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Empowering Residents to Action Using Social Media and Innovation Presented by: Sheryl Johnson Kimberly Adams.

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1 Empowering Residents to Action Using Social Media and Innovation Presented by: Sheryl Johnson Kimberly Adams

2 Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work a company work, a society work, a civilization work. - Vince Lombardi 2

3 Community Partnerships EngageEducateEmpower Better Communities

4 Engaging Citizens Meet people where they are; ask yourself how does this group prefer their communication. ̶ Digital/electronic Email Social Media Mobile App Web based information/services ̶ Face-to-Face ̶ Paper based 4

5 Educating Citizens Provide information that is accurate, easy to understand and fast. Ask questions to get an understanding of what people really want to know. – Community meetings – Surveys – Data based on reported issues/complaints Determine what issues need continual education versus one time or seasonal. Keep it simple! 5

6 Empowering Citizens Give citizens a voice. ̶ Provide tools that are easy to access and use. Acknowledge and/or give feedback regarding reported issues and related concerns. Follow up ̶ Was problem resolved? ̶ Is additional information needed? ̶ Is it outside of the scope of your organization? 6

7 7 Graffiti Street Light Outage Vacant House Illegal Dumping Improving Communities in the Digital Age

8 Social Media Today people want information that is to the point; social media meets this need. Philly311 uses social media to; ̶ Answer frequently asked questions. ̶ Take requests for city services and provide a traceable reference number exactly like over the phone. ̶ Promote events, products and services. 8

9 Social Media Social media takes on various forms to communicate information in this real time world we live in. ̶ Twitter: Provides lightweight platform with short messages no longer than 140 characters. Can add links and photos. 9

10 Social Media 10 Facebook: More public forum with no constraints on the number of characters or amount of content. Similar to a webpage so those interested can browse for information. Allows for engagement via multiple photos and videos, great for events and community projects.

11 Social Media 11 You Tube: Video communications. Can use to promote and educate about services. No time constraints.

12 Social Media 12 Blogging: Like an online magazine. No character limitations, however typically a short article. Can add pictures, imbed videos, links, etc.

13 Social Media Works 13 Philly311 Twitter Follower Growth since June 2012: 282% Facebook Fan Growth since 2012: 64%

14 Social Media 14 - Philly311- Philly311 Neighborhood Liaison @Philly311@Philly311NLP @MOBI311 Philly311 channel


16 (1)A mobile application; and (2)a web application for Philly 311 which provides a real-time civic engagement platform allowing Philadelphians to report neighborhood issues directly into Philadelphia government work-order systems from their smart phone or internet browser.

17 Keeps Philadelphia on the cutting edge of technology Provides greater access to City Hall Targets the Mayors goal of efficient and effective government


19 Widgets allow you to provide information in real time; changing as needed. Can imbed links, videos, and photos. Typically cross platform that can work on various devices.

20 Users can report issues such as potholes, graffiti, broken street lights, etc. Reporting allows users to specify location, description and attached a photo Mobile reporting utilizes phones GPS to specify location Optional anonymous reporting Users can view issues displayed on a map Displays nearby issues


22 Questions??? Thank you!

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