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Teacher Regulation in British Columbia BCCPAC AGM May 5, 2013.

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1 Teacher Regulation in British Columbia BCCPAC AGM May 5, 2013

2 The Teachers Act is based on two foundational principles: the paramount nature of the public interest and transparency. Teachers Act

3 TRB Website

4 Online Registry

5 BC Teachers Council Meetings

6 Discipline Process

7 Hearing Schedule

8 Discipline Decisions

9 The focus on both public interest and transparency is intended to increase public confidence that educators who fail to meet the standards of conduct and competence will be held accountable.

10 Work in the public interest Ensure the safety of children Ensure that all educators are fit and competent Instill public confidence in the education system by ensuring that K-12 educators are held accountable to the standards Shared Responsibility

11 BC Teachers’ Council Commissioner for Teacher Regulation Commissioner for Teacher Regulation Teacher Regulation Branch Operational/Administrative Support Disciplinary and Professional Conduct Board Disciplinary and Professional Conduct Board Director of Certification Director of Certification The new regulatory structure has five separate and distinct bodies who also share responsibility. New Regulatory Model

12 “Raising the Curtain”…

13 Commissioner for Teacher Regulation

14 Ensuring that concerns about the competence and conduct of educators are addressed independently, fairly, expeditiously and in the public interest.

15 1.Employer report: regarding disciplinary action taken or a resignation under the School Act or the Independent School Act. 2.A written complaint: from any member of the public. 3.A written report: from a teacher about the serious misconduct of another teacher (required under the Teachers Act). 4.Commissioner’s own initiative: when he becomes aware of information related to conduct or competence of an educator, including information about criminal proceedings. How Concerns Are Initiated

16 Employers Must Report: Suspensions or dismissals Discipline for misconduct that involves:  Physical harm to a student or minor  Sexual abuse or sexual exploitation of a student or minor, or  Significant emotional harm to a student or minor Conduct/competence considered to be in breach of the teaching certification standards, if it is in the public interest A resignation, if it is in the public interest

17 Public Interest Public interest in a regulatory context has two main elements: 1.Students must be protected from certificate holders who inflict physical, emotional or sexual harm on them (intentionally or otherwise). 2.Certificate holders cannot conduct themselves – on or off duty – in a way that breaches the Standards for the Education, Competence and Professional Conduct of Educators in B.C.

18 Discipline Process

19 Process Commissioner’s Preliminary Review ReportComplaint Deferral Consent Resolutions Written Reasons Investigation Hearing Written Reasons Publication Commissioner Initiated No Further Action Written Reasons Intake File Preparation Citation Publication

20 If Disciplinary Action is Warranted Whether the case is resolved through a disciplinary hearing or consent resolution process, there are several options available:  A reprimand  Suspension of a certificate  Placing limits or conditions on a certificate  Cancelling a certificate

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