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1 New Brunswick Lung Association Potential Opportunities

2 Opportunities The New Brunswick Lung Association strives to take advantage of opportunities in four core areas: Fundraising Grants and Contributions Human resources Media attention

3 Fundraising Direct Mail Corporate/Foundation Donations Memorials Bequests Special Events

4 Grants and Contributions “Tuned-in” to a variety of funding sources and their program needs: Federal Environmental Grants - EcoAction Departmental programs seeking partners – EC’s Scrappage program –NRCan’s Fleet Challenge –Health Canada’s School Bus Study Provincial programs (e.g. NB ETF) Municipal Government contribution of bus passes to Scrappage Programs

5 Grants and Contributions Corporate grants –Shell Canada –Hong Kong Bank of Canada –TD Friends of the Environment –Irving Oil –Enbridge –Pharmaceuticals Other Non-profit partners – Go for Green’s Commuter Challenge funding –CFM, Partners for Climate Protection [con’t] Build a relationship with potential funders so you understand their programming needs, and provide them with solutions.

6 Human Resources Federal Internship Programs: Career Focus: provides funding for employers to help post-secondary graduates obtain career- related work opportunities in Canada. Skills Link: helps youth facing barriers to employment to participate in the job market in Canada. Summer Career Placements: is a wage subsidy program that enables public, private and not-for- profit employers to create career-related summer jobs for student participants. For more information visit:

7 Human Resources Provincial Internship Programs: Each Provincial government has a host of programs from summer students, recent graduate employment programs, and adult work experience. Other: Youth Leadership Programs (Katemavic, Canada World Youth) University Co-op programs Private college internships (e.g. CompuCollege) University, college, or high school class projects

8 Media Relations We have created strong bonds with all media, and are available 24 hours a day (most have Ken’s home number) This has made us “first-choice resource” for reporters on a variety of subjects. This serves to enhance our ability to: –Increase general public awareness of the Lung Association and what we do –Get out a specific Lung Association message –Call in reciprocal favors from media –Track record appeals to potential partners

9 Media Relations Great value in capitalizing on unique or novel media opportunities Examples: –Commuter Challenge 2006; Continuous radio promotion of challenge (free) –A staff Halloween lunch in 2004 became a media event to promote the NB recently approved Smoke Free Places Act [con’t]

10 Environmental Health Programs Focus on:  Air quality  indoors  outdoors  Climate change Aim to translate complicate environmental health issues into easy- to-understand language and actions

11 Healthy School Program Infra-structure program - 6th Year Delivered by school teams Guided by multi-stakeholder committee Air quality focus - Umbrella approach Uses Tools For Schools as building block –Province-wide idling policy for school buses –Walk-through video –Scent-free video –Greening projects Future… –Online –Curriculum –Focus on energy efficiency

12 One Tonne Campus Challenge Aimed at community college students Province-wide program Climate change & air quality impacts –Personal actions –Future profession Focus on basic actions Participant commitments Class projects –“Organized ripple effect” –Follow-up

13 Healthy Home, Lawn & Garden Program Province-wide program Home/workplace/community events Health - motivating factor for change Air quality & climate change Demonstrate basic actions Participant commitments Follow-up

14 Wood Burning Four campaigns Co-chair of Environment Canada Task Group on Residential Wood Burning Focus on: –“Burn It Smart” messages for rural audience – Alternative heating sources for urban audience –Cleaner EPA equipment & methods of wood burning Partners –NB Department of Environment –Environment Canada –Natural Resources Canada –HPBAC and WETT –Municipalities –Fire Marshall’s Office

15 Environmental Issues Working Group National Vice president: Ken / Chair: Alison Lung Association Representatives from across Canada Issues related to: –Indoor air quality –Outdoor air quality National website

16 Vehicle Emissions Clinics In partnership with: –Environment Canada –Department of Environment –Municipalities –Community groups 18 over nine years (heavy & light-duty) Original focus vehicle emissions & air quality –Tire pressure –Information on idling

17 Tire Pressure Clinics Partners: NB Department of Environment Rubber Association of Canada Atlantic Tire Association Spring& summer – gas station visits Fall & Winter – Lunch & learns Focus on tire pressure: Vehicle maintenance Idling Scrappage Personal pledges

18 Bright Ideas - Workplace Program Year One - Pilot in Fredericton area Year Two – Province-wide urban centres Future (2006- 2008)  Rural  Aboriginal communities Workplace audit Low cost, easy-to-do actions Calculate $ and GHG savings Payback period

19 Bright Ideas…Home Program Conducted feasibility study Partners in federal Switch and Save Display and demonstration unit Direct Marketing Campaign Next Steps: Continuation of current Fluorescent bulb recycling

20 Vehicle Scrappage Program Accelerate the removal of higher emitting cars and encourage the use of less polluting modes of transportation Strictly voluntary - incentives include: –Discount on a new car –Fredericton Transit passes for one year –Free CAA Membership

21 Vehicle Scrappage Program Expanded to Moncton and Saint John region Creating student awareness package Chair of Canadian Environmental Vehicle Scrappage Alliance Potential expansion to PE, NF, SK

22 Founding Member Annual Events Web site and newsletter National Clean Air Day Commuter Challenge Pilot Chair of New Rural- CAD Committee

23 2005 Canada Day Parade

24 In response to 2005 Flood Prevent open burning Clean up info (fact sheet) Offer $25 off tipping fee at regional landfill commissions Media Launch, Mailout and Radio Ads, TV PSA’s

25 Flight for Life Behaviour change program focused on the power of the individual. Began as a kite flying event Also, K-12 educational modules focusing on Climate Change, indoor air quality, and tobacco. Now focusing on Frisbees

26 Flight for Life

27 CLA Plaza/Clean Air Trail Learn about outdoor air quality outdoors Conveys information on air quality and steps to be taken to improve it Appeals to school classes, families and tourists Future Climate Change Trail

28 Library Library…online…anytime…drop in Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Over 1, 000 items… Health Asthma Respiratory illnesses & diseases Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) Sleep apnea Cigarette smoking Allergy Tuberculosis Environment Indoor air quality Outdoor air quality Heating Transportation Climate Change


30 Building Bridges Community-based project Youth make partnerships with community leaders Solve Climate Change problems through a tool kit Reduce greenhouse gas emissions through commitments All ages Young people face greater environment and health risks Building Bridges equals opportunity





35 New Brunswick Climate Change Hub Established January 2001 (5 years) Multi-stakeholder: Industry, Government, NGOs, etc Delivered One-Tonne Challenge Campaign Coordinates Workshops / Events Capacity Building and Facilitation (proposal writing, fund acquisition, media relations, behavior change) Disseminates Information / Newsletter / Website: Consultation on Provincial CC Plan Consultation on NB Energy Efficiency Agency

36 Mapping Initiative Cross Border Mapping Project Pandemic Influenza Simulation International Partnerships (Maine/NB) Uses CARIS Technology Funded by GeoConnections Canada and the United States Geological Survey For Improved Decision-Making, Epidemiological Research, and Public Education 05010025 Kilometers

37 Partners for Climate Protection Assist municipalities to develop Local Action Plans for GHG reduction Assist municipal governments to adopt targets, and engage their communities Facilitate municipalities to move through 5 milestone process of Partners for Climate Protection Identify demand for programs and services Help establish local advisory groups Disseminate information / share knowledge

38 The NB Fleet Challenge Work with public and private fleets to increase fuel efficiency and reduce GHG emissions. Fleets targeted: school buses Voluntary reductions (anti-idling, cleaner fuels and technology, AVLs, etc)

39 The Lung Associations’ International Centre for Air Quality and Health A partnership of Lung Associations in New England and Eastern Canada Aims to educate and engage the public to take action on air pollution, through regional research, community projects and advocacy Cooperation with other regional partners- NEG ECP, NESCAUM, CEC Co-chairs New Brunswick Lung Association, American Lung Association of Maine Secretariat is New Brunswick Lung Association

40 Research Projects Indoor air quality in First Nation houses Exposure of children to school bus diesel exhaust Wood smoke survey, New Maryland Health effects of ambient air Climate change impacts on air quality and health Wood smoke exposure workshop

41 Summary NBLA has benefited from seizing opportunities in environmental health The NBLA has established several programs that can potentially be run in other provinces NBLA can assist by providing funding contacts, information on program structure,materials, etc.

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