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Welcome to Seycove February 2013 Course Programming For parents of incoming grade 11’s.

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1 Welcome to Seycove February 2013 Course Programming For parents of incoming grade 11’s

2 At Seycove we believe in C.L.A.S.S. C Consideration L Leadership A Achievement S Sportsmanship S Scholarship

3 When planning for next year ( and beyond)... When planning for next year ( and beyond)... ■ Reflect on this year ■ Look ahead ■ Plan for success ■ Think about BALANCE !!

4 Graduation is: A minimum of 80 credits at the grade 10, 11 and 12 level 48 Required course credits (12 courses) 28 (min) Elective credits (7 courses) 4 credits Ministry Graduation Standards

5 Graduation Program Required Courses48 Credits –Lang Arts 10, 11, 1212 Credits –Socials 10 4 Credits –Socials 11 (or BCFNS 12) 4 Credits –Science 10 4 Credits –Science 11 or 12 4 Credits –Math 10 4 Credits –Math 11 or 12 4 Credits –PE 10 4 Credits –FA or ASK 10, 11 or 12 4 Credits –Planning 10 4 Credits

6 Graduation Program Elective Credits 28 Credits (min) Grad Transitions 4 Credits DPA – 150 minutes per week (self-report) 30 hours of work experience or community service Students must have a minimum of 16 credits, that is four courses, at the Grade 12 level (English or Communications 12 and at least three other grade 12 courses) Required + elective +grad trans = 80 Credits

7 Potential Credits Overview Grade 10 En SS Sc Ma PE Planning Elec. _______ 32 cred. Grade 11 En/Com SS/FNS12 Science Math Elec. _______ 28-32 cred. Grade 12 En/Com 12 * Grad. Trans12 / Study Elec. 12 * Elec.12 Elec.11/12 _______ 28-32 cred. 88-96 credits * Reminder – min # of gr.12 courses

8 Life After High School….. Post Secondary – 60% Apprenticeship (6%) Career or Technical Program (*20%) College / University/or University Transfer Program (34%) Gap Year – 40% Work/ Travel / Volunteer (40%) Stats from a Queens University study 2009

9 EXIT vs ENTRANCE EXIT  80 CREDITS (min)  no second language ENTRANCE  High school graduation  Specific Institution entrance requirements  Specific Program requirements

10 General University Entrance High school Graduation Including: English 11 Socials 11 Math 11 * (PMA) Language 11 * Science 11 English 12 In general admissions is based on GPA of: English 12 and best 3 or 4 academic 12’s Check academic 12’s acceptance – it varies Check websites for up to date information…

11 Post Secondary in the States? Check possible school websites early Need to write SAT’s ( usually done late gr.11) Entrance applications are due early in gr. 12 year ( usually just before or just after Christmas) SAT info can be found at

12 How am I going to pay for this??? You may need multiple sources of funding… Scholarships/ Bursaries Student Loans Grants Savings Parent financial support Work study

13 When choosing courses… Your program should include courses that: Reflect your strengths and interest Offer skill development opportunity Support post secondary goals and pursuits BALANCE!!

14 Biology 12 Chemistry 12 Physics 12 Geography 12 History 12 English 12 (Provincial Exam = 40 % of overall mark) Literature 12 Mathematics 12 French 12 (was not offered at Seycove this year) Spanish 12 (was not offered at Seycove this year) Academics 12’s

15 Academics 12’s con’t… (taken in grade 11 and /or 12 ) Business 12 ( Economics) Comp Civ. 12 Law 12 Social Justice 12---------------------------------------------- (taken in grade 12 only) Calculus 12 Writing 12 Computer Programming 12

16 Non-academic Electives Art (Foundations, Film, Photo, Portfolio, Yearbook) Drama (Theatre, Production, Directing & Script Writing) Home Economics (Foods and Textiles) Information Technology ( Info Tech, Journalism, Programming) Leadership Music (Band, Choir, Composition) PE (Strength and PE 12) Rock and Roll Technology Education (Auto, Carpentry, Engineering, Robotics) Work Experience

17 NVSD Enhanced Programs Apprenticeship Artists for Kids Digital Media Academy Hockey Skills Academy IB Diploma Program Soccer Academy VCC Culinary Arts Volleyball Academy

18 Course Selection Book…. Detailed descriptions of the courses can be found on-line in the course selection guide. Now on line…..www.

19 If Extra Support is Needed… Learning Strategies 12 (senior tutorial class) For students who have genuine learning difficulties It is not intended as a homework block for easy credit

20 Common Questions Yes: Course Challenge ( Usually language) Note: UBC no longer accepting for GPA Distributed Learning self motivated & self paced! Are there other ways to earn credits?

21 External Credentials learning that happens outside school –but earn “extra credit” Independent Directed Studies Independent learning –outcomes beyond the norm (teacher specific) Summer School Full credit summer school Registration May Cost if you have graduated

22 Yes! This is the “set up” year for grade 12 You can’t just “turn it on” in grade 12 Good study habits need to be formed BEFORE you enter grade 12 Do my marks really count before grade 12?

23 Your final grade 11 marks may be: Used for early admission (Ontario and U Vic) UBC indicating they may use for entrance Used early in gr. 12 for scholarship consideration

24 official Ministry record of marks used for entrance in post secondary Shows all Gr 10 – 12 courses Above 50% Repeated courses best mark What is a transcript & what is it used for?

25 What about Provincial Exams? Do they still exist? Yes... They still exist and you must write: En 10, Sc 10, Ma 10 SS 11 En 12 or Comm 12 These exams are used for Prov. Scholarship purposes

26 Focus for Grade 11 Take appropriate courses Know your grad requirements Stay or get organized Be an active participant in school life

27 Websites of interest


29 Deadline for Programming Forms


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