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1 By: Luc Lavers, Jess Pomeroy, George Kennedy, Matt Weir, Letian Shan, Wen Yue Lu.

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1 1 By: Luc Lavers, Jess Pomeroy, George Kennedy, Matt Weir, Letian Shan, Wen Yue Lu

2 Led by President and CEO Thorsten Heins Research In Motion is a wireless equipment and telecommunications company that is based in Canada. The company was founded by Mike Lazaridis (University of Waterloo) and Douglas Fregin (University of Windsor) in 1984. Headquarters in Waterloo, Ontario. Many offices around the world in North America, Asia, and Europe Research in Motion

3 Before making the Blackberry, RIM focused on wireless email systems working with other companies. RIM released the original Blackberry Smartphone in 1999 There was much success with the original Blackberry. In 2002 RIM released a newer Blackberry Smartphone with faster email and more internet capabilities, this was extremely popular

4 Tablet Computers Tablet computers were built to attract the mobile customer. They were built to be slightly larger than a cell phone with the ability of a computer making them portable and powerful. Until recently there was no real demand for tablet computers. There has been a rise in popularity due to the desire for mobility that people posses today.

5 In 1994 the first successful production of a tablet computer arrived with the NewsPad, it was not sustained success and it later failed in 1997. Microsoft attempted a tablet computer in the early 2000’s, however, it predicted failure due to the high price and functionality problems with the new system. The first successful product in the tablet this market arrived on April 3 2010 when the Apple iPad was released. This new product engineered a refreshed look at the market.

6 Playbook Blackberry’s Playbook is finally being deemed a viable choice in the tablet industry with their new 2012 Playbook on the market. The price had to be dropped by a large margin, and the OS software heavily revised but with all its modifications including a new user-friendly interface it’s ready to compete with Android and Apple tablets. The newer version allows files to be wirelessly transferred to and from computers on the same network, as well as it comes fully loaded with flash video capability. There are many advantages for Playbook owners if they also own a Blackberry cellphone, the cellphone can act as your mouse and keyboard for the tablet.

7 The 2012 version of the Playbook is smaller and lighter than its main competitor the Ipad, which enables it to be more portable and a more practical hand held size. With the Adobe flash it can support HTML 5, yet another feature the Ipad cannot provide. The Blackberry Playbook was released on April 19, 2011. It was developed by RIM and was manufactured by Quanta Computers. Its operating system is the Blackberry Tablet OS. It was released into the tablet and media system market.

8 Capacitive 4- point multi- touch screen 4G LTE WIFI 7 inch display 1080p HDMI output 1080p HD video 16, 32, 64 GB Flash 1 GB RAM 0.94lb

9 Plan of Attack Advertising for the Playbook Competitors Market Share Entry barriers to the market Production Product finances (cost,profit,revenue,sales) Features

10 Reference,2817,2383525,00.asp

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