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Sigrist AquaScat. AquaScat WTM A Page 2Doc. No. 11892 E/1.

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1 Sigrist AquaScat

2 AquaScat WTM A Page 2Doc. No. 11892 E/1

3 AquaScat WTM A Page 3Doc. No. 11892 E/1 Non-contact free-fall concept Water passes through the AquaScat without touching the optics:  No window fouling. Hence, the measured values are not falsified and there is no drift.  Very Low to very high turbidity values can be measured with no contamination of the optics  Dissolved metals like iron or manganese do not contaminate the optics  Extremely low maintenance is the result Measuring light passes through the entire sample beam:  There is no selection of the sample at the surface. The entire water beam is measured and hence, the result is representative.

4 AquaScat WTM A Page 4Doc. No. 11892 E/1

5 AquaScat WTM A Page 5Doc. No. 11892 E/1 Re-calibration with secondary standard (High stability optical glass)  Precise re-calibration is possible without the use of Formazine  Allows a stable measurement over a long time period  Allows a fully automatic operation  Purchase and storage of Formazine is not needed WTMA: Automatic calibration check WTM and HT: Manual calibration check

6 AquaScat WTM A Page 6Doc. No. 11892 E/1 Manual calibration method for AquaScat WTM and HT

7 AquaScat WTM A Page 7Doc. No. 11892 E/1 Automatic calibration method for AquaScat WTMA

8 AquaScat WTM A Page 8Doc. No. 11892 E/1 Low levels of stray light The design of the AquaScat in combination with high quality optical components minimizes the quantity of stray light inside the instrument:

9 AquaScat WTM A Page 9Doc. No. 11892 E/1 Control Unit The control unit of all AquaScat is a colour touch screen:  Values, graphs, alarm and status messages can be selected by the operator.  An internal data logger allows the recall of measured data for the last 32 days  Password protection avoids unauthorized access  Various means of communication including an integrated web server

10 AquaScat WTM A Page 10Doc. No. 11892 E/1 Cost of ownership In addition to its daily dependability, the product design was focused on long useable life and low maintenance costs:  The maintenance work is very low  The cost for consumables during 10 years of operation are at AUD 150

11 AquaScat WTM A Page 11Doc. No. 11892 E/1 Turbidity measurement application  The installation is simple  An optional de-aeration system can be installed if required.  2 Analogue outputs can transfer two measuring ranges to the PLC

12 AquaScat WTM A Page 12Doc. No. 11892 E/1 AquaScat Wall Mounting Set Level Control overflow Inlet to AquaScat Flow Control Valve Docking Station Level Control De-aeration tube Water Inlet Water Outlet

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