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1 Shortlisted Organizations Judges Highlights Presented by:

2 Large Employer Finalists Presented by:

3 Company wide quarterly training initiatives designed for senior management in topics such as Legislative changes in Human Rights, Attendance Management and Best Practices in Human Resources. A pay-for-performance philosophy ensures employees are rewarded for their individual contributions to the company. A proactive approach to OH&S through Safety audits, Communication, Health & Safety Report Cards and Refined Policies have significantly reduced lost time claims.

4 Oceaneering have donated over $600,000 to local community charities since 2006. Annual review of all personnel, Human Resource policies and procedures ensures compliance exceeds the minimum legislated standard. The Learning Management System is an innovative approach to educating employees using a global accessible web based platform including progress tracking and online testing.

5 Significant investment in employee development including training investments, internal resources, external providers, and ACHIEVE. Committed to maintaining positive union-management relationship. Numerous best practices related to ongoing engagement/partnership. Use of focus groups and employee surveys to identify areas for improvement in a tight labour market.

6 Annual employee professional development allowances ($3,000-$6,000 for most professional, management and supervisory employees). Strong community presence by employees. One employee received the Mike Bantam Award for Outstanding International Volunteer by the Federation of Municipalities. Strict Occupational Health & Safety practices, adopting the motto “Safety Begins with ME!”

7 Education and enforcement of health and safety practices have resulted in low incident and injury rates, and the continual improvement on OH&S and WHSCC audits. Grievance and arbitration statistics are lower than industry standards, with the last strike occurring in 1974. The 360 degree peer review program allows managers, employees to provide detailed feedback to help identify performance strengths and weaknesses, providing coaching in those areas.

8 Compensation that exceeds industry standards, performance incentives and management programs provide value to employees. Best practices in union management relations achieved through joint committees that focus on current processes and maintaining positive relations. Cliffs talent management and succession planning system help build skills among current employees, promote talent and identify succession planning opportunities.

9 Central Dairies E-learning program allows each employee to enroll in over 350 online courses to aid in their professional development. The “Speak Up” program allows any employee to direct questions, comments, ideas and suggestions directly to the CEO. Company wide promotion of healthy lifestyle by offering nutritional and healthy lunches, heart-health clinics, and substituting donuts to a healthy alternative of fruit.

10 Human Resource practices to reflect their multi- generational workforce, including child care benefits, flexible relocation and fly in/ fly out options. Extensive focus on employee development through the 3 career paths (Mentoring, Development plans and Competency models). As part of their ‘corporate social responsibility,’ they ensure a specific percentage of aboriginals are working on the site and are given priority to jobs.

11 Small Employer Finalists Presented by:

12 A Performance-based employment model is used with a 360 degree performance review process, provide a work culture that is attractive and better able to retain employees. Strong HR strategy includes flex scheduling, tele- work, and high levels of training and professional development. Through the delivery of more than 500 projects, CCNL have made significant contributions to the conservation of this Provinces’ environmental resources (Nature trails, parks and clean-ups).

13 The mentoring of young lawyers by senior partners is a unique way that reflects their corporate culture and aids in their professional development. Cox & Palmer participate in a "Charity of Choice” program. Employees vote on charities once a year, and each month hold innovative and creative fundraisers to raise money for the chosen charity. Strong supporter of employees’ professional and personal interests, goals and accomplishments through internal and external communications.

14 Employee benefit plans highlight their compensation regime as they offer high level coverage that is cost shared 80/20 Best practices include employee wellness, healthy work-life balance options including a designated exercise space with allocated time during the work day to use the facilities 50 % of all job postings are filled internally.

15 Strong staff retention initiatives have resulted in low turnover rates, with some office staff being employed for nearly 20 years. Industry leader in promoting a positive culture for their employees. (competitive wages, group benefits and employee reward programs). Employees are provided with paid leave for volunteer programs including food drives and blood donations. 2010 Nominee

16 Industry leader in employee wellness through the creation of an employee insurance plan (Home Care Association of Newfoundland and Labrador), due to the inability to receive external insurance coverage. By 2012 each active employee will be certified in (Children and Residential Experiences, Therapeutic Crisis Intervention and Applied Suicide Intervention Strategies training). Actively recruits co-op students for work terms every four months in Human Resources, Kinesiology, and OH&S programs.

17 Aligns community activities and contributions with the personal values of its employees. Industry leader in Human Capital, promoting a high performance culture with a strong work- life balance. Offer competitive and creative compensation packages, using industry wide compensation surveys to develop compensation packages that meet or exceed industry standards.

18 Occupational Health and Safety practices reflect through their low accident rates. Employment of a Clinical Educator provides a high degree of care for residents through training employees to be well versed in new and innovative principles of geriatrics. Positive relations with their union, Chancellor Park have never had a strike, lockout, or labor disruption during their 19 years of operation.

19 Have observed high retention levels among current employees due to their respectful and “family like” work culture. A strong community presence is through constant support of The Children's Wish Foundation and are a Bronze Partner with the Kids Eat Smart Foundation. Employees are eligible for quarterly bonuses based on the overall performance of the company.

20 An employee appraisal/performance management system which allows employees to influence their job performance and personal development. Employee surveys are conducted seeking input for suggestions to further enhance the company and the working environment for all staff. ASCO developed a Graduate Program to aid in recruitment, where successful candidates are exposed ASCO operations (logistics warehouse management and materials management).

21 Numerous professional development and training opportunities available to employees, including 100% employer paid national professional certification training programs. Community presence is a core value of St. Jude, as they match charitable donations made by their employees (Dr. H Bliss Murphy Cancer Care Foundation, Heart and Stroke Foundation, Ronald McDonald House). Fosters creativity and innovation; utilizing the new generation of employees to enhance ecommerce and technology in the workplace.

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