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BC Hydro’s Green Energy Initiatives

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1 BC Hydro’s Green Energy Initiatives
Jim Scouras, Strategy Manager Green & Alternative Energy Division

2 Green Energy - Outline Overview of BC Hydro’s green energy objectives
Approaches we are taking to meet our goals The link between green programs and sustainability

3 BC Hydro’s Green Energy Objectives
Acquire a credible, low-cost green generation portfolio that meets corporate acquisition targets and market demand for green energy Become a national leader in advancing green energy

4 Green Power Objectives
Approach: Production Wholesale Retail Near-commercial projects Competitive acquisition process with private sector Green Power Certificates

5 Green Programs: Production
Near-commercial projects Goal to develop near-commercial technologies to enable and incubate new green deployment and investment Wind mapping, modelling and monitoring Green energy demo project on Vancouver Island Community Energy Planning pilots with First Nations communities Resource studies of green energy potential in BC -- Phase 1: Vancouver Island; Phase 2: rest of BC

6 Green Programs: Production
New Wind Monitoring Tower on Monarch Mountain (Atlin)

7 Green Programs: Production
Demonstration Project Will assess the following energy resources: Wind Small/micro hydro Wave Sited on Vancouver Island Demand crunch in BC will occur here first Phase 1 study had positive preliminary results JV Partners Wave - Energetech and Ocean Power Delivery Wind - AXOR

8 Green Programs: Wholesale
Competitive acquisition process BC Hydro has a target to obtain a minimum of 10% of new load growth from new green sources Goal to acquire “commercial” green through Independent Power Producers (IPPs) Small hydro with some biomass and landfill gas First call in contracts signed with IPPs for 23 projects; combined potential output: 980 GWh/year Second call: to be issued October 2002; 800 GWh/year cap

9 Green Programs: Wholesale
Hystad green small hydro IPP project

10 Green Programs: Wholesale
2002 Green Call process will involve: Standard term contract Mechanism to ensure portfolio diversity Competitive pricing Working with IPPs that sign Energy Purchase Agreement to ensure projects meet BC Hydro's green criteria Holding dialogue with IPPs to identify useful and practical improvements going forward to streamline processes and lower transaction costs

11 Green Programs: Retail
Green Power Certificates Goal to create market-driven demand for additional green energy development in BC Piloting sale of Power Smart Green Power Certificates to business customers Premium product that helps purchasers meet environmental goals and build a competitive edge Represents the environmental and social benefits associated with green electricity, separated from the actual electrons

12 Green Power Diagram

13 Green Programs: Retail
Green Power Certificates 100% made-in-BC electricity generated from qualified green sources and purchased from facilities built and operated by IPPs Launched in September 2002 with 20 charter purchasers, including: VanCity Savings Credit Union, Vancouver 2010 Bid Corporation, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, GVRD, two municipalities, Canada Place Corporation, and several private companies, including Prism Engineering and Flagel Lewandowski Ltd.

14 Green Energy Supports Sustainability
Environment: GHG-free resource in post-Kyoto times Smaller environmental footprint Social: Reflect community values Economic: Supporting growth of green domestic and trade markets Driving future investment and development opportunities

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