principles of the Family Law Act The over-arching consideration is the ‘best interests of the child’. The primary considerations are  The benefit of the child having a meaningful relationship with both parents  The need to protect the child from physical and psychological harm caused by abuse, neglect or family violence.


9 Initial Intake for FRC Service  Receptionist first point of contact for all callers  Initial screening and referral options with Client Liaison Officer  Screening and Assessment interview

10 Screening & Assessment  All cases involve detailed assessment undertaken by a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP)  FDRP offers information/referral options  Case management  FDR in appropriate cases  Safety assessment  Referral options explored

11 Joint FDR Sessions 2 or 3 hour session Conducted by qualified FDRP Referral options considered  Counselling for children, parents and grandparents  DV services  Liaison with CSA Telephone FDR when appropriate Shuttle FDR

12 Developing Child Focused Parenting Plans  Primary considerations include: benefit of child having meaningful relationship with both parents and their extended family  Need to protect child from physical/ psychological harm  Protection from neglect, abuse or violence  Parenting Plan can be used to make an application for consent order or variation to Violence Restraining Order (VRO)

13 Developing Child Focused Parenting Plans  FDR offered to parents and grandparents willing to work together and to maintain a child focus  Parenting Plans can be reviewed  Information and referrals to support children and vulnerable parents is part of post-separation parenting planning  A Parenting Plan can be taken into account by court

14 Child in Focus Seminars  Explain family law changes  Focus on the emotional wellbeing of individual children  Encourage parents to develop a parental alliance  Child is not responsible for decision making  Help parents build a secure parenting base after separation  No vaccine against persistent parental conflict  Link into Centrecare counselling

15 Child Inclusive Practice  Child In Focus Seminar designed to increase awareness of how ongoing & unresolved conflict impacts on children  Child inclusive practice ensures parenting plans reflect children’s need for continuing relationship with both parents  Ensures extended family are considered, such as grandparents  Children have a voice

16 Indigenous Advisor  AG funded position to address needs of Indigenous families  Trained in FDR, one of only three in FRCs  Specialist knowledge in FDV  Works with extended family including grandparents  Provides training & consultancy to agencies

17 Summary of Midland FRC Practice Model  Safety is the overarching principle  Children's best interests at core of our work Six stage process 1) Intake 2) Screening & Assessment 3) Case management 4) Child in Focus Seminar 5) FDR Sessions 6) Parenting Plans

18 Summary of Midland FRC Practice Model  Informed & trained staff to identify family’s needs  Active referral practice to support children, parents and grandparents  Important link to Centrecare counselling  On-going service delivery  Operate within Family Law reforms

19 Further Support Centrecare Centrecare provides support, counselling and relationship education services to help families manage separation. Centrecare Midland Ph: 9436 0600

20 How can counselling help? Talking to a qualified counsellor can help parents, grandparents and children explore and deal with the challenges presented by separation. This may assist the parents and grandparents to put aside their personal issues and focus on their children. This may assist children by helping them adjust to changes in their lives and to help them build resilience by gaining life and social skills.

21 Groups – Seminars – Workshops Communicating with Teenagers Workshop Real Dads’ Workshop Problem Gambling’ Group Family Focus Parents Forum - Midland Family & Domestic Violence Groups for Women, Men and Children Men in Relationships Counselling Counselling for children

22 Family Court of Western Australia 150 Terrace Rd (Cnr Victoria Ave) Perth WA 6000 GPO Box 9991, Perth WA 6848 Registry Hours: 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday Telephone Call Centre: (08) 9224 8222 (8am to 5pm) Country Areas Free Call: 1800 199 228 Welcome to the Family Court of Western Australia website. This website has been developed to provide: Information about alternatives to Family Court proceedings Information about divorce, child issues and financial issues Information about the workings of the court Access to court forms and information relevant to proceedings at the court Contact details and links to other family law related websites and organisations Information relating to adoption and surrogacy applications

23 WA State Law Publisher Home Page Click HERE for Western Australian Legislation Databases Acts In force Ceased In force and Ceased Subsidiary Legislation In force Ceased In force and Ceased

24 Australian Law Online – Federal Register Acts Compilations - Current Legislative Instruments Commonly Viewed Legislation

25 Midland Family Relationship Centre 17/53 The Crescent, Midland WA 6056 Tel: (08) 9436 Family Relationships Advice Line Freecall - 1800 050

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