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1 Sunshine Coast Regional District 2014 Budget Summary

2 Overview Get To Know The SCRD Get To Know the SCRD - YouTube Get To Know the SCRD - YouTube Planning & Budget Process –Key Issues for 2014 Budget 2014 Budget Figures Assessments 2014 Taxation & Fees Projects & Other Questions & Information


4 Planning & Budget Process a. Board Strategic Plan-Goals and Objectives b. Annual Departmental Work Plans and Initiatives Preparation of Budget Proposals c. Three Rounds of Budget Discussions Adoption of Five-Year Financial and Capital Plan d. Variance Reporting Strategic Plan Updates & Work Plan Progress Reports

5 Key Issues for 2014 Budget How to fund aging Community Recreation facilities? –2013 deficit. –5year capital maintenance plan shows over $3.8M required. –20year capital maintenance plan shows over $10M required. –Increase to the bylaw limit needed to fund current and future needs. How to fund landfills without increasing tipping fees? –Good news shows diversion efforts are working. –Decreasing revenues & funding future closure costs. –2013 deficit & revenue shortfalls for 2014

6 Regional District Budget Total Budget 2014201320122011 Operating*$31.94 million$30.05 million$30.20 million$28.21 million Capital**$ 9.51 million$11.36 million$12.46 million$12.54 million Total$41.45 million$42.55 million$43.86 million$40.75million * Excludes member municipality debt **Includes carry-forward projects and excluded landfill closure work



9 Assessments Assessment Changes Non Market and Overall JurisdictionNon Market % Market %Overall %No Change in Budget 1 A0.77-6.41-5.64 -0.48% B1.25-2.11-0.85 1.25% D0.94-5.78-4.84 -0.20% E1.35-2.51-1.16 0.10% F0.58-8.71-8.13 -1.87% ToG0.90-0.91-0.01 0.35% DoS2.64-2.66-0.02 0.77% SIGD.56-2.65-2.09 0.08% Total1.36-4.21-2.85 1 Amounts as of BC Assessment 2014 “Completed Roll”

10 Effects of Assessments on Taxation ABDEFSIGDDoSToGTotal 2014 Budget $ 1 2,047,496 2,548,9421,940,9591,477,4992,930,332312,8712,776,6441,799,46215,834,196 2013 Tax by Area $ 1,985,5012,096,6811,811,8311,324,7573,023,352272,6292,414,8031,611,52814,541,082 $ Change61,985452,261129,129152,742(93,020)40,243361,840187,9341,293,114 Total % Change in $ 3.12%21.57%7.13%11.53%-3.08%14.76%14.98%11.66%8.89% $ Change Due to Assessments (24,754)194,64516,31332,095(333,303)8875100,13155,999 % Change-1.25%9.28%0.90%2.42%-11.02%3.26%4.15%3.47% 1 includes combination of rates for both land & improvements and improvements only What does this mean? The property taxes apportioned to each jurisdiction would have changes by the percentage shown in the “% Change” column, even if the amount of property taxation remained unchanged.

11 2014 Residential Tax by Area A1A1 B1B1 D1D1 E1E1 F1F1 SIGD 2 DoS 2 ToG 2 Total Average Residential % Change 3 1.94%4.69%5.70%9.65%6.73%13.44%10.37%8.86%6.70% Approximate SCRD Portion of Total Tax Bill 24%35% 24%23%26%22%23% Estimated % Increase to Total Tax Bill 0.47%1.62%1.99%2.35%1.55%0.78%1.44%1.07% 1 Based on samples of 2013 Surveyor of Tax notices-amounts may vary by property 2 Based on 2013 rates per municipal website or provided by municipal staff 3 Rates as set by the Province are as follows: Business Rates- 2.45 times residential rate Major & Light Industry- 3.4 times residential rate Utilities- 3.5 residential rate

12 Parcel Taxes & User Fees Regional Water Parcel Tax & User Fees + 4.66% –impact on typical household +$21.41 Refuse collection- Electoral Areas+5% per –impact on typical household+$6.34 North Pender Water Parcel Tax & User Fee+7% – impact on typical household+$32.77 South Pender Water Parcel Tax & User Fee+7% – impact on typical household+$40.91

13 Summary of a few New Projects Gibsons & District Fire Dept. $75k(t)- For capital reserves $40k(r)-Increased gear & training related items Halfmoon Bay Fire Dept. $35k(r)- Auto extrication equip. Emergency Planning $34k(r)-Water purification unit 911 Emergency Telephone $154k(r)-Tower & radio upgrade (t)-taxation (r)- reserves (s)- surplus (f) user fees (d) debt (g) grants Protection Services Transportation Transit $45K(t)-Service enhancement Ports $20k(r)-Capital repairs Environmental Services Regional Solid Waste $85k(f)- Increase regulatory & safety related items $400k(r)(d)-Pender Landfill Closure related costs $150k (t)- Green waste material Refuse Collection 65k(f)- Increase contact costs Water Utility Services Regional Water $1.33M(f)- Capital maintenance, & water conservation projects North & South Pender Water $95k(r)-McNeil Lk Dam (SPH) $40K(s)-Potts Ln. (NPH)

14 New Projects Continued… Planning & Development Rural Planning $65k(r)-Geo-tech studies Area A & McNab Creek $23K(t)-Affordable housing Recreation & Culture Community Recreation Facilities $200k(t)-Legal costs for Sechelt Pool $160k (t)- Gibsons Pool Floor $115k(t)- Various Capital repairs $60k(t)- Increase Maintenance costs $36k(t)- Additional maintenance staff Libraries & Museum 3% Average funding increase Parks & Cycling Paths Community Parks $123K(t)(s)-Capital maintenance, equipment replacement, & new park projects $50k(t)- Increase to Reserves for Parks hut replacement Bicycle & Walking Paths $276k(g)-New path infrastructure Area B, D, E, F $270k(g)-New path infrastructure Area A (t)-taxation (r)- reserves (s)- surplus (f) user fees (d) debt (g) grants

15 Other Items Regional Hospital District (RHD): –Completion of Phase 1&2 of the St Mary’s expansion project, a $45.6M project where the RHD (community) is funding $15.9M. Next is Phase 3- renovation project. –Continued commitment to fund $240K toward minor capital equipment. –Overall 2014 taxation is $1,823,714. HR Plan20142013201220112010 Full Time Employees 185.64184.10182.11182.42182.97 Support Services 20142013201220112010 $3,342,641$3,128,8803,034,768$3,081,287$3,056,505

16 Questions & Information Budget Info: Budget documents: Provide budget feedback: You may contact our office: by Phone: 604-885-6800 website: by mail: Sunshine Coast Regional District 1975 Field Road Sechelt, B.C., V0N 3A1 Questions?

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