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Plastic surgery and Carnal art Yeung ka Ying SID 53401522.

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1 Plastic surgery and Carnal art Yeung ka Ying SID 53401522

2 No one has a perfect appearance, we only exist a mind that seek for a perfect appearance. Plastic surgery itself satisfies the narcissistic instinct that you love or admire yourself “ self lover”, to an interest in or concern with the self along a broad continuum. Carnal art as same as well. Plastic surgery can be also one of the carnal art. Our “ideal appearance” is no longer seen as an ideal image, but it accomplish as an modification of an already made object.

3 At the same time, if we seen plastic surgery as a art work which is made by plastic surgeon, a money relationship occurred since we use money to buy this art from plastic surgeon.

4 What is “ Carnal Art”? Carnal Art is a self-portrait in the classical sense, yet realized through the technology of its time. Lying between disfiguration and figuration, it is an inscription in flesh, as our age now makes possible. No longer seen as the ideal it once represented, the body has become an 'modified ready-made'. Carnal Art opposes the social pressures that are exerted upon both the human body and the corpus of art. Artist: Orlan (French artist)

5 This gallery is makes up with many photo which record the recovery process of after having plastic surgery of Orlan

6 This indicate the process of operation during plastic surgery which present it lively and validity

7 Motivation I want to make an art work about plastic surgery because I want to to change my face into my ideal face but of course I wont do it in the reality. Moreover, I am not decided to make it as same as Orlan’s art work with a exaggerated performance. On the other hand, if I do plastic surgery, how would I look like? And how much does it cost? Also,I want to satirize that we can even buy our appearance using money nowadays.

8 The averaged face of 20 years old Korean girl who have done plastic surgery


10 Mixing the eigenspace of Korean girl and my self portrait using photoshop Art work process:

11 “ ₩ 339,000,000 face” Yeung Ka Ying (2013)

12 Why named ₩ 339,000,000? Because this plastic surgery cost ₩ 339,000,000 in Korean won. Including: Double eyelid ₩ 5, 000,000 Nasal augmentation ₩ 5,400,000 Alar reduction ₩ 5,400,000 Hyaluronic acid ₩ 2,100,000 Mandibular Angle Reduction ₩ 10,000,000 10, forehead -lifting ₩ 6,000,000

13 Do you think my face worth….

14 If you think it DOES NOT worth this prices, From an art aspect, How do you think about this art work?? BEAUTIFUL? BRILLANT IN TECHIQUE? Great in art composition of face?………….

15 Still, do you think this art worth …….

16 Reference ry/neo/661 ry/neo/661 em/carnal.htm em/carnal.htm 1 1 Contemporary South Korean Society Hee Yeon cho 2013

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