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RASC-NB 2008 Light Pollution Abatement. PARIS Cherry Springs PA.

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1 RASC-NB 2008 Light Pollution Abatement


3 Cherry Springs PA

4 Agenda Mission Current Projects Long Term Projects Observing Tools Website and Poster Committee

5 Mission Our mission is to work for social and legislative changes which will result in better, more responsible lighting practices in New Brunswick, and the preservation of the night-time environment for all to enjoy. This is accomplished by: raising public and government awareness of the problem of light pollution forming or joining alliances with like-minded groups and organizations, and making representations to governmental bodies

6 Current Projects Lighting reference binder Light Pollution Poster and Website City Strategy (street lights vs. bylaws) Dark Sky map NB (report to RASC LPA – Fredericton complete) Mt Carleton Preserve and Website Earth Day (April 22) Astronomy Day (May 10) Fredericton Go Green Asterisms

7 Current Projects (con’t) Scouts/Brownies/Cubs Astronomy badge Update presentation and process Information sessions at Observing events All Sky Cam STU Ted’s Board Game Mary Lou’s Telescope (Don’s Comic book) RASC-NB Planisphere Observing reference manual for new observers Saint John Spot Lights

8 Long Term Projects 2010 GA IYA 2009 City Bylaws (building codes?) City and the Environment (Go Green NB) Public Outreach “Table” Targeted Communications (SJ Spot lights) Solar System (PNB and City of FDRN) Custom Sky Meter Work with lighting companies to stock Prestige Lighting LTD, 712 Champlain Street, Dieppe, 857-8610

9 Observing Tools Sky meter (and GPS) Reference manual for new observers Information sessions at Observing events Dark Sky map and lighting handouts Poster and dedicated web site Business Cards Observing hints and tips for new observers

10 Website and Poster Poster Event posting, bulletin boards, lamp posts Initiate interest quickly Reference web site for additional details Website Links to good/bad reference pictures What commercial and residents can do Project ideas and status – best practices

11 Poster Many thanks Ted Dunphy! Catch interest Light blazing Grimace face in background Why light the sky? Purpose of lighting? Link to website Copies will be available at next meeting

12 Committee Change in Chair Chris Weadick 457-0774 Membership has increased Chris Weadick, Ted Dunphy, James Ayles, Detlef Rudolph, Curt Nason, Paul Gray Looking for one more member in SJ, Miramichi, and Moncton locations Eye and ears on local events and pass along to Chris If interested take action Work collaboratively with other Committees

13 Help to make a difference

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