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Library presentation 6.9.2012 Kirsi Heino Aalto Univ Library Otaniemi.

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1 Library presentation 6.9.2012 Kirsi Heino Aalto Univ Library Otaniemi

2 Aalto University Library Otaniemi campus library Arabia campus library Töölö campus library Electr. Eng. library Ind. Eng. library Comp. Sci. library Civ. Eng. library Other libraries

3 Otaniemi campus library Opening hours: Monday – Friday 9–21 Saturday 9–16 Day before a public holiday 9–16

4 Otaniemi campus library Open access library All books classified and organised in the shelf according to the UDC (= Universal Decimal Classification) Series and printed journals are in alphabetical order

5 Borrowing tel. 050 316 1011 Student card=library card PIN number=12345 Loan periods 2 / 4 weeks

6 Text book collection One copy of text books Readable in the main library when library is open Overnight and weekend loans and reservations available via customer service

7 Alli database Printed materials and e-books Real-time system: –Reservations –Renewals –Own loans and fees

8 Aaltodoc Publication archive for fulltext materials –Bachelor’s theses –Master’s theses –Other publications published by Aalto schools

9 Tenttu databases For information searching Otaniemi’s bachelor’s and master’s theses

10 Nelli portal(1) All electronic resources: –databases –e-journals –e-dictionaries (MOT)

11 Nelli portal (2) Login with Aalto user id and password Remote access to electronic resources through Nelli!

12 Information service tel. 050 408 2246 Help in information searching Information on library courses Monday - Friday 9 - 16

13 Library exercise Obligatory in the course T-106.1004 IT services on Aalto Otaniemi campus Sign up in WebOodi

14 Eri-0.5014 Searching for Scientific Information (2 cr) For those who want to learn more about information retrieval and scientific communication Sign up in WebOodi Next course starts on 30th October

15 tel. 050 316 1009

16 See you at the library!

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