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Implementing the Provincial Report Card Interlake School Division ACCURATE, MEANINGFUL, and CONSISTENT.

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1 Implementing the Provincial Report Card Interlake School Division ACCURATE, MEANINGFUL, and CONSISTENT

2 1.ACCURATE REPORTING a.Separating achievement from non- achievement b.Reducing bias and distortion 2.MEANINGFUL REPORTING a.Organizing grades by goals and reporting categories b.Creating meaningful comments 3.CONSISTENT REPORTING a.Using common language and common scales AGENDA

3 INTRODUCTION FILM CLIP: Brief History of Report Cards

4 Assessment of learning To certify student’s level of learning in relation to curricular outcomes Summarize information on student’s proficiency and progress, used for feedback, reporting, placement decisions An assessment of achievement to date What’s the Purpose?

5 1. ACCURATE To reliably communicate about achievement – separate achievement from non-achievement factors – reduce factors that distort accuracy, such as bonus marks and penalties

6 “The Manitoba report card communicates each student’s academic achievement separately from his or her learning behaviours to accurately report on their unique strengths and areas for growth.” - Manitoba Education. 2013. Manitoba Provincial Report Card Policy and Guidelines: Partners for Learning. Grades 1 to 12. p. 13 POLICY: “Non-academic factors such as attitude, effort, and behaviour are not included in the determination of students’ grades.” – p.6

7 Separate Reporting of Achievement and Learning Behaviours

8 Learning Behaviours Personal Management Skills – Uses class time effectively, works independently, completes homework and assignments on time Active Participation in Learning – Participates in class activities; self-assesses; sets learning goals Social Responsibility – Works well with others; resolves conflicts appropriately; respects self; contributes in a positive way to communities RarelySometimesUsuallyConsistently SCALE:

9 Learning Behaviours

10 Two Minute Partnering In your handout, view and discuss the example of assessing learning behaviours – Could you use or adapt this format for your students? – Can you think of observations, conversations, or written evidence that could contribute to your assessment of learning behaviours? – How do you plan to gather evidence and communicate about learning behaviours?

11 Other Implications 1.No group grades 2.Clarify your strategies with regard to lowering grades for late and missing work 3.Develop alternatives to giving “Zero” as a grade because it unduly distorts the average, has a devastating impact on motivation

12 Organize evidence by learning goal, not by assessment method (e.g. project, quizzes, tests, homework) Yields profile of strengths and weaknesses 2. MEANINGFUL


14 Reporting Grades 1 - 6

15 Reporting Grades 7 - 8

16 Reporting on Arts - Update

17 Reporting Grade 9 – 12

18 ELBOW PARTNER Our new divisional assessment policy asks that you outline your assessment plan early in the school year Discuss with your elbow partner how you will organize evidence of student achievement, and how you will calculate final grades



21 Activity With a NEW partner, read the exemplar comments provided from pilot schools Discuss the content of these comments. Review whether the sample provides clear use of language.

22 Develop a common understanding of criteria for achievement Use common language (i.e., success criteria) to describe similar student performances across time, between students, across schools 3. CONSISTENT

23 Performance Scales


25 Exploring Potential Benefits “Coherent framework for assessment” “learning strengths and challenges, … next steps” “clear communication with students and parents” “positive school-parent relationships” “Improved learning” “Consistency” DISCUSS: What can we do in Interlake School Division to realize some of the promised benefits of improved assessment and communication?

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