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This teenage dance pop duo became the biggest selling Russian act of the new millennium owing to a clever marketing strategy that played on the suggestive.

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2 This teenage dance pop duo became the biggest selling Russian act of the new millennium owing to a clever marketing strategy that played on the suggestive nature of the two singers barely legal lesbian love affair. The fact that Julia (b. Volkova Yulia Olegovna, 20 February 1985) and Lena (b. Katina Elena Sergeevna, 4 October 1984) both had boyfriends did not detract from the brilliance of the ploy. The project was the creation of Russian producer Ivan Shapovalov, who sifted through thousands of candidates for t.A.T.u. at open auditions before choosing Olegovna and Sergeevna.

3 Their debut single "Ya Soshla S Uma' (I Lost My Mind) became a massive hit in the girls' native Russia, owing in no small part to a video featuring titillating footage of Olegovna and Sergeevna acting out the song's Sapphic storyline. The video became an instant hit on MTV Europe, encouraging Shapovalov to hire noted UK producer Trevor Horn to oversee the recording of t.A.T.u."s English language debut. Featuring reworked versions of songs from the duo's Russian debut, the album was premiered by a retitled "All The Things She Said". new version of "Ya Soshla S Uma"

4 Although there is a number of acts trying to reflect loneliness and angst of a teenage soul, Tattoo sing and perform with such sincerity that immediately compels kids. Ya Soshla S Uma has had an incredibly long shelf-life for a debut single. The video was in MTV Russia’s Top 10 playlist for 2 months, for 3 months was in Top 5 most requested videos chart, and is still on air. The audience was first shocked to see two girls kissing in the video, and after they came to their senses, everyone realized there is much more than lesbian appeal behind this track. It’s the lyrics, the music, and, most importantly, the message the girls deliver. This track did to the act what usually is achieved by staying at the scene for years. Tattoo have very established fan base, and are well-known by everyone else. Everything they do immediately creates media buzz.

5 Fierce brunette Julia Volkova and sprightly redhead Lena Katina are Eastern Europe's most popular musical exports. In the age of 24/7 televised entertainment, you've likely caught a glimpse (or quite more) of these Russian pop- sensations and full-time mess-with-your- expectations media mavens. During t.A.T.u.'s short five years together, the two diminutive, talented beauties have caused one hell of a worldwide ruckus, routinely playing to audiences of 50,000 fans and selling more than 5 million copies of their debut album, 200 km/h in the Wrong Lane. Infamously, they refused to perform at the World Music Awards unless provided with real guns. Explains Lena, "We wanted real machine-guns, but they didn't give us, so we wouldn't perform, that simple."

6 Lena Katina was born in Moscow on October 04th, 1984 in the family of the famous musician - Sergey Katin - who collaborated with "Dyuna", Marina Khlebnikova and other representatives of Russian show-business. Starting from being 4 years old, Lena began, on her father's initiative, to attend various sport and music clubs for the purpose of fostering plastic arts and artistic talents. When she was seven, Lena entered an ordinary school and within a year she entered music school, piano class. When she was ten, she became a soloist of the famous children group "Avenue" where she sang for 3 years. When she was 13, Lena became a member of vocal and instrumental group "Neposedy" (Naughty Children) where she met Julia Volkova with whom she became friends. At the casting, she sang a song in Spanish and the jury were astonished by the quality of her voice. Soon Lena left the group due to her age - children sing in "Neposedy" up to 14 years old. At the age of 15 she successfully passed the casting for the musical project which was later named "Tatu". Later on, another girl joined the project - Julia Volkova who turned out to be at the second position according to the casting results, right after Lena.

7 Julia Volkova was born in the family of a successful businessman in Moscow on February 20th, 1985. At the age of 7, parallel to the ordinary school, Julia entered a music school, piano class. When she was 9, Julia became a member of the famous children vocal and instrumental group "Neposedy" (Naughty Children). At the casting Julia sang Russian folk song "Oy, to ne vecher". In a year, Lena Katina became a member of "Neposedy" as well, and soon Julia and Lena became best friends. When she was 11, Julia switched the ordinary school where she studied for the school fostering artistic talents. Three years later she leaves "Neposedy" to pass the casting and join musical project Tatu in which Lena Katina had already been in. At the age of 15, Julia enters vocal department of Gnessin's State Musical College and simultaneously becomes famous as a soloist of Tatu duo. In 2004 she had a baby. Now she is 20.

8 1) 1)All The Things She Said 2)Not Gonna Get Us 3)Gomenasai 4)30 minutes 5)Stars 6)Malchik Gay 7)How Soon Is Now? 8)Show Me Love 9)Robots 10)Sacrifice

9 “Starting from here, let's make a promise You and me, let's just be honest We're gonna run, nothing can stop us Even the night that falls all around us Soon there will be laughter and voices Beyond the clouds over the mountains We'll run away on roads that are empty Lights from the airfield shining upon you” –Not Gonna Get Us. Handsome, tender, soft Why do you look right through me thinking "NO"? I can't deny my feelings growing strong I try to keep believing, dreaming on And everytime I see you, I crave more I wanna pull you closer, closer, closer but You leave me feeling frozen – Malchick Gay


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