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Master of Teaching Program Clare Kosnik Director.

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1 Master of Teaching Program Clare Kosnik Director

2 Welcome

3 MT? What is it?

4 2 Programs in One Teacher certification (primary/junior, junior/intermediate, intermediate/senior) + Graduate degree = a Professional Program

5 Anyone can teach … Hmm … Becoming a teacher is hard work! Being a teacher is hard work! Yet teaching can be highly rewarding and stimulating work.

6 Why do 2 years?

7 Time …..

8 Opportunity to …. study a broad range of topics develop as a teacher study topics in-depth work in classrooms

9 Program of Study 16 courses 4 practice teaching placements Research project Modules Special Events

10 Course on Special Education

11 Course on Assessment

12 Student Voice Forum

13 Drama Module

14 ESL Module

15 Mentoring by Year 2 Students

16 Philosophy of Education Presentation

17 Conferences

18 Technology Day

19 All About Me Books


21 Math Walk

22 Practice Teaching Many excellent associate teachers Strong relationship with our practice teaching schools Lots of opportunity to teach Structured observations

23 Celeste and Jacquelyn

24 Practice Teaching

25 Research and Practice

26 Program Based on Research

27 Research Project Incorporating Students’ Out-of-school Digital Literacies In School by Joanie Ngu

28 Outstanding Faculty

29 Clive Beck

30 Jim Hewitt & Kim MacKinnon

31 MT Community Faculty and students working together

32 Welcome Back Breakfast

33 Teamwork

34 Valuing Each Person’s Talents

35 Graduation Dinner

36 A Very Special Member of the MT

37 Questions …… Visit our website: Please, check the website before calling us.


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