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LYC Racing Survey 2011 March 25, 2011 Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic Lunenburg Tonight’s sponsor.

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1 LYC Racing Survey 2011 March 25, 2011 Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic Lunenburg Tonight’s sponsor

2 Ian Mann – Rear Commodore LYC 2011 I’ve spent more than 10 years racing at LYC and although I have a lot of opinions of my own I wanted to start out my term as Rear Commodore by finding out what everyone else thought. Hence the survey. Goals tonight: Highlight this years racing calendar. Share with you the diverse results of the survey Find a few people interested in serving on this years Race Committee. Last but not least Spring is in the air and it’s time to have a beer and talk sailing!

3 May/June Racing Events Thurs May 12 19:30 General Racing session on 2011 SI’s, Handicap System, PHRF Thurs May 26 18:30 Signup for Racing! – Collect Racing packages and have a Beer! Thurs June 2 18:30 – TNS Tune-up Race Sun June 5 13:30 – Commodore’s Cup Race Thurs June 9 18:30 – TNS Glube #1 Thurs June 16 18:30 – TNS Glube #2 Sun June 19 13:30 – Crown Diamond Trophy Thurs June 23 18:30 – TNS Glube #3 Sun June 26 13:30 – Leeward Island Trophy Thurs June 30 18:30 – TNS Glube #4

4 July Racing Events 2 Fri July 1 – Prposed date MICA Race around the Islands Sat July 2 11:00 “Race Week in a Day” Mahone Bay Challenge BBQ 18:00 Sun July 3 13:00 – Princess Inlet Race LYC-CYC Thurs July 7 18:30 – TNS Scotia Trawler #1 Sun July 10 13:30 – Craft Festival Trophy Thurs July 14 18:30 – TNS Scotia Trawler #2 Sun July 17 13:30 – Himmelman’s Trophy Race Thurs July 21 18:30 – TNS Scotia Trawler #3 Sun July 24 13:30 – Boland’s Cup Thurs July 28 18:30 – TNS Scotia Trawler #4 LYC-Mahone Bay “Raftup” Sat July 30 – TBA Mahone Bay Racing “Pirate Days” LYC Poker Run Sun July 31 – TBA Mahone Bay Racing “Pirate Days” Highliner Cup Mon Aug 1 - Ian Kent Race Day (tentative)

5 August Racing Events Thurs Aug 4 18:30 – TNS Paceship #1 Sat Aug 6 – One Design RegattaJ24/J29 Sun Aug 7 - One Design RegattaJ24/J29 CYC Outer Islands Race Aug 10 – 13 Chester Race Week Sun Aug 14 13:30 – Martin Fielding Race Thurs Aug 18 18:30 – TNS Paceship #2 Aug 20 – 26 Canadian Optimist Championships at LYC Thurs Aug 25 18:30 – TNS Paceship #3 Sun Aug 28 13:30 – Sable Sail Makers Cup Thurs Sept 1 18:30 – TNS Paceship #4

6 September Racing Events Sun Sept 4 11:00 – R.G. Smith Trophy (Tancook Race) Thurs Sept 8 18:00 – TNS Fall Series #1 Sun Sept 11 13:30 – Fisheries Exhibition A&B (2 races) Thurs Sept 15 18:00 – TNS Fall Series #2 Sun Sept 18 13:30 – Blue Banner Cup Thurs Sept 22 18:00 – TNS Fall Series #3 Sun Sept 25 13:30 – Bluenose Motors Trophy Thurs Sept 29 18:00 – TNS Fall Series #4 (Absolute Last Race) Sat Oct 1 18:30 – Closing Dinner and Awards

7 Who responded?


9 How much Racing each week?

10 Q3 Comments Thursday, Sundays and a couple of special events I really look forward to the Thursday evening races. Anytime you can beat Ron Whynacht on the race course makes for a good weekend and some laughs at the club afterwards. Sunday's are a little more serious though


12 Q4 Comments 1 of 3 VHF com. for OCS is important. Hcap. cutoff for a/b needs to be higher Need louder signals. Flags OK but if up the bay, can't see them. Bring back the air cannon. Some pursuit races would be fun, and a larger stagger would help make more equal conditions for faster/slower boats on dying breeze evening races RC Boats with VHF should identify themselves as they cross the finish line if finishing after sunset. This would make it much easier for the 'starter' to correctly record finishes. Why not all?

13 Q4 Comments 2 of 3 The cutoff for the staggered start should be such that it allows only the very slower boats to get the headstart. For example, boats that rate 200 or higher should start ahead of the rest of the fleet (Tsunami and slower) The 6 minute separation is appropriate for afternoon races but is too long for evening races. Ideally we would consider a modified start sequence with 5, 4, 1, B, 3, 1 A in order to reduce the stagger to 4 minutes, however it may not be possible to train a starter (and the fleet) to accommodate this. (Rolling sequence – 5 mins? )

14 Q4 Comments 3 of 3 Staggered starts for all races and (Ian), make sure that Slyfox is at the bottom of "A" fleet this year. (Current split 149 looks like 154 to start season Jim. Is split in right place - RC) 10 minutes minimal

15 Racing PHRF

16 Q5 Comments 1of 2 After having a good season, the rating increased to a point where it was near impossible to finish top 3 in the final month. Maybe an explanation on what PHFR is and its effect on each boats handicap will help me better understand ( Session May 12 @ club) The majority of other clubs (here and outside NS, USA) appear to go with PHRF. Let's go with it and get help in estimating the results. I think with the new system the racing is tighter, which is a good thing. I don't fully understand the system but would like to learn more. Also, some Time-on-Distance pursuit races would be fun, on a day where conditions are consistent, but I think time-on-time is generally better.

17 Q5 Comments 2of 2 I've noticed that the racing is now closer; i.e. corrected times are more compressed. Perhaps results should be analyzed to confirm that corrected times are consistent with what one would expect in a one design fleet. PHRF TOT has tightened the racing fleet. I would like to have some TOD pursuit racing for fixed courses eg Bolands or Leeward Islands. ( Good idea – RC ) I have noticed much closer, final race results than last year and do not wish to see things change. Not other than seeing Sly fox at the bottom of "A" fleet. From my perspective it's working.

18 Adjust Handicaps Appropriately?

19 Q6 Comments 1of 2 With limited knowledge of the system I still think that handicaps should be reset each season as crew and boats change. Only if appear to be totally out of whack Sure, the handicap system last year seemed to work well. There seemed to be a good spread of hardware on each table during awards night I think we should consider capping individual races at +/- 12 from NSYA handicap, not from LYC handicap. That would have the effect of reducing the effect of getting 'pinned' at the ceiling because you never sail badly enough to go down. You would have to continue sailing well above your NSYA handicap to stay there, rather than just sailing mid-fleet. I think that would be a BIG improvement!! What would that have done to last year's adjustments, I wonder?? ( ‘pinned’ – RC )

20 Q6 Comments 2 of 2 Perhaps a modified system that boats can opt in or out of the adjustment system portion that would increase your handicap (i.e. that provides a more favourable handicap) HA HA! Perhaps each year's starting rating should be an average of the LYC previous year and current ASPN PHRF list. This would help boats that 'ratchet' their way to one extreme of the +/-12 Rather than adjusting based on a month's results I would prefer that we use some sort of rolling average. Such as perhaps the last 4-6 months. Currently if you have a really good or really bad month your handicap could change dramatically even though the history of the last season or two may not warrant such a large change. Basically, it is too easy to game the system if you wish to do so!

21 Types of Races?


23 Q8 Comments 1 of 4 Decide on calendar of events, assist in regattas whenever possible, act on feedback given by the fleet. This survey is a great start. Race Committee should have at least 6, each with a specific role and all meeting together on overall subjects. The incoming Rear Commodore should come from someone on the RC. Function of race committee as per By Laws and specifically as directed by the Rear Comm. Remember the RC also is responsible for gas and dinghy docks and tenders.

24 Q8 Comments 2 of 4 I think more than 4 people if possible would allow a broader point of view. I don't know the full functions of the race committee now, so it's difficult to say what they should or shouldn't be doing, but I would think they would be the ones to address the club rules, as well as determining and implementing the start/finish configurations, etc. The Ice House in Lunenburg is a good venue, perhaps these pre-season gatherings could be used for the start of an R/C boatbuilding and racing group? This could be the off-season pastime for many of the racers, and could be a fun prelude to the real racing on Sunday afternoons. Well communicated rules and guidelines. Fair and fun races Set schedule/maintain handicap system

25 Q8 Comments 3 of 4 The RC should actively promote events at LYC, monitor and apply our rules as written, hear concerns from members regarding future changes to our rules and promptly post race results at club immediately following each race. Set races, act a jury, decide on handicaps, deal with protests Saved the best for last

26 Q8 Comments 4 of 4 1. Handicap / race results 2. Review/revise race instruction & course card 3. Prepare racing calendar 4. Train race officer (start/finish) + be responsible for quality of same. 5. Post race results in timely fashion. 6. Represent club at NSYA meetings. 7. Act as race chairman for J One design regatta 8. Arbitrate and resolve conflicts resulting from racing. 9. Organize protest committee as required. 10. Ensure all required hardware is available for racing (marks, sound signals, timers, protest forms, course card, sign up sheets, etc.) 11. Ensure all owners have prime parking spots and free beer for all crews. 12. Expect no thanks in return....


28 Q9 Comments (Extras) Seminar on sail and boat trim and critique of LYC racers. Sounds like an AJ night?? Adult learn to sail? R/C boatbuilding/racing group Talk from Derek about his most recent race Obvious Interest. When? Evening? With food & beverage? How often?


30 Q10 Comments (Prizes) Many great ideas for year end prizes/trophies that will be taken back to the RC. If prizes are presented after racing, beer mug etc, people would stay around and enjoy après sail a bit more. Makes for more of a racers evening

31 Suggestions and Viewpoints

32 11a - How can we improve racing at LYC? Be fair to the slower boats Shorter races when wind is light more 2 to 1 courses, shorter courses for thurs Keep increasing new members with boats to race as well as encourage those who haven't started to race Offering some regular practice sessions (perhaps with the aid of a coach. I think doing a Saturday a month, or a weekday a month, where a format similar to that LTS uses, of having a briefing onshore about drills, skills to be practiced, etc., would help everyone improve their boat handling and manoeuvring skills. These drills could then be put into practice, and I think even a few hours of doing set drills would show great results. Continue to develop a culture that recognizes that it takes more than hot skippers and crews to make for a fun race. Don't allow competition to get in the way fo fun.

33 11a - How can we improve racing at LYC? Encourage more one design sailing. If there is the Mahone Bay Classic Boat Festival, don't have a Thursday Night Race there. keep it simple Keep the ratings close between boats. We really enjoyed last season Get more current LTS racers and post LTS sailors into keelboat racing - make it free Efforts to make it all inclusive NOT EXCLUSIVE Shared practice events e.g. one evening practice starts, one evening practice mark rounding More boats, more people, but I imagine you already know that. One design class Better starting sequence Use traditional windward-Leeward courses on a more regular basis as well as tight start lines. This will help boats better prepare for other events.

34 11b - How can we increase the number of racers? lower crew fee or adult learn to sail have white sail races on sat to get more to join the thur and sun races Smaller boats use less crew, allowing for more boats overall change the sign at the driveway from "only" to "welcome" Help them find crew. Post list of people who want to crew and indicate their experience on the list. Perhaps offering some fun races, or offering some "tutorial positions", where the skipper of a boat new to racing could come on board the boat of a current racer for a race to see what is required and how a race works would give new skippers some confidence in coming out to a race. Making the races at a good time for the most amount of people is also important.

35 11b - How can we increase the number of racers? I don't think you can. unknown in a declining population base Lower the membership costs. Cut-out the $100 tab. NOT NEEDED. Perhaps by providing prizes after each race will build the social benefits Infrastructure (boat crane), more keelboats (for LTS racers and more adult LTS courses) Let's encourage more One Design Encourage interested crew and potential race skippers by arranging 'rides' Incentive for participation Would be good to have a system in place to let new/potential members know of boats needing crew. People who are crew today might end up being racing skippers in the future. It is hard to track down boats with open crew positions when you don't know lots of people in the club.

36 11b - How can we increase the number of racers? Continue to recognize that cruisers and casual racers are just as important to the enjoyment of our sport as are the fast guys. 2 or 3 small races each night, using a trapezoid or windward- leeward courses to keep racing close Promotional events sponsored by local and liquor companies and such. More support from the community in general and their businesses.. Promote and ask people to go sailing More boats

37 Q11c - What is you biggest complaint from 2010? Handicap increase. Some races wind died at dark no complaint That people complain but don't act Starting sequences with too many confusing timing issues, mistakes. Poor sound signals. Bad courses. Perhaps we could think about implementing a new system of selecting race courses. For instance, the OD, instead of picking the course, could pick three, which are then voted on by the skippers of each racing yacht, if present. Also, start sequences could be improved still. VHF communication of the course prior to the start, as well as ongoing VHF throughout the start sequence would be great. Larger shapes/flags would be good too. If the start marks could be fixed such that they didn't move, and the outer pin was lined up correctly that would be great too.

38 Q11c - What is you biggest complaint from 2010? Thurs night races too long in subsiding winds Definitely wasn't the weather. None Handicap system seemed to only favour racers not cruisers Lack of promotion of open events at LYC Boats are too mixed Ensure a well trained person to start and end races Wind died out shortly after start. Opportunities to crew not offered I didn't have enough time to go sailing but there is nothing you can do about that. No complaints To much reaching!! / Start line way to big. I have none.

39 Q11d - What is the best feature of LYC races? the yacht clubber. Evening races getting on the water getting out of P. Inlet The increasing number of boats racing and the high calibre of most of the skippers and crew. The quality of competition. I don't think there's another fleet that has the quality of racers present in ours. Everybody knows everybody else. 'Small club' Length was normally reasonable Talking with everyone about your mistakes and good moves.

40 Q11d - What is the best feature of LYC races? I just enjoy racing, can't think of one. scenery and relaxed atmosphere The friends and/ or enemies you make on the race course. fun venue, close racing Fun friendly, relaxed nature Good bunch of racers. The fact that they're quirky! They're not all windward/leeward, you get to race around islands. Princes Inlet

41 Q11e - Who should choose the course for each race? good the way it is. small group of regulars with common sense ??? a and b need equal representation The race committee or a designated skipper selected at race time by someone from the RC. There are too many times when the OD is on the calendar but doesn't show up and then selecting a course becomes a free for all. I think we need to have a new system so that it is not picked by one person. Though this may lead to more problems than improvement, I think we should try some sort of democratic system so that we lower the number of bad courses chosen. Continue with current OD format. It gets skippers engaged.

42 Q11e - Who should choose the course for each race? The race committee, based on wind direction and the sudden drop in wind speed. (THURS.) Rotate as previously Race Officer of the Day or Race Committee Member Same as before /put posted 1 hr before race Race committee Racers Same as before. rotation of skippers or designate Current system works fine, but need to ensure that the course is up on the board more quickly and that it is generally communicated better. Someone that knows what they're doing! PRO Same

43 Q11e - Who should choose the course for each race? Should be randomly drawn depending on conditions. Officer of the Day The race committee representative/officer of the day. race committee At least 3 skippers for that days race, making sure courses are fair and do not favour one type of rig.

44 Q11f - How rigorously should the Race Committee enforce the SI's? be strict on ocs rigorously All sailing rules and regs should be enforced,pms, time limits etc to full extent Very well. Also the rules of racing. I think it's important to have some level of enforcement, otherwise liberties will be taken in all sorts of places. Therefore, I think they should be rigorously enforced. That being said, I think one of the benefits of LYC and its size is that the racers do get a say, and so some rules might have to be changed to accommodate racers wishes. VERY! To relax enforcement would be to open Pandora's box. Very rigorously, standard needs to be the same for everyone.

45 Q11f - How rigorously should the Race Committee enforce the SI's? Any major infractions should be penalized to the full extent Enforced only if there is a flagrant foul yes - as per SI's They could stand to be trained more on the SI's. Rigorously, with a touch of common sense. fairly strong sailors should follow all of the rules - we don't get to pick the rules we want to follow 100% always SIs should be enforced quite rigorously but changes should be made fairly quickly if there are issues. It would not be fair to not enforce an SI on a racer when all other racers are abiding by the SI. Everyone should be strongly encouraged to follow the rules and the race committee should operate within those rules. Very 100%

46 Summary Thanks for taking the time to do the survey! The survey results will be posted to the web. The RC will use the survey results and comments to make adjustments to SI’s and the Handicap System.

47 Thanks to Doug Philp and the Lunenburg Boat Locker for sponsoring our refreshments this evening! A few words from our sponsor!

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