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Belrose Terrey Hills Raiders Soccer Club Welcome to the 2007 Coaches and Managers Night!

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1 Belrose Terrey Hills Raiders Soccer Club Welcome to the 2007 Coaches and Managers Night!

2 Format for tonight Committee Introductions Raiders Rules, Recommendations, Requirements and Other Committee people to discuss various matters relevant to their areas of expertise Handouts – to take with you Questions??? Best to ask during session Are we making sense?? – ask if we use terminology you don’t understand Depending on questions, hope to be finished in about an hour and a half Join us for a drink – on the Raiders!!

3 2007 Committee Introducing your 2007 Committee

4 2007 “Chicks and Dudes”Committee PresidentNeville Drake (the big Dude) SecretaryRoss Downie TreasurerJohn Henson RegistrarCate Cogan Competition SecretaryCarolyn Eggleston SeniorsDon Kramer JuniorsPaul Jackson Sub-JuniorsPeter Muir Gear MerchandiseGayle Muir Grounds Co-OrdinatorScott Conroy CanteenKerry Rickard/Robbie Hatcher SponsorshipBruce Rickard Events/SocialJennifer Kirkby Editor E-WrapCoralie Downie Ladies CoordinatorMichelle Cole

5 Non Competition Teams Sub Juniors Under 6 to Under 9 & Under 10 girls Competition Teams Juniors/Seniors Under 10 boys – under 18/Premier League & Amateur League

6 Child protection BTH Child Protection Officer – Ross Downie Any incidents will be reported to Soccer NSW “What you need to know about coaching kids” brochure available on website in “Library” section

7 The Raiders 11 Rules

8 Rule # 1 All Coaches, Managers and Referees MUST sign the Prohibited Employment Declaration Form – must not act if form not signed – NO EXCEPTIONS

9 Zero tolerance on referee abuse, especially children! Rule # 2

10 Players to be given equal playing time except if Division 1 team Rule # 3

11 If in doubt about whether the game is on or not, GO Rule # 4

12 2006 - MWFA attempted to reschedule games as late as 6pm Fridays Previous rule ground shut = game off New Rule – unless advised by Competition Secretary – Game on!! Do not call off games because ground has been closed New for 2007

13 Do not train or play on a field if it has been closed due to wet weather Rule # 5

14 Tell parents not to distract the Coach or Manager at half time or during a game – if they have any issues or concerns, see at a time other than match day Rule # 6

15 Ensure Coaches and Managers wear MWFA issued ID on match day (under 10 and up) and stay in the Technical Area during game Rule # 7


17 Game results are to be sent by text message to Competition Secretary immediately after conclusion of game – do not have the Secretary chase you (under 10 and up only) Rule # 8

18 Home team to drop match card off to Carolyn Eggleston’s house on match day (under 10 and up) Rule # 9

19 A Word About Match Cards Use ball point pen – not felt Ensure correct score recorded Match Results to be both numeric and alpha Team names recorded (MWFA most complained about) STA – Advise Secretary immediately

20 Ball point pen – not felt Correct score recorded Match Results Numeric and Alpha Team names recorded STA – Advise Secretary! Match Cards

21 DO NOT contact MWFA directly – all correspondence, including emails, to MWFA must come through the Club. Rule # 10

22 Advise the Committee of any problems when they occur – NOT at the end of the season Rule # 11

23 New for Season 2007 Sub Juniors Sub Junior teams will be required to play on last Saturday of school holidays Sub Junior wash-outs and cancelled games will not be replayed Due to increased number an extra round starting at 1 pm may be added Under 10 girls will play ¾ fields. Each under 10 girls side must nominate one person to attend lecture on laws of the game

24 New for Season 2007 Everyone Junior and Senior games may be played Easter Saturday, Easter Monday, Anzac Day (PL’s only) and Queen’s Birthday holiday Draw for competition teams will be in two parts – first three games then full draw Season starts 31 March, subject to Council converting fields from summer to winter

25 Raiders Recommendations Coach and Manager are in charge of the team - establish the “rules” to apply to your team and then explain these rules to parents For example - establish a procedure to discuss any concerns that may arise during the season i.e. NOT on match day Keep “Information” Wrap and refer to website Ring relevant Council wet weather lines on match day to ensure field has not been closed Give the other parents of the team some “ownership” of the team e.g. roster for shirt washing, match report writing, take photos for website, etc Visit our website regularly and tell parents likewise – for latest news – submit photos for photo gallery – download documents from library Inspect playing fields for needles, broken glass, etc and ensure goal posts are ok Advise parents of the above rules and Raiders expectations of conduct on match day

26 Canteen Roster – Wyatt Oval – great fun – children under 16 not permitted Net “put up/pull down” roster Phone results to Competition Secretary Take good care of club gear – mark balls etc Avoid fines (eg coach or manager not wearing MWFA ID) (under 10 and up) Home team to deliver match card to Caroline Eggleston’s house (under 10 and up) Raiders Wraps emailed approximately each fortnight and available from website If you see anything of concern, advise ASAP Raiders Requirements

27 Other-Under 10 and up 7 registered players required to start game – otherwise forfeit. If forfeiting, notify Secretary before 7 pm on Thursday before match day Parents or others who act as referees in the absence of a “black and white” have exactly the same powers as a B&W referee i.e. can yellow card; send off; submit report to MWFA etc No Jewellery or No Play

28 Other- General Sponsorship opportunities Coaching Big Nite Out advertise and organise your table Club gear

29 Presentation created by Greg Downie Thank You!

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