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All About Parbhdeep!.

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1 All About Parbhdeep!

2 My Family I have such a great family and I don’t know what I would do without them. My family consists of five members including me. There is my father, Gurmail, my mother, Gurmeet, my sister, Navdeep and my brother, Aman. My parents are very helpful people and I appreciate everything they do for me. My siblings and I are each 3 years apart. My sister Navdeep is 17 years old and attends Abbotsford Traditional Secondary School. My brother Aman goes to Abbotsford Traditional Middle School and is 11 years old. I treasure and care about my family a lot.

3 My Childhood I was born on December 9th 1999 in Mullanpur, India. I lived in India for about 2 years then my mom and I went to Canada to live with my sister and dad. I attended South Poplar Traditional Elementary School from kindergarten to grade five. From there, I went to Abbotsford Traditional Middle School for grades six to eight. Now, I am currently attending Abbotsford Traditional Secondary School which I believe I will graduate from.

4 What Was Happening! The Big Comfy Couch Bubble Tape Gum
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Little Bear Tamagotchi Dragon Tales Grunge Fashion(Sloppy/Street) Monster By Mistake Hey Arnold! Bandanas Overalls

5 Me Today I am currently 13 years old and attend Abbotsford Traditional Secondary School for my grade nine year.

6 Favourite Things Colour: Pink Food: Ice Cream Drink: Root Beer
Artists: Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran Bands: One Direction & Imagine Dragons Season: Winter Number: Nine TV Show: Naruto Movie: Bridge To Terabithia Books: The Hunger Games Trilogy, The Maze Runner Series, The Divergent Trilogy, The Dust Lands Series, The Mortal Instruments Series, The Infernal Devices Series, & The Fault In Our Stars.

7 Favourite Internet Sites
The sites that I usually go on when I get browse the internet are: YouTube Facebook Goodreads Tumblr

8 My Future Plans When I finish high school I plan to study the sciences and become a nurse. I would probably go to either UBC or UFV. From there on I would find a nice and suitable job as a nurse. Then I would be happily married and have a few kids. Throughout all this, I plan to keep my friends and family all very close to me and live a life that I enjoy.

9 Something You Don’t Know About Me
I have the talent of whistling (yet I cant snap my fingers). I am very good with computers and love to edit videos and photos. I’m a very big fangirl!

10 My Name: Parbhdeep Dhaliwal
The person who gave me my name is my aunt. She really liked that name and decided to give it to me. My name means ‘God’s dear one’ or ‘The lamp of god’. Also, it is said this name makes you spontaneous, happy-go-lucky, and enjoy the company of others. My name was originally spelt as Prabhdeep but due to the fact that I was born in India I had to get authorization to live in Canada. During that process, my mother had to tell a woman who worked their my name so she could spell it out and transfer it into the computer. Due to my mothers heavy Indian accent, the lady spelt my name wrong and so my name was ‘changed’ to Parbhdeep.

11 Sources: Background:
Name Meaning: Clip Art:

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