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Welcome to class of fundraising and revenue generation Dr. Satyendra Singh.

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1 Welcome to class of fundraising and revenue generation Dr. Satyendra Singh

2 sources of funding donations and reasons –individuals –foundations –grants revenues –sales miscellaneous –tactics –online grant proposal preparation and evaluation

3 donations and reasons believe in cause experience with the organization tax benefit respond to specific requests moral input family involvement religious family tradition new wealth business connections

4 Individual donations… individual donors’ lifecycle characteristics of individual regular donors –HIG, married, 35-40, being asked annual giving major giving –for specific purpose, usually string attached –qualify them, determine appeal to be used –donor may serve on the board

5 Individual donations planned giving  made at the time of the donor’s death –pooled income fund donated cash is pooled by the n/f with assets of other donors donors receive income as a proportional share of the earnings of the pool –charitable gift annuity donates for an annuity during lifetime of donors. The nonprofit receives the property back –charitable lead trust donates for a fixed period (10 years) property is returned to the donor at the end –life estate agreement residence is donated. donor lives in the property for life

6 foundations –independent education (Carnegie) health (Robert Wood Johnson) –family own people –corporate 5% of earning! –community pool private bequests from private sources

7 grants –various agencies make grants to support health, education, etc. international projects –all three levels federal provincial municipal

8 revenues –product and services –unrelated! (catalogue sales, books cosmetics!) –membership –strike a balance b/w revenue generation and organizations’ objective –organizations’ image distortion

9 miscellaneous –investment –Interests –dance party –dinner –marathon –celebrity meetings –online

10 elements of a good proposal cover letter –title –kind and level of support proposal –uniqueness and importance budget in detail –activities –milestones personnel –impressive resumes

11 proposal evaluation track-record –Orgn. longevity, previous success, experience quality of staff –board memb., charismatic leader, impressive resume, high education, relevant experience measurable output –how to track/monitor performance generalizability –results’ relevance beyond the specific understanding

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