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Sigrist AquaScat.

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1 Sigrist AquaScat

2 Page 2 Doc. No E/1

3 Non-contact free-fall concept
Water passes through the AquaScat without touching the optics: No window fouling. Hence, the measured values are not falsified and there is no drift. Very Low to very high turbidity values can be measured with no contamination of the optics Dissolved metals like iron or manganese do not contaminate the optics Extremely low maintenance is the result Measuring light passes through the entire sample beam: There is no selection of the sample at the surface. The entire water beam is measured and hence, the result is representative. Page 3 Doc. No E/1

4 Page 4 Doc. No E/1

5 Re-calibration with secondary standard (High stability optical glass)
WTMA: Automatic calibration check Re-calibration with secondary standard (High stability optical glass) Precise re-calibration is possible without the use of Formazine Allows a stable measurement over a long time period Allows a fully automatic operation Purchase and storage of Formazine is not needed WTM and HT: Manual calibration check Page 5 Doc. No E/1

6 Manual calibration method for AquaScat WTM and HT
Page 6 Doc. No E/1

7 Automatic calibration method for AquaScat WTMA
Page 7 Doc. No E/1

8 Low levels of stray light
The design of the AquaScat in combination with high quality optical components minimizes the quantity of stray light inside the instrument: Page 8 Doc. No E/1

9 The control unit of all AquaScat is a colour touch screen:
Values, graphs, alarm and status messages can be selected by the operator. An internal data logger allows the recall of measured data for the last 32 days Password protection avoids unauthorized access Various means of communication including an integrated web server Page 9 Doc. No E/1

10 The maintenance work is very low
Cost of ownership In addition to its daily dependability, the product design was focused on long useable life and low maintenance costs: The maintenance work is very low The cost for consumables during 10 years of operation are at AUD 150 Page 10 Doc. No E/1

11 Turbidity measurement application The installation is simple
An optional de-aeration system can be installed if required. 2 Analogue outputs can transfer two measuring ranges to the PLC Page 11 Doc. No E/1

12 AquaScat Wall Mounting Set
Level Control overflow Inlet to AquaScat Flow Control Valve Docking Station Level Control De-aeration tube Water Inlet Water Outlet Page 12 Doc. No E/1

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