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2 Goal - Reduce harm and/or potential adverse events Difficult sell to the sceptics There is little evidence that quantifies the success or value of medication reconciliation in the community

3 Remember the 3 powerful E’s Empower clients Educate the team Engage physicians

4 CHALLENGES  Electronic metrics  “Hard sell to nurses” if medication reconciliation is added without removing some portion of the current medication process  Defining the definitions Ex: What do we mean by the time interval for resolution? Business days? Consecutive days? Other?

5 Striving for EXCELLENCE & REALITY Examine current processes and practices Suggested tools:  Failure Modes Effects Analysis  Value Stream Mapping  PDSA cycles

6 OUTCOMES 1.The B est P ossible M edication L ist 2.Educated clients/families who are poised to teach others about their medications 3.Physician engagement 4.Reduction of nursing workload (not quite there yet) stop the transcribing of physician orders decreased documentation

7 MOVING FORWARD Requires CONTINUOUS: – Examination of current processes – Dialoguing and learning from others – Open mindedness

8 SUSTAINABILITY MUST HAVE A constant clinical “go to person” A measurement system that is easy to use and access An audit system

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