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2 Agenda: 1.Context 2.Timelines 3.CAPS Guidelines I.Principles Guiding the 2013/14 CAPS & M-SAA Refresh II.Planning for the 2013/14 CAPS & M-SAA Refresh 4.CAPS Components 5.Performance Indicators 6.M-SAA Refresh Content - Schedules 7.Health Service Providers Responsibilities 8.Next Steps 9. Discussion 2

3 Context Why a 2013/14 CAPS and M-SAA Refresh? The LHINs and community based Health Service Providers (HSPs) entered into an M-SAA for a three year period effective April 1 st 2011 to March 31 st 2014 At that time, the year three (2013/14) financial, service activity and performance indicator Schedules were indicated as “to be determined (TBD)”. Community Health Centre (CHC), Community Care Access Centre (CCAC), Mental Health and Addiction (MH & A) and Community Support Service (CSS) sectors need to complete a refresh of the 2013/14 Community Annual Planning Submission (CAPS) for the final year of the 2011-14 M-SAA. 3

4 2013/14 CAPS & M-SAA Refresh Development Structure CCAC representation MH&A representation MOHLTC representation M-SAA Steering Committee CSS representation CHC representation LHIN representation LHIN Legal representation Health System Indicator Steering Committee CAPS / M-SAA Refresh Working Group 4

5 Context Additional Resources for the 2013/14 CAPS The 2013/14 CAPS & M-SAA Refresh Guidelines (“Guidelines”) contain important background and sector specific information to assist HSPs in completing the CAPS process. The 2013/14 CAPS Technical User Guide (“User Guide”) contains step by step instructions on how to complete the CAPS excel based reporting tool. All HSPs will be provided with the CAPS forms (excel based reporting tool), Guidelines and Technical User Guide on or before October 15 th 2012. ***HSPs should refer to both the Guidelines and User Guide when completing the 2013/14 CAPS.*** 5

6 Timelines Completing the 2013/14 CAPS & M-SAA refresh Projected Timelines Oct 1-14HSP 2013 CAPS & M-SAA refresh webinar/education session. Oct 15LHINs to email 2013/14 CAPS file to HSPs.This will be done via email NOT SRI. Nov 30Completed HSP Board approved 2013/14 CAPS submitted to the LHIN HSP Boards must have approval without indicators. Document to reflect date of board approval. Dec - JanLHIN review of the 2013/14 CAPS & LHIN/HSP consultations on 2013/14 M-SAA indicators. Negotiations with HSP’s from their submissions. Send back indicators with letter of amendment to M-SAA various schedules Jan 31HSP Board approval of M-SAA refresh. Sign back by HSP on Board Approval date –due to the MH LHIN by the final date January 31 2013 April 1Year 3 of the current 2011-14 M-SAA comes into effect 6

7 Demonstrate Accountability between the HSP and the LHIN The CAPS refresh will inform the ongoing M-SAA between the LHIN and the HSP; The HSP will be accountable to the LHIN for the achievement of the performance obligations in the M-SAA. Funding and Allocation HSPs are expected to plan to achieve a balanced operating position for the program and total organization for each year of the M-SAA. Integration and Service Coordination HSP planning must reflect the HSP’s ongoing responsibility to operate in an efficient manner in both administrative and direct service areas which may include consultation with other HSPs. Local Health System Planning HSP planning must be in alignment with the LHIN/Ministry priorities, reflect best practices and based on evidence-informed decisions. CAPS Guidelines Principles Guiding the 2013/14 CAPS & M-SAA Refresh 7

8 CAPS Guidelines Planning for the 2013/14 CAPS & M-SAA Refresh The 2013-14 refresh will require the HSP to prepare (and consult with the LHIN on): description of services; a financial budget; a service activity budget; performance indicator targets and corridors; and LHIN specific performance requirements (where applicable). The MOHLTC has not announced an annual incremental funding allocation adjustment for 2012/13 or 2013/14. As such, HSPs are required to plan and submit a budget based on a 0% funding adjustment. An HSP must consider this planning assumption when developing its forecasts on service volume and indicator performance. 8

9 CAPS Components Identification In Step 1 HSPs are required to complete the Identification screen. LHINs will use this information during review to send inquiries about the submission. 9 All users must complete the instructions for Excel provided in the User Guide in order to begin working in the file.

10 CAPS Components Service Plan – 2013/14 Financial & Service Activity To update the 2013/14 financial and service activity, HSPs are required to complete Steps 2, 3 and 4 in the CAPS excel based reporting tool. The HSP should prepare the financial budget and service activity budget based on the historical activity for the organization, adjusted for planned changes in service activity and/or changes recently implemented. 10

11 CAPS Components Service Plan – 2013/14 Financial & Service Activity STEP 2 – Financial & FTE Program Plans 11

12 CAPS Components Service Plan – 2013/14 Financial & Service Activity STEP 3 – Service Selection Page 12

13 CAPS Components Service Plan – 2013/14 Financial & Service Activity STEP 4 – Activity Planning Page 13

14 CAPS Components Service Plan – 2013/14 Financial & Service Activity The data provided in steps 2,3 and 4 as outlined above will automatically generate Schedule B1 (Summary of Revenue & Expenses) & Schedule B2 (Activity Summary) *Shown for information only under Step 5.* 14

15 CAPS Components Detailed Description of Services To update the detailed description of services for 2013/14, HSPs are required to complete Step 5 in the CAPS excel based reporting tool. 15

16 CAPS Components Detailed Description of Services STEP 5 – Detailed Description of Services Update Schedule A1- Detailed Description of Services if you have added MIS Functional Centers. If there are no changes, please click “No Changes”. 16

17 CAPS Components Population & Geography Narratives STEP 5 – Population & Geography Narratives Update Schedule A2- Population and Geography Narratives if you have had changes in geography and population served. If there are no changes, please write “no change”. 17

18 CAPS Components Verify Edit Checks After completing Steps 1-5, HSPs will verify the entry and check for errors or omissions in Step 6. Happy faces indicate successful edit checks. Sad faces indicate failed edit checks, which must be corrected. 18

19 Performance Indicators 2013/14 M-SAA Indicators COMMUNITY SECTOR ADVANCING HEALTH SYSTEM PRIORITIES: To assist the HSP to achieve ongoing performance improvement, the Health System Indicator Initiative (HSII) has refreshed the listing of indicators to ensure alignment with the Ministers Action Plan and the four pan-LHIN system imperatives (see slides 20 & 21). RIGOROUS INDICATOR SELECTION PROCESS: HSII consists of nearly 30 members including representation from 10 LHINs, MOHLTC Health Analytics Branch and Health Quality Branch, LHIN Liaison Branch, Health Quality Ontario, the Canadian Institute for Health Information, Cancer Care Ontario, the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences and Health System Performance Research Network. Strong sector engagement and consultation throughout the indicator refresh process has been a critical success factor for establishing relevant performance measures. INDICATORS ENDORSED BY SECTOR ASSOCIATIONS AND M-SAA STEERING COMMITTEE: The final listing of indicators is expected to be endorsed over the next few weeks by the M-SAA Steering Committee** (comprised of representatives from OACCAC, OANHSS, CMHA, AOHC, MOHLTC, OFCMHAP, sector representatives) and approved by the LHINs. 19

20 Ministers Action Plan Keeps people healthy Focused on prevention, promotion, and self-management Developed strategies for priority populations Faster access to family health care Have built a strong primary care foundation, with broad access to specialty and community services Right care, right time, right place Focused on patient-centric delivery Implemented standardized system-wide approach to quality management and improvement Have governance models that engage clinicians and the public in decision-making, enabling informed service provision that meets community needs in a timely way Developed a system structure to integrate services along the continuum of care, optimize coordination, and foster effective partnerships Utilized shared electronic medical records 20

21 LHIN’s Provincial Priorities Pan-LHIN imperatives Enhancing Access to Primary Care – focused on advancing strategies to ensure people have timely access to a primary care provider and creating enabling structures and processes to align primary care more effectively within the overall continuum Enhancing Coordination & Transitions of Care for Targeted Populations – e.g Seniors Strategy: focus on seniors have individualized plans of care that allow them to receive the care they need, when and where they need it; and the transitions post-acute are smooth and coordinated Implementing Evidence Based Practice to Drive Safety - focused on high priority safety issues that require consistent, coordinated responses to ensure that patents are safe and that adverse events are minimized/eliminated Holding the Gains – focused on ensuring that new initiatives will not cause previous gains to be eroded (e.g., ER/ALC, ER Wait Times, and access to care, coordination amongst providers, enhanced focus on accountability) 21

22 Performance Indicators 2013/14 M-SAA Indicators The final listing of indicators, technical specifications, target/corridor setting guidelines and Schedule E - Performance templates, will be provided on November 30th 2012. The technical specifications document will be posted on all LHIN websites. A draft listing of core and sector specific indicators is available in the Guidelines. Following the submission of the November 30th CAPS, LHINs and HSPs will consult on the accountability indicator targets appropriate to the organization and local circumstance. The LHIN will also provide historic data, where necessary, on certain indicators and this will be the starting point for the discussion of targets for the 2013/14 M- SAA Schedule E. 22

23 M-SAA Refresh Content - Schedules ScheduleTitleDescription A Description of ServicesDescribes the services delivered by the HSP, client populations and geography served B Service PlanDescribes the financial and statistical status of the HSP C ReportsIdentifies, describes and sets due dates for HSP reporting D Directives, Guidelines, PoliciesIdentifies applicable MOHLTC policies E PerformanceIdentifies indicators, standards and local performance requirements F Template for Project FundingPermits funding for special projects G Declaration of ComplianceForm to be completed by the HSPs Board of Directors to declare that the HSP has complied with the terms of the Agreement (Due to the LHIN at Q2 and Year End) 23

24 HSP Responsibilities Each HSP Board must approve the 2013/14 CAPS prior to submission as this serves as the basis for the preparation of the 2013/14 M-SAA Schedule refresh. HSP’s are expected to work within the timelines posted for a successful submission. Failure to meet the timelines outlined is a contravention of your M- SAA and the LHIN will take necessary performance improvement steps to rectify the non-compliance, as available in the M-SAA, up to and including termination. 24

25 Next Steps  Website  Webinar presentation posted on the Mississauga Halton LHIN website  2013/14 CAPS forms to be posted as soon as they are available (on or before October 15 th 2012)  LHINs will review 2013/14 CAPS submissions, follow-up with HSPs on any questions and clarifications needed.  2013/14 M-SAA Amendment letter to be available November 30 th 2012.  Final Indicator Listing, Technical Specifications and Performance Schedules to be available November 30 th 2012.  LHIN Communication  Agencies should expect frequent emails from the LHIN regarding FAQs and provincial communiques 25

26 LHIN Contact Information For any questions concerning the CAPs & MSAA Refresh submission please contact one of the following individuals: Mirella Semple, Senior Lead Funding and Allocation – or at 905-337-4894 Carrie Parkinson, Senior Lead Performance – or at 905-337-7131ext.243 26



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