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Final Budget. Overview Regional District Overview Legislation What Does the SCRD Do? The Regional District Budget Budget Overview & Process Budget Numbers.

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1 Final Budget

2 Overview Regional District Overview Legislation What Does the SCRD Do? The Regional District Budget Budget Overview & Process Budget Numbers Assessment Growth 2013 Taxation & Fees Projects & Other Questions?

3 Legislation Local Government Act & Community Charter Sets limits on what and how we do things Borrowing; Taxation, Fees, and charges; Budget and Annual Reporting. The LG Act (803.1) requires that all costs incurred by a RD in relation to a service, including admin., are part of that service. Each service is a “silo” and funds from one service can’t offset another service. Service Establishment Bylaws Limits amount of taxation; sets scope of service; and determines who pays

4 What Does the SCRD Do? RD’s serve 3 important purposes: Representation for the rural areas SCRD represents 5 rural areas and 3 municipalities Framework for municipalities and rural areas to collaborate Provide both regional and sub regional services The SCRD provides 41 distinct types of services through 95 active functions (70 silos).

5 Budget Overview & Processes May/June - Strategic Planning Fall – Department Work Plans Presented to Board Forms basis for Budget Proposals (2 days) Three Rounds Public Budget Meetings – January, February and March, 8 full days Public Presentations

6 Planning and Budget Processes Strategic Planning - Department Work Plans - Budget Proposals - Budget Process Work Plan Updates Budget & Variance Reporting Strategic Plan Updates

7 Base Budget Process Establish a “base” level of service and the costs associated with providing that service - base is only what is needed to run the service at that level approved by the Board Budget Proposals are then presented for service enhancements, special projects or reductions. Some decisions are mandatory, involving safety, compliance or imminent asset failure.

8 Financial Sustainability Policy Strategies used in 2013 budget process Cost Containment- Inflation Efficiencies & service level reductions Fees & charges- Keeping fees in line with costs Stabilization through operating and other reserves Capital - Longer-term planning One-time revenue sources- Surpluses

9 Regional District Budget Total Budget 2013201220112010 Operating*$30.05 million$30.20 million$28.21 million$30.09 million Capital**$11.36 million$12.46 million$12.54 million$11.07 million Total$42.55 million$43.86 million$40.75million$41.16 million * Excludes member municipality debt **Includes carry-forward projects and excluded landfill closure work

10 Operating Budget $30.05mil

11 Sources of Funding –$42.55 in millions

12 Assessments Assessment Changes Non Market and Overall JurisdictionNon Market % Market %Overall %No Change in Budget A1.24-5.25-4.01 -1.39% B0.84-2.91-2.07 0.34% D0.89-7.00-6.11 -3.67% E 0.90-3.11-2.21 0.10% F1.07-3.66-2.59 -0.46% ToG1.29-3.04-1.75 1.27% DoS1.36-2.13-0.77 1.86% SIGD-0.39-1.34-1.72 0.45% Total1.11-3.67-2.55

13 Effects of Assessments & Taxation ABDEFSIGDDoSToGTotal 2013 Budget $ 1,985,5012,096,6811,811,8311,324,7573,023,352272,6292,414,8031,611,52814,541,082 2012 Tax by Area $ 1,917,3252,037,8951,813,7591,267,7382,970,363264,0672,306,2751,520,78114,098,203 $ Change 68,17658,786(1,928)57,01952,9898,561108,52890,747442,879 % Change $ 3.56%2.88%-0.11%4.50%1.78%3.24%4.71%5.97%3.14% $ Change Due to Assessments (10,401)14,956(25,932)8,808(36,784)2,14643,5973,6090 % change -0.54%0.73%-1.43%0.69%-1.24%0.81%1.89%0.24% % of Muni.Tax 2 26%22%23% % Increase to Muni. Tax 3 0.84%1.04%1.37% Tax by Area 1 1 includes combination of rates for both land & improvements and improvements only 2 based on 2012 rates per municipal websites or provided by staff 3 % change $ multiplied by % of Muni. Tax per 2012 rates.

14 Parcel Taxes & User Fees Regional Water PT & user fees + 4% impact on typical household SFD+$17.68 Refuse collection EA’s +5% per household impact on typical household+$6.04 North Pender Water PT & User Fee10% per household impact on typical household+$42.57 South Pender Water PT & User Fee10% per household impact on typical household+$53.13

15 2013 Project Highlights General Government Comprehensive Software Review and Implementation Citizen Engagement System Planning Continued Rural Areas Grant-in-Aid funding

16 Protective Services Gibsons & District Fire Department Increase in honorariums (increase in taxation $71K) Training facility enhancements (surplus) Roberts Creek Fire Department Additional Training for new recruits Halfmoon Bay Fire Department New command vehicle (surplus) Emergency Telephone 911 Continuation of 9-1-1 radio & fire paging system upgrades (reserves) Emergency Planning Dedicated Use Vehicle (surplus and reserves)

17 Transportation Services Transit Preparing for replacement of buses (reserves) Park and Ride Pilot Program Transit Future Plan Ports Capital maintenance program in both Area F Islands and Area B ($45K new taxation) Keats Landing Eastbourne & Halket Bay (Gambier) Hopkins Landing Halfmoon Bay

18 Environmental Services Regional Solid Waste Increased handling and fee requirements for contaminated loads such as treated wood and asbestos Increased regulatory requirements for lab analysis, and environmental monitoring, and geotechnical assessment Increase contribution to fund Landfill Closure Liability Continued commitment for “Backroad Trash Bash” Green Waste Plan Implement Zero Waste Management Plan Sustainable Services Continue with implementation of Corporate and Community Energy and Emissions Plans

19 Water & Waste Water Services Utility Services Division Complete Long Range Water Master Plans for all three water service areas Implementation of Chapman Creek Source Assessment Response Plan Initiatives Start construction of the South Pender Harbour Water Treatment Plant - $5M McNeil Lake Dam Stability Analysis and Upgrades (South Pender) Implement universal metering program for North & South Pender Continuation of meter installs in regional system Investigate drought mitigation options for Chapman Creek Water main renewal program - $680K Weather Monitoring Station and Snow Survey (SARP Initiatives) Expansion of Water Treatment Plant Residuals Management Area

20 Planning & Development Services Regional Planning Agriculture Area Plan- Stage 2 & 3 (proposed grant, surplus & taxation) Rural Planning Finalize OCPs for Area B & D, and begin new OCP Area A Economic Development Continued support for: Gibsons and Pender Harbour Chamber initiatives Sunshine Coast Tourism Society All rural area support for travel ambassador program Pender Harbour Health Care Centre Financial commitment for Coast wide economic development initiatives

21 Recreation & Culture Community Recreation Facilities Completion of Parks and Recreation Master Plan Completion of repairs to Sechelt Arena Increased hours to Gibsons Pool Gibsons Pool- Tot Pool repairs Required Safety Repairs (various locations) Pender Harbour Pool Extended hours added to base budget (July Hours) Update to safety equipment and signage New gym equipment Regional Recreation Continuation of Sechelt Youth Centre (funded from GIA Community Schools for 2013-Areas A, B,D,E,F,DoS,ToG ) One-Time extra funding for continuing Night’s Alive Program

22 Recreation & Culture Libraries and Museums Continued support of Libraries and Museums Sechelt Library Grant funding levels – new Memorandum of Understanding to be developed Health Services Cemetery Columbaria Installation Planning Memorial Wall and Green Burial

23 Parks and Recreation Parks Alternate Trail at Ocean Beach Esplanade and Oak Street Continuation of Shoreline Mitigation project at Chaster Beach New beach access at Fullerton (Area B) Cliff Gilker Playground Improvement plans Asset replacement-fleet vehicle, mower and gator Bikeways & Walkways Area A new bikeways function come online-planning for Lilly Lake Area B, D, E, and F (Marine Drive) projects planned for 2013 Dakota Ridge New snowmobile, piston bully replacement planning and trail expansion planning

24 Other Items Regional Hospital District : Spring 2013, completion of St Mary’s expansion Project $15.9M RHD ($44.15M Total); Fall 2013 Phase 2- renovation project; Proposed additional minor capital- $400K RHD ($1M Total) Both from debt and reserves, no new tax impact. HR Plan20132012201120102009 Full Time Employees 184.10182.11182.42182.97190.22 Support Services 20132012201120102009 $3,128,8803,034,768$3,081,287$3,056,505$2,972,999

25 Questions You may contact our office: by Phone: 604-885-6800 website: by mail: Sunshine Coast Regional District 1975 Field Road Sechelt, B.C., V0N 3A1

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