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City of Gatineau CNS project Data acquisition and operational architecture.

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1 City of Gatineau CNS project Data acquisition and operational architecture

2 Page 2 CNS proposed architecture Use internal software to manage the 911 phone number database. Use in-house phone capabilities to issue the CNS calls (PRI lines). Utilize GIS functionalities to validate address structure found in the 911 phone number database by creating aliases. Providing strict guidelines and user profiles for CNS services.

3 Page 3 Type of emergencies to use CNS Any situation that may effect the life, the security or the health of Gatineau’s population. Storms Chemical plume / contamination Water related hazard Extreme weathers (cold or hot) Epidemic / Pandemic Other life or health threatening situations Other security measures

4 Page 4 CNS – Step 1 Reception / Validation of 911 database First time Reception of database estimated to more than 120 000 numbers for Gatineau from 3 sources (Bell / Videotron / Rogers) but mainly from Bell. Phone number and address is sufficient. Validation of address structure and creation of aliases. on the address GIS geo-positioning on the address and not the X-Y coordinates provided by some carriers. Addition to 911 database (Street number). Creation of a new GIS layer for the phone numbers.

5 Page 5 CNS – Step 1 Reception / Validation of 911 database Database update Reception of new, modified or deleted numbers from the 3 same sources on a daily or weekly basis. Automated mechanism for validation of address structure and creation of aliases. Automated GIS geo-positioning Automated addition to database (Street number) Adding the numbers to the GIS layer

6 Page 6 CNS – Step 2 Extraction and messaging Defining the sector Extracting the numbers from the GIS layer. Issuing a phone list Creating a message Include the message to the list Generate de CNS calls (locally or remotely).

7 Page 7 Examples Validating the street names 911 Database addressesOur naming structureOur street number Marguerite-BourgeoisMarguerite-Bourgeoys2162 Marguerite D’YouvilleMarquerite-D’Youville2160 Jeande La FontaineJean-de la Fontaine379 Jean de la FontaineJean-de la Fontaine379 Rue Bourgeau NBourgeau Nord42 Rue Bourgeau SBourgeau Sud43 BourgeauBourgeau Nord42 Elizabeth OElisabeth Ouest1834 Elizabeth EElisabeth Est1833 ElisabethElizabeth127

8 Page 8 Examples Our street structure Note Cities are the only governing bodies for issuing and naming streets. We have to cleanse the 911 database each time data is downloaded before it can be use in a CNS system with GIS address positioning. Therefore we request that the 911 database (addresses and numbers only) be maintained locally in our GIS system.

9 Page 9 Examples Our street structure

10 Page 10 Examples Defining a sector for CNS

11 Page 11 Examples Extracting the numbers 12 Rue Arbutus,8196821200 5 Rue Forest,8196821810 6 Rue Forest,8196843812 9 Rue Forest,8196847112 10 Rue Forest,8196842797 11 Rue Forest,8196843808 11 Rue Forest,8196845655 13 Rue Forest,8196829843 13 Rue Forest,8196844499 14 Rue Forest,8196825539 16 Rue Forest,8196849456 17 Rue Forest,8196845395 19 Rue Forest,8196828776 21 Rue Forest,8196850213 22 Rue Forest,8196828551 24 Rue Forest,8196852348 … 26 Rue Forest,8196829288 3 Rue Lake,8196843964 5 Rue Lake,8196850815 6 Rue Lake,8196847310 7 Rue Lake,8196850923 8 Rue Lake,8196850253 9 Rue Lake,8196840034 10 Rue Lake,8196849056 11 Rue Lake,8196852057 12 Rue Lake,8196844408 14 Rue Lake,8196820036 15 Rue Lake,8196821865 17 Rue Lake,8196846825 18 Rue Lake,8196851934 19 Rue Lake,8196850085

12 Page 12 Examples Creating a message

13 Page 13 Examples Issuing the CNS

14 Page 14 Examples Issuing the CNS

15 Page 15 Examples 911 extraction …

16 Page 16 Examples Issuing the CNS

17 Page 17 Examples Results After calls are issued, a detailed and statistical report are generated for every CNS. By providing the 911 database on a regular basis without the names, we believe that the confidentiality issue is addressed.

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