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Cross-Cultural Teaching Experience (CCTE) Ecuador: May 2009.

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1 Cross-Cultural Teaching Experience (CCTE) Ecuador: May 2009

2 CCTE Ecuador! Teaching and learning while living with host families in coastal Ecuador Participating in a community project

3 CCTE Ecuador! Visiting sites of cultural and historic importance Sharing with the home communities upon return to Canada

4 CCTE Ecuador... Increases awareness, understanding and appreciation of the socio-economic realities of participants’ own country and the host country

5 CCTE Ecuador... Fosters an understanding of being part of an inter- dependent world Promotes the acquisition of skills necessary for effective involvement in community development and schooling

6 CCTE Ecuador: May 2009 9 Laurentian University Education students ventured to South America to complete a Pre-Practicum Placement (PPP) or Initial Practicum (IP) Placement teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) in schools on the coast of Ecuador.

7 CCTE Ecuador 2009 Back (Left to Right): David, Sarah, Stephanie, Alisha, April, Naomi, Amber, Tanya, Jan. Front: Anna, Laura.

8 Where is Ecuador?

9 Ecuador...

10 In Coastal Ecuador... “While living on the coast we would often see so many poor people that were so happy and high on life. In Canada we are spoiled beyond belief and yet we seem to complain a lot.”

11 Teaching English in the schools “…because of the necessity to speak Spanish with our students in Ecuador I really learned how to communicate my lessons through ways other than just with words by thinking more about visual cues, games and music.”

12 …There was so much laughter in our classes.” “The creativity and high hopes of the students were astounding…

13 “Putting myself ‘out there’ and taking risks is vital to successful teaching.”

14 Our Schools


16 Teaching English in the schools “This experience has shown me that art, music and dance are extremely effective approaches to teaching any subject because they involve the students in more creative ways. Kids remember a song and they wanted to sing with us all the time!”

17 LU students at work: painting bathrooms at a local school


19 Living with a host family in the village of Puerto Rico “Our Ecuador home!”

20 “My host family was so welcoming. They made me feel like I had been born into their family!”

21 “In Ecuador, family time is cherished.”

22 Other residents of Puerto Rico... (they’ll never let you forget them!)

23 Travelling “I loved the extra things we did, like visiting the archaeological site and hiking on the island. Our trip to see the Otavalo market was awesome!”

24 Travelling “The geography of Ecuador is breath-taking. I have never seen such a beautiful country and when I look back at my photos now it’s like a dream.”


26 Learning... “ I have written over and over again in my daily journal about how this trip cemented my belief that I was meant to travel and probably teach abroad.”

27 “I learned that I am a strong person who has a lot of love within me for teaching and learning and this was definitely displayed when I was at the schools.”

28 “I look forward to sharing my experiences with my future students.” “The most surprising thing I learned about myself was that I enjoy writing in my journal at the end of the day. I was able to look back on my day and think about all that I had experienced.” “This experience has given me much more confidence.” “I was able to learn so much about them and from them.”

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