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All About Me I was born November 30 th 1963 in Amherst, Nova Scotia.

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2 All About Me

3 I was born November 30 th 1963 in Amherst, Nova Scotia.

4 Amherst is located in Cumberland County. The town is 5 minutes from the New Brunswick border. Amherst Lower Sackville

5 When I was young, I would skate across the marsh from Amherst to New Brunswick.

6 When I was in grade one, I told my mom that I wanted to be “Miss. Moore”.

7 Grade Eight… Oh so proud of my new glasses.

8 The woman lost the glasses for contacts very quickly.

9 My favorite place… the beach in Baie Verte, New Brunswick.

10 My fears started when I was young as dogs and towels do not mix. I am afraid of dogs. I am also allergic to all creatures with fur.

11 However, my biggest fear is food. I have to watch everything I eat. I have severe allergies to shellfish and nut products. But not peanuts, they are not a nut. Peanuts belong to the pea family.

12 Growing up in a small town with very few job opportunities helped me realize...

13 Attended the Universiy of Rimouski. Graduated with BA. Attended Memorial University of Newfoundland. Graduated with BEd.

14 Attended Mount Saint Vincent University. Graduated with a Masters Degree in Middle School Historical Fiction.

15 At the age of 17, I met Derek. It was love at first sight. We were married three years later. We just celebrated our 25 th Wedding Anniversary in August.

16 Derek and I have three children. Ian Ronald Jennifer Lynn Ashley Jean

17 I love to travel. The farthest place I visited was Caribbean Islands.

18 When I travel, I love to combine all my interests, swimming, shopping, reading but most of all visiting historical places or museums.

19 One of my favorite past times is to find short cuts. My greatest discovery is just outside Sackville, New Brunswick. It was an old dirt road which started at Port Elgin, New Brunswick and ended up in Sackville. The road was a little bumpy but I cut down 12 minutes of highway driving.

20 Unfortunately I have some bad habits...

21 Coffee Already on my way to quitting!

22 If I won a million dollars….

23 Humorous Enthusiastic Patient I have often been described as...

24 One thing money can’t buy is my superpower... I would be bionic.

25 Because of my love of basketball... I would choose to be in a commercial that promotes a healthy lifestyle with Jose Calderon from the Toronto Raptors.

26 If I could have 3 wishes... Health Peace Freedom

27 The End

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