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Finance & Accounting School Based Funds and Instructional Budgets.

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1 Finance & Accounting School Based Funds and Instructional Budgets

2 A copy of this presentation is available on the Principal’s website

3  Director of Finance George Boudreau  Coordinator Finance & Accounting Sandra  Assistant Coordinator Finance &Accounting Nancy Finance Department Contacts

4  Accountant – School Services Linda  Accounts Payable Supervisor Johna  Payroll Supervisor Joan  Purchasing Agent Kevin Moules Finance Department Contacts continued…

5 1. On-line ordering (at the school level) of school supplies (Lyreco and Grand & Toy) 2. Research and possible implementation of on-line requisitioning 3. Investigation and possible pilot of School Cash “on-line” payment solution (acceptance of credit/debit payments) Finance Department Priorities

6  What to expect this year › School budgets – completed and in your packages › Continued implementation of electronic funds transfer for payments to employees (i.e.. Expense report payments, PD payments, mileage payments…) 2013-2014 School Year

7  Schoolcash (KEV) training – Linda Buffett will be in touch with you early in September to set up training and give you your access information  SAP – access to your Instructional Budget Accounts New Principals

8 Reminder….we are your service provider The Finance Staff is a service provider to each of the schools and the employees of CBVRSB. Our job is to serve you and help in anyway we can to make your jobs easier. We are a “resource” to you. Collectively, we want to work with you for the betterment of the School Board.

9  Funds raised through contracts and service agreements (i.e. Cafeteria services, vending machines, coffee machines, etc.…)  School-based fees for services, athletics, yearbooks, etc..  Funds raised for charities and/or specific events (ie. Terry Fox Run or a school trip)  Charitable donations  Scholarship funds under the control of the school Refresher – School Based Funds – What qualifies ?

10  Teacher social and bereavement funds. These funds must be kept in an account separate from the school based funds. School Based Funds – What doesn’t qualify?

11  Rule of thumb: “ If the funds are in a bank account that is in the name of the school and/or is under the signing authority of an employee of the CBVRSB, (ie. Principal, Vice Principal or teacher) and are for the benefit of the students, then the funds are considered “school based funds and must be reported” School Based Funds

12  Funds raised for a specific purpose must be used for the intended purpose.  Funds raised for a general purpose with no specific intent must be used for school-related activities at the discretion of the school principal. Acceptable/unacceptable uses of Funds

13  Please see Board website for a copy of the School Based Funds handbook ( es/)  Fiscal year: April 1 st to March 31 st of each year  Deadline for submission of school reports to Finance Department: April 30 th of each year  Requirements:  March bank statement for each bank account  Bank reconciliation for each bank account  Year end financial statement of each account Year end reporting

14 Thank you A copy of this presentation is available on the Principal’s website


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