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The Meaning of Remembrance Museum of the Regiments Remembrance Program.

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1 The Meaning of Remembrance Museum of the Regiments Remembrance Program

2 Introduction What is Remembrance Day? Happens 11 November every year. This special day helps us to remember soldiers, sailors and air force from World War One, World War Two, The Korean War and Peacekeeping. Korean War

3 Remembrance Day Remembrance Day was called Armistice Day at first. It started after the First World War. It is named after the day that WWI was stopped. This day was 11 November 1918. This day shows that those who served are not forgotten.

4 World War One Lasted 4 years Many Canadians died or were very badly hurt. Soldiers had lived in mud, and got sick. People were very happy when the war ended.

5 Causes of War: Apple Tree Example Greed Bullying Anger Jealousy Alliances Religion

6 Why did Canada Fight in World War One? Started 4 August 1914. Canada was still allied to England as part of the empire. When England went to war, Canada was at war automatically. Canadians volunteered to help Britain.

7 Young Men Join the Army Men joined from all over Canada to defend Canada. Canadian soldiers proved that they were good soldiers. Canadian soldiers were brave, creative and liked to have fun.

8 Why did Canada Fight in World War Two? Started 3 September 1939. Canada chose to go to war 10 September 1939. Canada went to help her friends. Canadians thought that Hitler was a bad person.

9 Who went to war? People that fought in wars are called Veterans. Mostly, boys go to war, but some women went too. The average age was 19.

10 Leaving Home Young men left school and work to be soldiers. Soldiers joined either the Army, Navy or Air Force. They joined with friends. They left friends and their families behind. They had to be trained to do new and different things.

11 After Training They Went to Fight

12 Life on the Home Front Rationing Posters Cartoons Air raids

13 They fought for Freedom freedom to go to school freedom to play football or hockey freedom to ride your bike or not freedom to visit with your friends freedom to go to church freedom to go to Dairy Queen You choose what you want to do

14 Modern Day Peacekeeping Must be Remembered

15 Peacekeeping Operations

16 What to do on Remembrance Day Visit a Remembrance Day Service. See a monument or cenotaph. Think about those men and women that gave their lives to give us freedom. Wear a poppy over your heart. WWI statistics: Eventually, 628,462 men joined and 424, 589 were sent overseas.

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